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Having had the advantage with some of the most best and impeccable engineering of its time, it was a watershed moment for the automotive industry, specially when the likes of McLaren, Lambo's, and a host others continue to push the pedal to the metal. On the engine department, Murray wanted a naturally aspirated engine that allows it to be more reliable and easy to manipulate.
Having a powerful engine means producing a lot of heat on the engine compartment that may damage the carbon fiber parts.
It is no secret that one of the most time tested formulas in performance vehicles is to have high power and low weight.
Getting its inspiration from the Honda NSX, they improved the ride quality of the car as to get the perfect balance between handling and comfort, performance and usability.
It all started when a car designer by the name of Gordon Murray, the same guy who designed Formula 1 cars for both Brabham and McLaren.
The first thing that you will notice about this car is that it is unconventionally designed.
For a very long time, the McLaren F1 had been the world’s fastest car, and even now, it is still very difficult to beat.

Featuring many innovative techniques that had been way ahead of its time, it is one of the greatest cars ever built. THE BEST super sport’s car of all times ,as it leaded the market for nearly 15 years. I tested this car many years ago for a buyer at a Japanese race track with all the electronics turned off.
After going through some candidates, the McLaren team settled on a BMW-designed 6.0 liter V12 engine that weighs in at 266 kilograms and yet generates 627 horsepower.
And to top it off, it proves its excellence in safety during a crash while testing, and the test driver, rumored to be wearing just a shirt and shorts, left the crash unscathed.
Its blueprint was quite simple: it is light, it is streamlined, and it incorporates a host of proprietary technologies that most supercar manufacturers took literally decades to match.
Possessing a unique 3 seater configuration, the driver is situated at the center of the interior, with 2 passenger seats flanked along the back of the driver. This is a very well designed automobile than the ones I have driven before namely Honda NSX and Farrari 348.

For starters, this is the first production car to use a monocoque chassis made out of carbon fiber. Mclaren F1 is also one of the lightest supercars in the world and faster than Lamborghini,Pagani and Ferrary and many other supercars! From every aspect, be it engineering, exterior, engine, compatibility, stability, and even safety. IE nonetheless is the market leader and a big portion of other people will omit your wonderful writing due to this problem.
Combined with the frame’s light frame, the power to weight ratio of the McLaren F1 can only be described as amazing: 550 horsepower per ton.
In addition, other components of the car such as the body, interior, and all those other parts are made out of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, titanium, and Kevlar just to name a few.

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