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Three months ago, in what the talk show host termed a "radical departure," Winfrey announced that "A Million Little Pieces," author James Frey's nonfiction memoir of his vomit-caked years as an alcoholic, drug addict, and criminal, was her latest selection for the world's most powerful book club.
In an October 26 show entitled "The Man Who Kept Oprah Awake At Night," Winfrey hailed Frey's graphic and coarse book as "like nothing you've ever read before. But a six-week investigation by The Smoking Gun reveals that there may be a lot less to love about Frey's runaway hit, which has sold more than 3.5 million copies and, thanks to Winfrey, has sat atop The New York Times nonfiction paperback best seller list for the past 15 weeks. Police reports, court records, interviews with law enforcement personnel, and other sources have put the lie to many key sections of Frey's book.
In addition to these rap sheet creations, Frey also invented a role for himself in a deadly train accident that cost the lives of two female high school students.
Frey appears to have fictionalized his past to propel and sweeten the book's already melodramatic narrative and help convince readers of his malevolence. Disclaimer: I, like James Frey, took artistic license with that last paragraph but the GIST of it is true and I will have my lawyers write the equivalent of a Cease and Desist letter to back up my claim, if need be.
My favorite is the LEGAL THREAT letter where Singer BEGS for TSG not to publish it on this website.
After reading "A Million Little Pieces", I thought that Frey's writing was, though sometimes implausible, very raw and powerful. Few minutes before Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker died in a car accident yesterday, he posed next to the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT that exploded on impact in the deadly accident. HOW CAN THEY HAVE A PIC OF HIM AFTER THE CRASH WHEN THE VEHICLE EXPLODED AND BURNED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Filed Under: Daniella Aguilar, Jennifer Barajas, New Rochelle High School, New Rochelle police, Scott Rubins, Sean Adams, Sgt. For this high school final, you need a corpse, a keen eye and a strong stomach, WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reported.
For their final, students processed one of six mock crimes scenes in the woods off Webster Avenue.
A dummy is seen as part of a mock crime scene set up for forensic science students at New Rochelle High School.
Thanks to donations, New Rochelle police are on hand to grade these junior crime scene investigators. UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: New alien face discovered on the moon, looks human, Lunar Orbiter 2 site, UFO Sighting News.

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Police car in hot pursuit of UFO in Gorey, Ireland On Aug 4, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News. Updated: UFO Over Down Town Los Angeles Near Jet On Aug 8, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.
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TO the toilets at the Walmart in Monticello, Kentucky, where a woman has been stuck to a toilet for over an hour. The views at places like the Sears Tower and John Hancock Center were glorious, and the experience was equally frightening and exhilarating. Then came the Ledge at Willis (Sears) Tower–a glass box extending away from the building that allows visitors to step onto a clear floor and look down at the street below. Now, 360 Chicago (formerly the John Hancock Observatory) will open its latest attraction on Saturday, called Tilt! After forking over 5 bucks, eight brave souls at a time can step up to a glass window on the south side of the 94th floor. If that sounds like fun, then you need to check out what those crazy Canadians are doing up there in Toronto.
Next to the latest Harry Potter title, Nielsen BookScan reported Friday, Frey's book sold more copies in the U.S. In what may be his book's most crass flight from reality, Frey remarkably appropriates and manipulates details of the incident so he can falsely portray himself as the tragedy's third victim. Your comment "all he had to do" is put a disclaimer on the book is tantamount to saying, all he had to do is not commit fraud and then people wouldn't have made such a big deal out of the fact that he committed fraud. After finishing the book, I not only wanted to meet the man who survived these mind blowing experiences, but I would have loved to get a chance to chat with him. The scenes include yellow police tape, dummies that stand in for the deceased and evidence in the brush. Age means nothing to a man who has been bundled into a paternoster lift, padlocked to the handrail and left to go round for 4 hours. CBS 2 has joined forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Chicago to give you the best Chicago has to offer as CBS Local.

When we were staying up late at night reading it, we'd come in the next morning saying, 'What page are you on?'" In emotional filmed testimonials, employees of Winfrey's Harpo Productions lauded the book as revelatory, with some choking back tears. All he had to do was put a disclaimer in the front saying that the book was loosely based on a true story, names & dates have been changed, etc. Note how it is dated January 2006 and was published on The Smoking Gun, a web site known for exposing things.
After reading this incredible article, I will never be able to look at James Frey's work in the same way again.
Both bodies were so badly burned they said would take days to make positive ids on the bodies. It is clearly very old and seems to be falling apart but in the most part we can make out a face and its features. Age matters not to a group of grown men who drop a set of snooker balls down a five storey stairwell just to see what happens. Oh well, it made for good publicity -I didn't buy the book, but I did borrow it so I coud read it myself - c'mon, who goes through a root canal with no anesthesia??? TSG brings to my attention the fact that his book has no real sources except his own words; whereas this article has proof to back up every criticism. If the car exploded then the coroner, who even stated had trouble identifying the body, would have nothing to work with. Though this doesn't detract from Frey's writing ability, it blurs the line between fact and fiction in his writing, and brings readers back to reality. For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area.
There is another in the area that someone else found, I wanted to record were it was located so I could post it here for other to see and look up its original NASA location. The Score is partners with CBS 2 TV and WBBM 780, and they give you the best Chicago has to offer. I was considering reading the sequel - "My Friend Leonard" - but now, I realize that I have no reason to waste my time on more fiction that calls itself fact.

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