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1952 JOHN DEERE G Tractor FOR SALE.  Complete straight tractor that runs quite well  Serial number #62343. Nice straight, good running 1945 John Deere H Tractor with full set of John Deere Cultivators.  Tractor has electric start, lights and hydraulics.
John Deere 70 gas row crop with factory square tube wide front end, power steering, live 540 rpm pto and rock shaft. It has always' been a dream of mine to Own a John Deere 318 I remember while in High school I passed a House that had a John Deere 318 in the yard and that Guy had all of the Toy's with his including Dirt dozer 4-Way Blade, Mowing deck, and Rear mounted Model 30 Tiller. This is how my 1983 John Deere 318 looked when I brought it home Three Year's ago for $300.00. Awesome job on the restoration, great to see one of the older John Deere's fixed up that nice!
Wow, Stuart - nice work - I had the JD pedal tractor too, and we had the JD240 I think as a GT and other JD 420 and 1020 on the Farm.
The 318's are great tractors and you definitely have a knack at restoration and I can see why your other machines sold quickly for top $. I cleaned the Gravely 408 up and Painted it it's original Factory white color as it was it's Original Factory color and I had a quart of it on hand to use on it. Speaking of old Gravelys and Cub Cadet's - here's my 1811 owned since new in 1990 and the Gravely Super Convertible with 30" brush deck and sickle bar, just arrived last month and I gave it a cleanup and some new paint. All is original on the Gravely otherwise, the original owner I got it from had it since late 70's and rebuilt the engine in 2002 and hasnt used it much since then.
Load up your bales of hay onto the trailer with the Bale Transport Unit from Mega Bloks John Deere. 880 Crown & Chassis Grease, oils, and diesel fuel additives now in stock.  Let us be your TRC supplier! They were both purchased new in our Western NY area and we were pleasantly surprised to find the CONSECUTIVE SERIAL NUMBERS!! Factory electric start, power steering, float ride seat, 540 pto, single remotes, above hood pre-cleaner, roll-o-matic front end.
Factory pony start, rockshaft, adjustable wide front end, power steering, 540 pto, single remotes.
I have had other John Deere's since I got married in 1983 including my First John Deere a Little Model 70.
It has mowed perfect for me for the past Three years, I Mow Two acre's of Grass per week with it, and we have Nine Month's of Mowing season where I live. It was Not Pretty when I brought it home, But I quickly changed all that, once I got it to fit my 318. It was done and ready to sell 48 Hour's after I got it home, so I Put it on Craig's list for $875.00 and it sold within an Hour to a Gravely collector. I was able to straighten out all of the sheet metal and I repaired the broken Body Panel's that it had.
I have Had two Gravely Comvertibles but they were the Older one's with the Gravely engine in them. Build the tractor with bale spike attachment and lift the buildable hay bales onto the transport trailer with the help of your John Deere farmhands. I cleared a Three acre lot with that Little Guy before it's Tired 8-Horsepower engine finally gave up. I took a compression test and it showed to be only 70 Pounds of compression between the Two cylinder's. I Noticed early on with owning them, That Part's are readily available for all of their Machines.I watch Craig's List in our area quit a bit.
Although I am Not a Cub Cadet Fan, I will always' be a John Deere Guy, This Tractor had some cool idea's placed as Tilt Wheel, Hydraulic lift, Low Fuel warning Light, and Greasable deck Bearings.
I then made a Lethal Mistake and Bought a new Model 116 John Deere that had The Twin cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine that was Low on Power unless you screamed the engine at wide open Throttle.
Three Years ago, I came across the Tractor of my dreams in the back Lot of a Tri-Green John Deere dealership. It was bought so that his son could Gather the chicken egg's with it in a small dump cart he had for it. It had the Leather style recoil strap and if you caught it on a compression stroke it would wind your Knuckel's into the grooved fly wheel pulley.

