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I wanted to start a new thread due to the fact that it's such an interesting topic that spawned from the Special Edition Thread and I thought I would comment and tee off the new thread. On your VIN sticker on your door, the three digits after the VIN that are off center to the bottom right are SUPPOSED mean the number your car was in the production of it's particular series, but I am in the process of confirming that. Huy has 965 but that doesn't make sense because there were neither 965 SC's produced in 2009 nor were there 965 Pebble Beaches! I don't think the 3 numbers after the VIN could have anything to do with what number PB it is, as my number is 638 and only 400 '07 PB's were built.

Now if we can only figure out if they build the PB in one large batch or if they build them spread out.
Overall: Everything in the interior is where it should and function like it was intended to. I'm starting a family in july, so I need a xterra, tundra, 4 runner something of that nature and a cheaper toy. Thanks TooCool, I needed another source to confirm what Huy and I already kind of discussed.

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