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Them vao do la nh?ng b?c ?nh d?i thu?ng h?t s?c g?n gui va tinh c?m l?i cang khi?n cac Fan d?y song, d?ng ng?i khong yen.
Undo WordPress Theme is a professional magazine template with a remarkable clean layout design suitable for any type of site, to look perfectly in all mobile devices, easily usable with any device as well as PCs. Da co r?t nhi?u fanpage l?p nen d? g?n k?t hai ngu?i l?i v?i nhau, nh?ng fanpage cung nh?n du?c r?t nhi?u s? ?ng h? nhi?t tinh t? phia Fc.

S? k?t h?p an y, mang l?i ti?ng cu?i cho khan gi?, trong m?t khan gi?, h? la c?p doi nhi nh?nh va vo cung dang yeu.
Vi?c nghi t?i m?t tuong lai t?t d?p hon c?a Fc cung khong ph?i di?u vo ly, co th? h? c?n nhi?u th?i gian hon chut n?a d? co th? kh?ng d?nh m?i quan h? nay. T? khi Kelvin Khanh dong vai c?u h?c tro cong t? nha giau chi?m du?c tinh c?m c?a co nang bu?ng b?nh Kh?i My, nhi?u b?n tr? da mong mu?n ghep doi h? ngoai d?i th?c.

B?i v?y nen cac b?n Fc c?a Kh?i My va Kelvin Khanh hay c? tin tu?ng vao m?i quan h? t?t d?p c?a h? hi?n nay d? ?ng h? h? tren con du?ng s?p t?i, dac bi?t la con du?ng am nh?c h? dang di.

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