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A review of KLM India's Check-in Frenzya€™ Facebook contest where fans are required to check in virtual passengers as quickly as possible to win a number of prizes. KLM India, the Indian arm of the Netherlands-based KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, has introduced a Facebook contest a€?Check-in Frenzya€™ where you are required to check in virtual passengers as quickly as possible to win a number of prizes. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is one of the largest and the a€?oldest operational airlinea€™ in the world. In short, KLM Airlines takes social media very seriously and uses it effectively to wow its passengers and fans alike. To sum it up, it is an engaging game that also educates fans about KLMa€™s way of working and services. At this juncture, the screen should show your full name, the date and time of the flight, the city your departing from, your intended destination, as well as your seat number. Anyway, to continue, as you can see from the screen, there is a clear indication of which area in the plane you’ll be sitting in.
Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed because the boarding pass will be in PDF format. You can check in as early as 30 hours before your flight and just show up at the counter 60 minutes before departure to drop your luggage at a special counter in the airport. I am Mimi -- mother of 6, careerwoman, incidental world traveler, photography enthusiast, self-confessed gadget geek, and aspiring polyglot (7 languages to date). My Award Booking Service helps travelers book first class and business class with miles and points. Alaska Airlines has added online award search for new partners: Emirates, Air France-KLM, Qantas, Aeromexico, Air Pacific, Era Alaska and PenAir. Note that for Cathay Pacific award availability, you'll still need to call in; Cathay Pacific award tickets are *not* yet available online. Now, unfortunately, if you're trying to book Emirates First Class (and perhaps some other partner award flights as well, for now I've just checked Emirates) the first class award availability using the Alaska Airlines online tool won't always match the availability you see either with Emirates Skywards or with Qantas.
So, while kudos to Alaska for putting additional partners online, I wouldn't rely on the availability that Alaska's online system currently shows--you should check other sources and if needed, call the Alaska partner desk. All Alaska Airlines partners may now be booked online except for Cathay Pacific and Korean Air.
Nope--you must stick with the award charts Alaska publishes for Emirates awards, which are Asia, Africa, India and the Middle East from the U.S.
If Business Class is currently available and you book that award but later want to switch to First Class if it becomes available, that would incur a change fee ($100 if made via the call center), plus the additional miles required to book First Class. Do you plan to use the Alaska Airlines online award search for partner airlines, and if so, which partners? At the present moment, I assume, aside from BIS miles flying with Alaska Air, the only other way to score miles is from AMEX points?
Yes, from AMEX SPG points transfers, since AMEX Membership Rewards points don't transfer to Alaska.

Our 2016 AMEX Platinum Airline Fee Credits have posted, which will give us $400 off American Airlines flights. Wij zien dat u een adblocker gebruikt waardoor u alleen advertenties ziet die door uw adblocker worden goedgekeurd. Inchecken op de website van KLM is donderdag enige tijd onmogelijk geweest door een storing.
De Chinese internetreus Alibaba heeft zijn omzet afgelopen kwartaal stevig weten op te voeren. Twitter kan niet verantwoordelijk gehouden voor de terreurpropagande die op het sociale netwerk is geplaatst door Islamitische Staat (IS).
Er zijn veel meer officials van de Democratische Partij in de Verenigde Staten getroffen door een Russische hack dan eerder werd gedacht. De Nederlandse startup Silk is overgenomen door het Amerikaanse Palantir, een van de meest waardevolle techbedrijven zonder beursnotering. Google's browser Chrome start in september met het blokkeren van de Flash-plugin, om van HTML5 de standaard te maken voor onder meer video's en games.
Technologiebedrijf BitTorrent stelt 25 beurzen van 100.000 dollar beschikbaar voor artiesten die iets willen maken en dat over de hele wereld willen verspreiden.
Facebook heeft software die het weergeven van advertenties tegenhoudt, geblokkeerd voor zijn desktopsite.
Hackers hebben toegang weten te krijgen tot het computernetwerk dat wordt gebruikt door de Micros-afdeling van Oracle, die kassasystemen maakt. And not just that, it is probably the most distinguished airline when it comes to making a connect with its audience on social media.
The objective is to check in a bunch of passengers correctly and quickly and get a stamp by scoring 1200 points in a single attempt of 60 seconds. It has a clean look to it throughout, the characters are well-designed and the colour scheme of KLM blue and white gives it a pleasing feel. Going by one of the posts on the timeline one of the prizes include a€?flights to Europea€? while there is no hint of what other prizes are.
For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. Since I checked in for my flight online, it occurred to me that it’s just as good an opportunity as any to share with you the ease and convenience of checking in online when flying with KLM. However, there will be times when the system may require additional information from you, i.e. If you only have hand luggage and have already pre-printed your boarding pass, you can go straight away to the departure lounge. Previously, in Alaska Airlines: Some One Way and Mixed Partner Awards Now Available, we reported that Alaska had enabled online award search for American Airlines, British Airways, and Delta.
So a phone call will be required to book one of the best deals for Alaska MileagePlan miles, 140K miles for Cathay Pacific First Class from the U.S.

You could however book a mixed class award if available, such as First Class on one segment and Business Class on another, and if First Class becomes available on the Business Class segment switch to that at no extra charge, since you've already redeemed for a First Class award.
Currently, if you cancel an American Express card several months after your annual fee hits, you receive a prorated refund of the annual fee.
TravelSort reader Lauren comments on the Best Travel Credit Cards page "I fly 3-5 times a month, typically with American Airlines for business.
Daarbij boekte het aan de aandelenbeurs in New York genoteerde bedrijf een hogere winst dan verwacht.
De Amerikaanse durfkapitaalfirma Insight Ventures steekt het miljoenenbedrag in het bedrijf, dat drie jaar geleden werd opgericht.
Het grootste sociale netwerk ter wereld heeft dat gedaan door de manier waarop advertenties ingeladen worden te veranderen.
One campaign that really caught the imagination of the world was KLM Surprise where they hunted down passengers who had checked in at the Schipol airport in Amsterdam using Foursquare or had tweeted about travelling on a KLM flight to and from Amsterdam and presented them with goodies. Also, if KLM is giving away aforementioned big prizes it would have made sense to have a terms and conditions page. The game itself lives up to the social reputation of KLM but it would have been fantastic if there was some clarity about the prizes and the mention of terms and conditions.
Gold seat icons are seats with extra legroom or only have 2 seats per row for more privacy, such as the seats that Lola and I had when we flew to Geneva last April. Vluchten zoeken met de app was nog mogelijk, maar op internet zoeken naar vluchten kon foutmeldingen opleveren, meldden gebruikers op Twitter.
For those special seats, the system will charge you €50 per person which has to be paid with a credit card online right then and there. In april werd KLM lange tijd getroffen door een storing die werd veroorzaakt door een DDoS-aanval. Just before the start you get a list of your Facebook friends at the top that you have to check in.
And though the app works smoothly according to the posts by fans on KLM Indiaa€™s timeline who played the game, it looks like the highest scores achieved by them do not get updated on the dashboard immediately or perhaps take a longer time. The same contest is being or has been run on the respective KLM pages of some of the other Asian countries. Different friends belong to different classes and have to be checked in at different counters, namely Economy Class, Sky Priority and Self-Service check-in counters.
Either there was a system fluke that day or perhaps KLM did not impose those fees at that time yet on the seats with only 2 passengers per row. Or maybe — just maybe — someone from KLM read my blog entry on how nice those seats are and decided to charge for those seats as well hahaha!

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