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This online auction purchase made a layover at CFW for a body refin, before heading to its new home in France. After amber top coats, we distress the finish to blend in with the years of heavy wear on the neck. What a great looking and sounding bass.  We’ll pack it up carefully and ship it to its new home in Paris! Did you know that the Guild Jetstar Bass was featured in The Monkees video of the song “Pleasant Valley Sunday” ?
We’ve often warned readers that trying to exceed the cabin baggage limits for bargain airlines can be a risky and costly business. Australian Business Traveller reports that the new officers will initially operate in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Cairns, and will check and measure bags when passengers check in. It has always been theoretically possible for a staffer to question your bag as you board, but in reality Jetstar turn-around times for flights are so tight that it doesn’t often happen.
As we note in our guide to domestic baggage fees, Jetstar has a limit of just two bags on board, and they can’t weigh more than 20kg. I don't like it, because every now and then I've had a return trip where I'm a kilo or two over and I've managed to sneak past without having to check it. I have been checked by Jetstar numerous times coming out of Melbourne though, they have scales near the desk at the gates and seem to randomly check people. If every passenger on an A320 (177-188 seats) of an A330-200 (303 seats) put just a couple of kilos extra in their bags the aircraft could well wind up overloaded. If they were really that close to this issue, they wouldn't let you pay a little extra and bring the crap on anyway. Commercial airlines do not travel so close to their limits that an extra 376-606kg could mean the difference between flying and crashing. Yeah, if that's the case, why don't they have scales so they can weigh passenger+bag on entry into the aircraft. I'd also like to see how underutilized is the luggage compartment is, thanks to the luggage checkin charges. While I understand the logical simplicity behind what you're saying (and for all I know it could be legal), it kind of amounts to discrimination. I like South African Airways' approach where if you end up at the bottom of the stairs with a bag that obviously isn't going to fit, they take it off you there and then, put it underneath and then wait for it on the tarmac at the other end. On one hand, I do see a lot of (usually) older women with oversized wheelies and a bag, trying to cram both in the overhead, and taking more than their share of space. Prepare to fly in comfort and style on a Qantas International Economy flight, with cabins boasting ergonomically designed slimline seating and plenty of legroom. Now a standard feature on many long-haul international flights, Premium Economy provides a mid-range alternative between Economy and Business Class. Nothing beats the ability to lie back and catch up on some sleep and that’s exactly what you can do on a Qantas Business Class flight. Qantas International Economy Class passengers enjoy a range of entertainment options which vary according to the aircraft in use.
Qantas International passengers travelling in Economy Class are permitted to bring up to 7kg of carry-on baggage on board, consisting of one small bag and a briefcase or non-rigid garment bag. Qantas International passengers travelling to The Americas in Economy Class and Premium Economy are permitted to check two pieces of baggage each weighing a maximum of 23kgs.
Qantas International passengers travelling to all other destinations in Economy Class can check up to 30kg of baggage in total. If you feel your checked baggage exceeds the weight limits, purchase additional baggage online in advance to avoid excess fees at the airport. All sporting equipment and other bulky items must be included in your checked baggage allowance, subject to requirements.
Surfboards may be taken as checked baggage provided the fins are removed and the boards are in a secure protective bag.
Adult passengers accompanying infants may travel with a collapsible stroller or pushchair, collapsible cot or bassinet, car seat or baby capsule to be stored as checked baggage in the aircraft’s hold, with carry-on and checked baggage allowances generally the same for adults and children. Extra food and nappies for infants may be taken on board in addition to your carry-on limit. Dangerous goods which may endanger the safety of passengers are strictly regulated for carriage on Qantas aircraft.
Restrictions are also applied on the types of goods permitted into aircraft cabins, with the carriage of aerosols, toiletries and alcohol strictly regulated.
Wheelchairs and electric mobility aids are able to be taken on the aircraft with prior approval from Qantas.
Web check-in is available up to one hour before departure, with the online check-in window conveniently opening some 24 hours before your flight. Airport check-in is available up to 90 minutes before departure for Economy and Premium Economy passengers and up to an hour before departure for passengers travelling in Business and First Class. The Qantas Club Lounge offers a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of busy airport surrounds. Entry to Qantas Club Lounges is strictly based on class of travel, Qantas Club membership and Frequent Flyer criteria. The Qantas Frequent Flyer program provides more than just the chance to redeem points towards flights, with a wide range of membership benefits on offer. Bronze is Qantas’ entry-level membership tier, allowing you to earn points in the air and on the ground at one of the more than 450 commercial partners linked to the program.
The Australian Army has suspended flying operations for its Sikorsky S-70A-9 Black Hawk trooplift helicopters following the identification of a number of fractured bolts during a routine maintenance check. Acting Director General Aviation COL Stephen Evans said the suspension – which took wffect from January 19 – was to ensure safety, and is consistent with Army Operational Airworthiness procedures.