Putting another engine in this Tractor never entered my mind as I had my Fill of Ill Power from the Briggs & Stratton Twin cylinder 16 horse power engine that came in my John Deere 116. TRADEMARK DISCLAIMER: Tradenames and Trademarks referred to within these website pages are the property of their respective trademark holders.
I went to The dealership mechanical shop and asked the mechanic what he could tell me about it ? It came with the Optional Under belly Mounted belly Pump and the Non Three Point Hitch brackest's to mount it on the rear of my 318.
Oddly this Kohler Engine has an air breather sticker that say's The engine is 15 Horsepower, yet it is an 18 Horsepower engine. I reminded the Father that this 1970 Gravely did not have any safety's in it, so to be sure the boy Knew that when he got on it, The Danger Involved with running and mowing with it.
He said that they had just gotten it in the day before, and they had not had time to look at it yet, but the guy that Traded it in for a new one said that it had belonged to his Grandfather who had Passed away Three years' ago, and he had gotten it through his estate. Once I got it home I decided that I No Longer needed my 140 so I sold it wih it's tiller for $850.00. I surmise the reason for this was that Cub Cadet had all ready given this Tractor the Model 1541 Number, so it was easier to have a 15 Horsepower sticker on the engine air breather than it was to change the Machines model number's. As I Pulled away from the Buyer's house I could see his Young son riding that Gravely around the yard and it reminded me of when I was young, I felt Pleased that someone got it that enjoyed & Appreciated it. It also had the Gravely 8-horsepower engine and I had the Rotary head, sickel bar, salky and a Two stage snow blower. I had all ready sold it's mowing deck for $275.00, so I got all the Moneyt out of my 140 Package. While they were building my engine, I stripped my 318 down to a rolling Chassis, and Painted the entire frame using my spray gun along with some John Deere Blitz Black semi gloss paint.
I followed up on it and 30 Minutes later had it in my Landscape Trailer headed for my shop, The Owner of it dropped the price to $35.00 as it would not start and run for me.
Shortly after 1992 MTD started Making the future Cub's cheaper and I do not like what they look like or how they are built today. I am not certain when MTD and Cub Cadet merged, but this 1992 Cub only has the MTD style body which is all Plastic and leaves a Lot to be desired. I had a Cozy cab for it for winter, as well as a snowblower, and a single cylinder 54" dirt dozer blade. I then replaced the rear drive shaft coupler with the newer style of heavy duty type as well as the drive shaft U-Joint's. I spent the rest of the day going over the machine and Placed a new spark plug, Mower drive belt, and cleaned the Carburetor. I was able to repair the broken body Panel's where they mounted to the Tractor and was glad that I could as they want The Ball's for Cub Body parts. I sold it as a split up package at a Local Farm auction that they had once a year and walked away with $3600.00 In hand after Paying the 10% auction Fees. It started right up as soon as I hooked the Jumper cables to it's dead battery and it did not smoke or make any strange engine noises.
I got it home and went to put it on my 318, and realized that it was made for a 400 series Tractor as the quick attach frame was about 2" too wide for my Tractor's frame.
They used the More common walk behind tractor, with a Salky attached to it as well as a model 408, and a Much larger Garden Tractor.
I am still shaking the Bushes to Find another Cub with this style body so we might be able to replace his body part's some day.
It's Hydrostatic Transmission seemed fine, as well as it's Power steering and Hydraulic lift. Out came the Torch & welder and I Narrowed it's quick attach frame to fit my Tractor then welded it top and bottom. I can't Imagine Traveling 306 Miles on a Tractor of this size, but other than a flat tire caused by broken glass on the shoulder of the Road, there was no mechanical issues.
I then decided to restore the scaley rust Blade so took it all apart and sanded it all down, Then re-painted it with John Deere Yellow paint. The Funny part of all of this, is after I sold my Son In Law's Gravely Model 408 to The collector he placed it on the Gravely 408 Forum and they made it the front page Tractor picture of their forum.
In August our Daughter asked me if I could use my John Deere 318 along with my Rarely seen John Deere Model 30 dump cart, for our up-coming Granddaughter's first Birthday Party ?

My son in law had belonged to that forum the whole time he owned it and even joined it, but no one Knew that this Newly Found Gravely was my son in law's to begin with, and it's serial number was all ready on their 408 List.
The Party was not until December so it gave me some time to get both Pieces restored and looking good.
She said that her son had hit a tree with it in the back yard, and that the body panels were broken, and that it sat outside for a month in the rain and now would not start.
The Picture's of it were Taken just before I delieved it and showing my Son in law Mowing his Yard with it for the very first time. Sorry about the Thread Drift here, but I thought some of you may be Interested in my Obsession of working on lawn Mower's and how I Take them from scrap Heap's to running good again. It was in super Bad shape, but our Daughter had her Heart set on me using it as I used to ride her around in it when she was Little, and now she was 22 Years old, so we have had it awhile.
I remembered that I still had our Daughter's Ertle John Deere Pedal Tractor stored over head in my Garage attic.
I Can't wait for this spring to Roll around here so that I can find more machines that have been Neglected to repair and Market them as good running mower's. I found out that John Deere does not offer and Part's or Decal's for this cart, which at first I found odd. I knocked $50.00 off the price of her New to her John Deere R-72 and was on my way to the shop with another Project.
I Put the decals on it and was finishing it up when Our Daughter stopped off at the house for a vist.
The sales guy said that he would send out some guy's to help me load it, and I told him I would not need any help. I had it on the trailer and was strapping it down when the sales guy and Three other's came up to me. I sanded the entire dump cart down and had to use a Full Gallon of Body filler to fill all of the dent's and Rust that it had. It was now almost 25 Years old but when she saw it she told me that it looked better than whaen I gave it to her brand new. I then sprayed it with a Primer surfacer sealer which was a Two part Urethane style sealer, and Sprayed it with Four coat's of John Deere Green. She was quit shocked to se that I had restored it, and I told her that it was our Granddaughter's present from her mother & I.
He seemed shocked as he told me that it was Traded in Not running and they sold it as a Part's Tractor. It smoked badly as the ring's were stuck so I used a full Can of Gum-Out spraying it into the Carburetor with the engine running wide open. Once all of the Guest's arrived, our Daughter told them to all come out side as we had a surprise for them. In the three year's that he used it it never used any engine oil after I broke the ring's free. I drove out from behind the Pizza Parlor with my John Deere Towing trhe Guest of Honor our Granddaughter intop her First Birthday Party. I had done it before on a John Deere rear engine rider that had a Kawasaki engine in it, and that engine quit smoking too and Ran great. The Earlt Pedal Tractor was the center piece of the party as we were able to use the Open Trophy case in the rear part of the Pizza parlor that we had rented. My wife made the John Deere cake along with Our Granddaughter's John Deere Bib Overhauls, Our Neighbor Bought The Pair of Offical John Deere Boots that Our Granddaughter was wearing.
Everyone had a Great time, and Many approcached me and commented at how they had Never been to a more Fun or Unique Party as this one was. My John Deere 318 sit's quietly now in the back corner of my Garage awaiting spring time for many More Year's of Loyal Service. The Moral of The story is, Never Give up on your Dreams if you try hard enough, they will come True as mine Did !

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