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The Record Number and Last 2 digits of Vehicle ID Number (VIN) are located on the right side in the second green box on the Vehicle Renewal form. The Record Number and Last 2 digits of Vehicle ID Number (VIN) are located at the top of the Registration form. A flier at the crash scene thanks Paul Walker for his charity's work on behalf of typhoon victims in the Philippines. Walker had been at a charity toy drive and car meet Saturday afternoon at Always Evolving Performance Motors, which is located near the scene of the crash. The Associated Press reported Sunday the driver of the car was Roger Rodas, the co-owner of Always Evolving. Rodas was also a financial adviser for Merrill Lynch and had helped Walker launch his charity organization, Reach Out Worldwide, which seeks to aid rescue and recovery following natural disasters around the world. Walker, a Southern California native born in Glendale, was best known for playing Brian O'Conner in "The Fast and the Furious" franchise, appearing in five of the six films.
Walker began making a name for himself in teen films "Varsity Blues," "Pleasantville" and "She's All That." He also stars in a suspense drama, "Hours," set for release this month.

Fans and friends gathered Sunday to pay their respects to Walker, leaving flowers, movie memorabilia and personal notes at the site. Anthony Fonseca, 33, from Southgate, said Walker was respected not just as an actor, but as a car fan and experienced driver who lived the role on the screen. Studio System News box office analyst Jody O'Riordan told KPCC that Saturday's tragedy could create a public relations nightmare for Universal, the studio behind the series, if it's not handled well.
KPCC's Arts & Entertainment coverage is a Southern California resource provided by member-supported public radio. From what I understand, and I could be wrong, but the engine doesn't have a separate VIN, it has only an ID number. The Engine serial # is 8 characters long and is stamped on the block, just underneath the header on the #4 cylinder (right side).
I know I'm bringing up an old topic here, but better to ask on an open one then to re-post the same thing. Thanks a ton, I hope he is lying and I don't have to pursue to taking legal actions against him!

The ground was still charred and a downed lamppost and speed limit sign marked the location of the crash.
Thomas stopped by with her daughter after church and left a message on a board erected near the site for fans to leave messages.
I just got my 06 back from a guy that was making payments, and I know, stupid for doing it but I thought I could trust a friend.
Needless to say, he didn't pay at all and I took the bike back and he states he swapped motors.

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