Navy Seahawk helicopters differ significantly to the Black Hawk in the affected area, and therefore Seahawk flying operations have not been affected.

Web check-in, road trip to the airport, entry inside the airport, baggage check-in, security check-in, waiting area, and finally to boarding the plane to being seated. First and foremost, if I were redesigning a boarding pass, I would go with a vertical layout. Here’s a visualization of the concept, before I dissect every section of the boarding pass. We’ve got the branding, class of travel, departure and destinations, flight number and the passenger name. What follows is departure airport and terminal, departure time, date, boarding time and gate – very useful after entering the airport. Also, it might be useful for people to know how far is the nearest Exit row; some travellers are very obsessed about this information.
Finally, the stub that is torn off – redesigned for a better quick glance for the personnel doing the needful. Ending the feature with another disclaimer – The only reason I chose Singapore Airlines in the concept redesigned, is that it was my first flight ever, and I admire them. Do we still need to cut out a stub that the airline staff need to collect at the entrance of the plane?
You highlight the priority and loading information with a teal color, but isn’t the most important information for a passenger the gate number and boarding time? It would be an interesting experiment switching the seat row and location around, but I’m not convinced that this is a problem that needs to be solved for in the first place.
Perhaps the correct new element to identify on the ticket would be whether the seat is on the left or right bank of seats as the passenger walks down the aisle.
Broadly speaking, the welcoming flight attendant indicates whether your seat is left or right, but 9 times out of 10 I forget what they have said by the time I’m found my row and have to look again anyway!
However, as you said in one of your posts recently, the real good user experience is the invisible one.
View under these terns the UX is not a MERE style exercise, is much more than a better visual (after all UX is not UI!!).
Although I really like the design, it relies on the assumption that all ticketing systems will be upgraded from black and white printers to high resolution color. New repairs and projects show up constantly, so check back in, or subscribe for delivery to your digital doorstep.
So before it shipped, the new owner of this vintage Guild Jetstar Bass asked that it be brought here so we could remove a clear refin, and restore its original 3-tone sunburst look.  The trick, was to make the new body finish blend in with the original burst finish still on the neck. The pickup rout still has the original base yellow color, so he’ll leave that alone and use it for a color reference. Clearly, someone has worked out that the potential income from catching people who break the limits will cover the cost of employing the officers — and make life more pleasant on board for people on board who do stick to the rules. This "extra couple of kilos" per passenger could easily be reached simply by having a couple of obese people on board. My optimum weight is in the low 90's, and I'd be classed as a 'healthy BMI' at 100kg or more. I have only had one interaction with this inept airline and will never ever ever fly with them again. Facilities differ between specific aircraft, however the majority of Qantas International Economy seats boast a standard 31-inch pitch and a width of 17 inches.
Boasting Marc Newson-designed seats with a pitch of 38 inches (or 42 inches on selected A380 flights) and a width of 19 inches, adjustable leg rests and a convenient centre console allow you to stretch out and relax en route. Business Class cabins on A380, A330 and B747 aircraft feature the airline’s popular Skybed, of which two versions currently exist. Seats on Boeing 747-400 flights boast a 79-inch pitch and are 22 inches in width, as well as featuring a 10-inch flip-out TV. Passengers on B747-400 and A330-300 aircraft can enjoy seat-back 6.4-inch screens with audio and video on demand controls, while those flying on refurbished B767 aircraft are offered Q-streamed entertainment on individually distributed iPads.
First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy passengers can carry two bags each weighing a total of 7kg on board, as well as an additional small bag or non-rigid garment bag. Passengers flying in Business Class or First Class can check three pieces of baggage each weighing a maximum of 32kgs. Passengers travelling in Premium Economy and Business Class are permitted to check up to 40kg of baggage in total. Heavy items such as bicycles, skis and snowboards, fishing equipment, golf clubs, scuba diving equipment and surfboards must be securely packed and must not exceed maximum size and weight limits.
In-flight amenities include baby, toddler and child meals, as well as pre-flight use of strollers once you have checked your personal stroller in. Dangerous goods include hazardous materials such as flammable liquids, gas cylinders, explosives and incendiary devices such as flares and fireworks, corrosive materials, bleaches and peroxides. Web check-ins allow you to print your boarding pass at home, while baggage must be checked a minimum of 90 minutes prior to departure. Dedicated check-in areas and fast-track immigration facilities are also offered to Business and First Class passengers, while self-service check-in kiosks operate at London’s Heathrow Airport. Dedicated Qantas lounges are located in more than 10 international terminals, with several boasting Marc Newson-designed interiors and Neil Perry-inspired menus, as well as complimentary shower facilities, private work spaces and entertainment facilities.
