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Putting a modern day spin on a classic GT car, a new-age Jensen Interceptor is slated to go into production in 2014.
The example we were offered maintains the dramatic Mad Max facelift seen on the show car, including a lift to overall ride height of roughly two inches, 19-inch wheels surrounded by black-trimmed fenders, unique bumpers and eye-gouging metallic orange paint. As a refresher to anyone who missed that day in class, the aforementioned hybrid powertrain is a 1.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine mated to a 20kW electric motor and 60-cell battery. We found it drove more or less like the Jetta Hybrid - which isn't a bad thing - and it did feel like some previous nuisances had been addressed.
Dave Rogers gave a brilliant presentation to Year 11 outlining his career as a statistician in the Civil Service. Few mechanical details about this significantly higher-tech successor to a car originally manufactured from 1966-1976 have been released, although it is known that the first prototype will be unveiled sometime late next year and that it will be manufactured in very limited quantities by a UK automotive company, CPP Global Holdings. The difference over the standard Beetle is still primarily cosmetic though, so we wouldn't recommend roughing the Sahara just yet. For starters, the programming of the 7-speed DSG transmission didn't frustrate us once this time, and made us wonder whether it was possibly due to Euro-spec differences.

It suited its new role without issue and it further reinforces Volkswagen's commitment to modular design and development.
Production will be done in a factory at the historic Browns  Lane site in Coventry, the former home of Jaguar. On one hand, this new styling is a fun change of pace and pays homage to the Baja Bugs of times gone by. The answer we received was essentially, "because we can." The use of this powertrain in our test car can be read as a representation of the automaker's views on the greener future of the industry, as well as a bit of subtle chest-puffing on the product flexibility and relative ease with which the Volkswagen line works as one.
We also were pleased to see the off-the-line sluggishness we noticed in the Jetta was all but gone.
We continue to have slight concern with this Lego mentality potentially hurting the vehicles' abilities to stand apart from one another and offer unique personalities, especially given how quickly a Beetle driving experience became a Jetta one after swapping a few blocks around. Everybody noticed it, and it nearly singlehandedly kicked off a global retro styling craze. MMI Navigation with voice control, satellite radio, panoramic roof, push button start, keyless entry, rear camera, As new low resistance Bridgestone tires, 19" wheels. According to CCP, Healey Sports Cars Switzerland Limited -- which owns the Jensen name -- has already approved the final design for the car, which is expected to be based on an aluminum spaceframe, and will feature handformed aluminum body panels that remain true to the visual character of the original and seat four.

On the other, it's rather in-your-face and we could predict the loud orange skin becoming downright mocking after a few years of sleepy-eyed commuting. As such, it seems the prototype we drove was doing a bit of double-duty - it's a look at the car we'll be seeing next year, but it's also meant to serve as standing proof that hybrid power can - and will - be trickling its way into the lineup for years to come thanks to Volkswagen's emphasis on modular platform design. At least during our brief drive, the acceleration and performance of the hybrid Beetle Dune was totally acceptable and felt a little zippier than the Jetta counterpart. Garaged, pampered, one owner, highway miles, clean no accident carfax.Always serviced at Audi dealership. Given they weigh nearly the same and Volkswagen says the programming is similar, we're left shrugging our shoulders as to why. This Dune addresses that, as it legitimately turned heads as we drove around - something the Beetle hasn't enjoyed in years.

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