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The Giorgio Schoen Lancia Appia GT chassis number 812.01-2757 according to the photograph on your website. Complete with dust jacket (small tear at the top of the back, see photos) and in very good condition.
We offer FREE shipping to ANY destination in the world on this item but given its value and rarity, we advise you to take the optional insurance (available at check-out) on it. Vintage 1984 book about the history of the Zagato company from its earliest beginnings in 1919 up to 1984. The rear of the tab has been marked by the manufacturer, OMEA of Milano Italy, including their logo and even their address: V. In 2008, this Series 3 Appia GTE was offered for sale at the Gooding & Company auction held in Pebble Beach, California. One of the rarest and most desirable of Appia variants is this left-hand drive GTE Coupe which is typical of Zagato's work of the period. De este modelo en concreto se que ya colgue algunas fotos, pero estas son de una calidad excelente y creo que es una pena que no las cuelgue.
Lancia Lambda chassis number 20908, engine number 10842, is an 8th series car, produced in 1928.

Un Lancia empleado por los alemanes en Yugoslavia, 1943 (Lancia IZM Panzerspahwagen, PK 501).
Entretemps, Lancia s’etait lance dans le vehicule militaire comme les automitrailleuses IZ dont une centaine d’unites participent a la guerre de Lybie 1911-12. It was not until after the second series was introduced in 1956 that a chassis platform was made available to custom coachbuilders. No se pueden mostrar este u otros sitios web correctamente.Se debe actualizar o usar un navegador alternativo.
In 1928, three new 8th series 221 short wheelbase chassis were prepared and entered in the Mille Miglia. Best described as a very original example that has been repainted and re-trimmed, it also retains many features that have often become damaged or discarded over the years. The Zagato bodied cars were lightweight coupe GTs and proved to be very capable machines in competition, including the Mille Miglia. Zagato then began producing Appia bodies (the GTZ in 1957 and then GT in early1958) based on chassis secured from Lancia by customers. All external trim finishes, such as the curvaceous roof-line follower, door handles and screen trims all remain in good order and even the window felt is original.

They did not become an official Lancia vendor until late 1958 with the introduction of the GTE (Gran Turismo Esportazione) and the final Sport model. Over this time power output rose from 48 bhp, then to 53 bhp and finally 60 bhp for the later GTE and Sport models.Zagato built 550 Appia's of all types.
The dark blue coat has been thickly applied but would still benefit from some sympathetic machine polishing should this be desired.
There were 39 GTZ's and GT's built prior to Zagato becoming an authorized Lancia coachbuilder. The interior has been re-trimmed in red leather to a very high standard compliant with the original pattern.
A few had "double bubble" roofs but nearly all had small fins mounted on their rear top fender edges.
These initial cars were followed by three different series of GTE's made up of 167 covered headlight cars and 144 recessed open headlight cars.

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