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Sir Albert Bore, leader of Birmingham City Council took the wraps off the tram during a ceremony at the newly extended Midland Metro depot in Wednesbury. The vehicle is the first of 20 being delivered to transport authority Centro over the coming months by Spanish manufacturer CAF.
The new trams will go into service on the existing Metro route between Birmingham and Wolverhampton next year after undergoing several months of testing followed by a period of driver training.
They will also be deployed on the Metro extension now being constructed through Birmingham which, when completed in 2015, will see trams return to the city’s streets for the first time in more than 60 years. Sir Albert said: “The delivery of the first tram is a real milestone because Metro has a key role to play in the on-going development of our transport network so that it can underpin economic growth right across the West Midlands. Running between Snow Hill Station and a rebuilt New Street Station, the Birmingham city centre extension will see the new silver and magenta-coloured trams deliver millions of people a year straight into the heart of the city’s main shopping district. The extension is also expected to create more than 1,300 new jobs and boost the West Midlands economy by more than ?50 million a year. Centro chairman, Cllr John McNicholas, said: “It’s fantastic to see the first of these very high quality trams arrive from Spain not least because they will bring real benefits for passengers. The arrival of the first tram required a significant logistical operation over land and sea.
It was loaded in two separate pieces onto low loader trucks at CAF’s factory in Zaragoza before being taken under police escort to the Spanish port of Santander.
From there it was taken by ship to Plymouth where the trucks were met by a British police escort for their onward journey to Wednesbury. The new Urbos 3 tram is a third bigger than the Metro’s existing 16-strong fleet of Ansaldo Trasporti models, carrying around 200 passengers compared to 156.
This, together with a frequency of ten trams an hour, will increase overall capacity by 40 per cent, easing the overcrowding that sometimes occurs during peak times as a result of the Metro’s popularity.

CAF won the contract to supply the new trams following a rigorous tendering process by Centro last year. Although there are no tram manufacturers in the UK, CAF does employ around 50 people in this country at offices in Coventry, Edinburgh, and Belfast. The introduction of the new Midland Metro fleet will be project managed from CAF’s Coventry office while a further 10 jobs are being created at the expanded Wednesbury depot. The company’s trams are used in cities around the world including Zaragoza, Seville and Belgrade and it is currently manufacturing models for Houston and Nantes as well as the West Midlands.
The new, bigger trams have required the Metro’s existing maintenance depot in Potters Lane, Wednesbury to be remodelled and extended. The project, which is costing nearly ?14 million, was carried out by Morgan Sindall and involves a 42 metre extension to the east of the existing maintenance shed along with additional maintenance berths, four new stabling sidings and a separate testing and commissioning shed.
Jag Paddam, managing director of infrastructure at Morgan Sindall, said: ‘Morgan Sindall is proud to be associated with the new Metro extension. BREXIT isolates Britain, diminishes its presence on the world stage, and has destabilised the economy – or so those who voted for the UK to remain in the European Union would have us believe.
We are delighted to announce that the new ?33 million Business Growth Programme (BGP) has launched and the second funding round is open to applications. Shoppers across Telford & Wrekin are being urged to look out for signs that their favourite shops are taking “pride in their high street” as part of a new campaign. A Birmingham-based manufacturer of vehicle registration plates has received almost ?10million of investment from Finance Birmingham, Birmingham City Council, NatWest Corporate and Commercial Finance and RBS Invoice Finance. Each year thousands of passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists suffered serious injuries due to the negligent driving of taxi cab operators.
Statute of Limitations for Filing a Taxi Cab Accident Lawsuit: Car accident claims against private parties (non governmental entities) must be filed within two years from the date of the injury.

Legal Assistance: To speak to an personal injury attorney regarding the filing of a lawsuit for your injuries contact our law offices toll free at (855)385-2529. A certified technician will transmit information from your vehicle’s computer into a diagnostic tool. If you have further questions or need help with a case, please complete our quick form below.
Join our community, have your say and get your voice heard, get in touch via our contact page.
Under Common Carrier laws taxi cab operators owe their passengers as well as other motorists on the road a heightened level of care. For example if the total amount of damages from a car accident is $100,000 and the plaintiff is placed 30% at fault a defendant can still remain liable for the 70% or $70,000 of the damages sustained.
This diagnostic tool will provide information to the technician to help diagnose the cause for the check engine light becoming illuminated. This means they must operated their vehicles in such a manner as to significantly reduce the risk of injury to others. Owners and operators of taxi cab companies are liable for the wrongful actions of their employees. As such liability is established when a failure proper operate their vehicle results in significant injury to an individual.

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