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MARYLAND CERTIFICATE OF TITLE LIEN RELEASE Death certificate, and registration, if the lien was.
2) At time of transaction, we ask seller if car has a clean title, to which the response is Yes. While the seller MAY have mislead, doesn't the onus and burden of responsibility really fall on the buyer to ensure veracity of such details? Is the value difference between clean and salvage enough to go after the original seller for fraud? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you just bought the car and never looked at the title, and believed the seller and have it not written anywhere then good luck getting anything resolved. My sister bought a 3 series coupe that ended having the same problem -- hers came from a dealer though. I believe a CA Salvage title has a pink border with "SALVAGE' clearly written across the top whereas the normal title is blue around the border. If the person was in posession of the vehicle prior to it being salvaged and then had it repaired and sold you the vehicle with the original title claiming it was clean, I would think you may have a case for small claims.

Also, if its an older car that runs good, maybe you could just argue for them to give you a partial refund to match the depreciation that a salvage title causes.
Whenever you buy a car from a private party to must get in writing a bill of sale indicating the status of the title to protect yourself. Whether it is a misunderstanding or dealing with a shady character Ihope you get it sorted out. That would mean if the seller signed and dated the non salvage title after the salvage title was issued- the OP has a civil case. I'd go find the biggest scumbag lawyer I could get to ruin their life and run them up on any charge that looks like it might stick.
Lets say car gets into an accident and the cost to repair the car is more than the car is worth, it gets a salvage title and you have 2 options. When you buy a car from the auto auction you get a salvage certificate or sometimes only a transfer form that the dismantler dealer gives you.
The status of a title can be checked fairly easily, which in this situation, would have revealed it being a salvage.

If the date of the salvage is after the issuance date on the title you were given and there were no vehicle transfers, I would think the seller would have a pretty weak case in arguing that they didnt know. The insurance pays a little less and you keep the car but you have to fix the car and re-register it.
Have them attempt to explain how they provided you a clean title when its clear that while the vehicle was in their posession it was wrecked and then subsequently repaired without their knowledge. If not then there is no way to prove that the car had a clean title before the transaction and how could you prove that the previous owner didn't tell the buyer that it was salvage?

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