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We are proud to announce Just Car Insurance as the naming rights for the Clubsprint Class at WTAC 2013. Looking after younger drivers means Just Car Insurance sees things differently to ‘normal’ car insurance companies. Just Car Insurance provides its customers with a lifetime guarantee on the quality of the workmanship and the materials that we authorise in the repair of your car. Just Car Insurance who are proud to again be a sponsor of the 2012 WTAC are giving you and your mate the chance to win the Ultimate Tokyo Drift Experience.
The lucky winner and their mate will travel to Tokyo, Japan and spend two nights exploring this awesome city before travelling by bullet train to Nihonmatsu, located near the Ebisu Circuit. After growing up in a motorsport family I started competing in 1999 at the age of seventeen, in 2001 I won the NSW Road Racing Club Championship driving a PRB Clubman & finished 2nd in 2002.
The R34 GTR I plan to compete in 2013 WTAC is built for Tarmac Rallying has recently done a test day at Wakefield Park in rally trim and done a 1:09 on the Advan Nevoa AD08 tyres.
XR6 turbo into the 9s ~ NOT240 Steel's Ford Falcon BA XR6 turbo runs a personal best time at Heathcote Park Raceway. If you know anything about Australia's modified Japanese car scene, there's a good chance that record-thrashing Mitsubishi Lancer Evo time attack cars and two-step flame-throwing Mazda rotary drag weapons will be at the top of the list.
It's there where you'll find some of the wildest Japanese cars outside of the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line expressway tunnel—machines that test Australian road vehicle laws through modifications geared for ruthless acceleration and top speeds warranting of instant incarceration.
It was these cars—mostly gray imports from the Land of the Rising Sun—that back in '09 prompted the maker of Australia's Motive DVD franchise to hire a runway at a small-town airport and invite nine owners of hard-tuned Skylines from prominent Sydney performance tuner Croydon Racing Developments to face off for the cameras. Known as the Just Car Insurance GT-R Challenge & Drag Battle, the event at Cootamundra Airport has grown to accept a wider scope of vehicles other than GT-Rs. But not only do these cars exist in Australia, the standard to which many of them are built is exceptionally high. Although the event is based around a drag race format, launching a street-tired car on a cold airport runway isn't quite the same as doing it with slicks on a fastidiously prepared dragstrip sprayed with a fresh layer of PJ1 TrackBite. Motive DVD's search for Australia's quickest import street cars will happen in '16, and as has been seen in year's past, the bar is only going to be raised higher. In Australian sport compact drag racing circles, JW Automotive is well known for its Nissan-powered machines, and it's not hard to see why when confronted with a car like Clayton Cosgrove's '99 Skyline GT-R.

A love of modifying coupled with 10 years of ownership can spell big things—Ali Kaddour's '05 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII is the hard-tuned proof of that.
What do you do when the factory turbo four-cylinder isn't cutting it in your '01 Silvia S15? Considering that Mitsubishi only produced 2,500 Lancer Evo wagons, seeing a genuine one in the wild outside of Japan—let alone modified with big power in mind—is a pretty rare thing.
Mark Axisa's Insight Tunes '91 S13 Silvia might have been one of the lower-powered cars competing in the Drag Battle, but what this Nissan lacked in output given the company, it more than made up for with its power to weight. Just Car Insurance is a national car insurer that has been covering cars for over 18 years and specialises in modified vehicles. We understand that if a car is special to you, you’re more likely to take care of it. What’s more we’ll cover different types of cars, like modified, high-performance and privately imported vehicles. As a Just Car Insurance customer, all you need to do is have a paid and current Insurance Policy as at 11:59pm (AEST) on 21 May 2012, and you will go into the draw. Over the years have competed in Time Attack, Supersprints & Hill Climbs in various cars such as a Holden VL Walkinshaw, Mazda RX7, Toyota MR2, PRB Clubman, Nissan R32 GTR, R34 GTR, R35 GTR. With some suspension changes, E85 and some aero modifications should take another 1-2 sec of this time. But there's a lot more to this sub-genre of the country's rich and diverse car culture than first meets the eye—you just have to delve a little deeper and hit the streets.
Think dinner-plate-size turbos, rollcages, and parachutes and you should be able to build up a mental picture of the sort of hard-tuned JDM machines I'm talking about. Unsurprisingly, the GT-R Challenge proved to be a bit of a hit for Motive, and with no shortage of owners immediately signaling their interest to compete at future events, it would have been an injustice to the community to not carry on and grow it into something bigger. But the underlying feel of this annual festival remains the same, and here's another constant, too—invite is by application only, and apart from entrant's support crew, there are no spectators. For '15, there were more than 100 applicants whose vehicles met the strict entry criteria—no easy feat given the rules that have been laid down. Ten Skyline GT-Rs—all packing in excess of 1,000 hp—lined up to race this year, and every one of them would be deserving of a full feature.

Wheelspin—there was plenty of it in the four-wheel drive categories, let alone those tasked with finding traction through a single axle. John Apostolopolous, whose CV Performance-prepped R32 Skyline "RH9 GT-R", ran 9.12 at 166 mph to take outright honors in the GT-R Challenge and set a new elapsed time and speed records for the overall event in the process. If your name's Djordje Gulic, you simply repower it with a big-boosting Nissan straight-six. Another Skyline GT-R—more specifically, the JEM R33 of Hamza Ghamrawi—won the heads-up Drag Battle and Ultimate Street Car title on a best pass of 9.88 at 148 mph. With a Precision PT8285 hanging off the side, four-figure wheel horsepower output is a given, but in this instance, there's a two-speed Powerglide transmission adapted to the four-wheel drive system to get it to the ground. Having previously gone 9.3 seconds on radial tires—and currently chasing the equivalent Evo world record—this is a legitimate 8-second drag car that runs on the street.
Despite its street car credentials, this SMD Workshop-built machine was designed to run low 9-second passes on the 'strip—and it certainly has the engine hardware to back it up. Used as a daily-driven family car complete with a baby seat in the rear, this 10.80-second capable Evo wagon is rumored to be the quickest of its breed anywhere in the world. Normally backed up by a manual transmission for circuit duty, a trans-braked C4 auto was swapped into the car specifically for the Motive DVD event. If you need to make a claim, you can be sure Just Car Insurance will do the best to make the experience hassle free. Yes, he could make money by opening it up to the general public—because there's little doubt they'd come—but that would present a massive set of challenges and risk on its own, and Motive DVD is in the business of creating entertaining media content, not clipping tickets at a gate. Competing vehicles require a current state vehicle registration, full interior trim, radial tires, and gasoline-based fuel among other things that separate road cars from race cars—or at least blur the line somewhere in between.
In total, eight cars ran under 10 seconds—Ali Kaddour's 9.62 at 158 mph CRD Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII the lone exception to an otherwise all GT-R affair.

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