Qantas Frequent Flyers and Eligible Skywards members are permitted entry to Qantas and associated Emirates lounges, as are passengers in First and Business Class cabins. Qantas operates four memberships tiers and you can start earning points towards your status the minute you start flying. Silver tier membership benefits include priority check-in, extra baggage allowance, priority baggage handling and one Qantas Lounge pass per year. Additional membership benefits on top of those already earned in Silver status include complimentary membership to the Qantas Club and access to partner lounges across the globe. I have a theory (borrowed from single-column vertical form layouts), that it would provide an easy and readable flow of information to the traveller.

Okay, I just realized that perhaps PNR should also figure here – will evolve this further.
I thought of another usable element that travellers would love to have (based on a survey I did with 50 business and casual travellers). Priority boarding level, barcode for the gate personnel to scan, and in-flight seat details. If in your research passengers see and understand numbers (rows) first, then look for the letter in that row, why is the seat listed as D27? Nothing worse when you have a queue of people behind you than when you miss your row and have to go back!
In a world were mobile technologies should allow us to pay, travel and communicate, is it worth re-inventing a paper interface?
I seem to have gathered good amount of interest and attention from professionals as yourself – and am learning through association on how the evolution should work.
I've been squashed by some overweight people who were too big for their seat and ended up in mine.
I was so insensed with the moronic behaviour of its staff that I called QANTAS to try and see if any sense could be made only to be told that they new Jetstar was a basket case but couldn't help. I'm a poor backpacker type and frequently carry a frame backpack on board to save check-in fees, which are under the weight limit, but can be disqualified by dimension (narrow, but tall).
Most also feature 6.4-inch seat-back TV screens with Audio Video on Demand facilities, showcasing a broad range of entertainment channels. Snacks and light meals are available as part of the Neil Perry-inspired menu, while passengers also receive a complimentary glass of sparkling wine before take-off.
The original Skybed boasts a 60-inch pitch and is 21.5 inches in width, although it does not recline to a full 180 degrees. First Class seats on the Airbus A380 not only feature an 83-inch seat pitch and a 29-inch width, they also swivel.
More than 250 entertainment channels are available, while selected aircraft offer in-seat PC power and USB ports. Qantas Club members, Silver and Gold Qantas Frequent Flyers, as well as Platinum and Platinum One Qantas Frequent Flyers can check one additional piece of baggage, depending on their cabin class. Passengers travelling in First Class are permitted to check up to 50kg of baggage in total.
Bicycles must be packed in a protective bike box, available from Australian Qantas Terminals and retail bike stores. Refer to the Australian Government Liquids, Aerosols and Gel Guide for more information on carry-on baggage restrictions.
Qantas passengers may also make use of associated lounges operated by partner airlines where Qantas does not operate its own international lounge. Gold members are also granted access to shorter security lanes and express customs and immigration clearance.
But not when I’m juggling with tying a security tag on my carry-on while taking out my laptop on to the conveyor belt.
Even his thumb can aid him through a single or at most 2 pieces of information in a neat stack of data. The information about airport facilities that’s available to them, if they have time on their hands.
Here too, I have gathered that people rarely remember what A, B, C, D stands for – left, right, center.
Yes, absolutely…considering some change in process that everyone can embrace, once a leading player digs into the change.
Not as justification, but by some research and psychological experiment, I’ll share the lines from my blog about this subject. But that does get a little more complicated with the multi-aisle aeroplanes where the seating arrangement may be ABC-DEFG-HIJK or similar.
I believe the REAL UX in this case is about understating the journey of the user, transferring that into the dynamics of how that the boarding process works.
The task was invoked by a discrete request from an industrial acquaintance who was keen on improvement (as in the current boarding pass) in a literal sense.
Notwithstanding I am a Qantas Club member on my last trip I flew Virgin Business class and loved it. Premium Economy passengers are also afforded priority check-in and a dedicated boarding lane for swift embarkation. The Skybed Mark II not only reclines fully, it also converts into a six-foot, six-inch long bed.
Amenity kits by Payot Paris are provided on all First Class flights, while snacks and light meals are offered alongside a full Neil Perry-designed menu, with meals prepared on board and made to order.
I fail to understand lack of standardization in one of the most frequently used systems we have globally – the boarding pass.
If you visualize a real-world flow of a passenger, you would understand that there are bits of information that he needs to see the most, based on which stage of his boarding he is in. Color selection – yes, that needs to be little more appropriate as means to highlight, not just by font size as currently.
Boasting an impressive 80-inch pitch and your own dedicated 12-inch touch screen TV, it’s the ultimate in in-flight Business Class comfort. They made a girl throw out everything in her carry-on because she didn't have money to pay for being over by one kilo!

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