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Mention Viper to any gearhead and they will immediately think of two things, the 90s TV series and the muscle car itself.
This particular 1994 Viper finished in red is on sale today at RK Motors Charlotte with a price tag of $58,500.
Looking at the muscle car’s exterior and it still looks immaculate as if it just rolled off the factory line. The cabin on the other hand is a no-frills affair as Dodge emphasized on the car’s on-road performance, not on creature comforts and top-level interior trim.
The Clipping Point is an automotive blog with daily car related updates from around the world. Chrysler will hire 400-500 new workers to help build the upcoming Dodge Dart compacts at its Illinois plant.
I don’t see how this is going to undercut the focus by 6 grand with comparable equipment.
I could see base Darts selling for 13k to 14k, while better equipped and more performance oriented ones depart dealer lots for closer to 18k to 19k, in real transaction (and not MSRP) terms.
I’ve helped two relatives purchase cars lately, and one was purchased for a shade under 33k and had an MSRP of 41k, while the other was purchased for $18,700 and had a window MSRP of $23,6xx. The Dart is 1.2 inches longer than the Jetta, which is probably the roomiest of its competitors.
What’s amazing is that it raises the question as to whether we’ve truly come that far in terms of improving mpg in 35 years or so? So, they yank over an already iffy car that you can’t see backwards out of, cheaply slap some Charger bits on it, and hire a bunch of temps to build it?

Chrysler is hiring about 400 to 500 new employees to support the production of the Dodge Dart compact car at its plant in Belvidere, Illinois. The additional workers will be added to the company‚Äôs existing two shifts, said Chrysler spokeswoman Jodi Tinson. I know that some suppliers have people on site who are temps and these companies have been doing this for a while now. The Dodge Viper is one of the most charismatic muscle cars to come out of America and is still able to turn heads when one is seen on the road. All of that muscle is then transferred to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual Borg Warner T56 transmission. The blog features automotive lifestyle, car show reports, car culture, car films, road safety, motorsports, and videos. Constructed of durable, impact-resistant materials with a protective UV layer, the EGR fender flares protect your truck from road grime and debris while adding a unique,?custom look. The 2012 has a four with EFI and fully electronic ignition controlled by a more sophisticated ECU. They’ll be pissed about the terms of employment but will take the jobs none the less. No one said that when Toyota and Mercedes open their new plants, and they are doing just fine.
At the end of its 160K miles, 11-year time with us, it still had a virtually rattle-free interior.
They’re a whole separate deal than regular employees and have no union representation.

Apparently this car is one of the last few surviving first-gen models and is an original two-owner, 793km Viper.
Besides his passion for anything with four wheels and a motor, he likes video games and rock music.
Backed by a limited lifetime warranty from EGR, all fender flares feature easy, no-drill installation and can be painted to match your vehicle for an added custom look. The union has yet to comment on the matter, but Chrysler also said a third shift may be added.
In Europe there were two types of compact – small compact, like Escort, larger compact, like Mondeo, and midsize, like Scorpio.
With the new master contract negotiated in 2007 by the UAW, it allows certain changes to work rules.
Durable, impact-resistant materials construction Protective UV layer Protects vehicle from road grime and debris Limited lifetime warranty Easy, no-drill installation Can easily be painted to match your vehicleGive your truck a unique, custom look with the addition of EGR fender flares.
The plant also builds the Jeep Compass and Patroit and will produce their replacement, which should bow in 2013.
These easy to install fender flares are sure to provide your truck with the looks you have been wanting.

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