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The NewLife® Intensity Oxygen Concentrator combines high pressure with high flow to create up to 10 LPM, operating up to 590 watts for reduced power consumption. NewLife® Intensity concentrators simplify a tracheostomy set-up by eliminating the need for a separate external compressor. How to recognize the risks and symptoms of melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer. The exact cause of melanoma is not clear, but excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays from sunlight, tanning beds or tanning lamps may increase your risk of developing melanoma.
The risk for developing a melanoma is related to a person's exposure to the sun or UV radiation without protection. Having a weakened immune system as a result of certain medical conditions (AIDS, certain cancers, organ transplant) or the use of certain medications used to treat certain medical conditions (like rheumatoid arthritis).
According to the National Cancer Institute, the first sign of melanoma is often a change in the shape, size, color or texture of an existing mole. If you see any changes in the color, texture, size or appearance of your skin or a mole, you should immediately contact your primary health care provider to have your skin examined.
Once a melanoma has been confirmed, your doctor may also order CT (computed tomography) scans or other types of X-ray tests to determine if the cancer has spread. The stage and location of the melanoma and your overall health will determine which type of treatment plan your doctor will recommend. To identify melanomas early, the American Cancer Society recommends professional skin examinations every year for people older than 40. As web designers and web developers, there is a certain amount of terminology that we use on such a regular basis that it often doesn’t occur to us that other people that we’re working with, including our customers, might not know what some of the things we’re referring to are. So as we are progressing and adding more terms to our glossary, I thought it might be useful to share a few of the most commonly questioned ones. As an industry we’ve got so caught up in the importance of responsive design that sometimes when we talk to our customers we forget to explain exactly what responsive design is and why it’s so important. A website design that is responsive is called such as it will respond to the size of the screen on which it is being viewed.
Following on from responsive design, one aspect that is really important in the resizing of sites for smaller devices such as mobile phones is the navigation menu. What we’re actually referring to is the menu icon that we use to condense the navigation menu at smaller screen sizes.
We’re all aware of the negative impacts of a slow website, and we often recommend the use of a content delivery network (CDN) to our customers, especially for image heavy sites such as an ecommerce site. A content delivery network is a method of duplicating website content on a series of servers based at strategic locations across the Internet. Content delivery networks work on the principle that the shorter the physical distance data has to travel over a network, then the fewer the number of intermediate nodes and servers there are between the data source and the end user. So by hosting your content on a series of local servers, the fewer the steps your information generally has to take on its way to the end users. With changing laws and guidance on data protection, you’ve probably noticed the message that appears on a website the first time that you visit a new website informing you about the site’s use of cookies and asking you to accept or perhaps just close the message. When creating websites we always ensure that we include a cookie banner and advise our clients on the contents of a cookie policy for their website. In recent years, open source software has become more frequently used by businesses and individuals alike.
Open source software is frequently made by people that have a real drive and interest in the software they are working on.
Such vendors often dictate their own vision of their software which may conflict with your business practices or requirements. In contrast to this, open source systems allow users to be in control of many of these decisions.
As open source projects generally have no need to use proprietary file formats, they are generally more compliant with official standards.
Proprietary solutions typically force end-users and business owners to incur expensive licensing fees, often per site or even per machine.
Of course, all this being said, your business should not necessarily use open source software for everything. With online shopping growing, and Britons spending a combined ?23.1bn in the first quarter of 2014, there has never been a better time for companies to trick us into paying for what we don’t want or need via dark patterns.
Fortunately for us consumers a new EU law has just been passed (June 2014) stopping companies from pre-populating checkboxes which add undeclared subscriptions, additional downloads, shipping charges or extra items into our basket.
The consumer rights law also prohibits companies from charging minimal amounts for normally expensive products, and then recouping money by charging excessive amounts on processing fees. Companies have 2 years to amend websites before the law is enforced, but it’s a step in the right direction at least. One of the main reasons for introducing this updated law across Europe is to convince customers to purchase more cross-country products. After completing the rigorous task of trying to get a car insurance quote (and providing them with unnecessary required information such as phone number, and email address) an overview page is shown which includes a separate yearly and monthly quote.

Within this page there are various different optional add-ons ranging from personal accident cover to roof boxes and trailers cover.
Problems arise when you look at the options automatically added and see ?20.00 (almost) has been added for windscreen cover. Ryanair have long been criticised for over-the-top charges, poor customers service, and not fully informing customers of information they require. In 2013 Ryanair launched their fresh new website, which looks professional, secure and easy to use. The problems start showing after you have picked your fare and are on the second stage of checkout, otherwise known as the ‘Services’ page. The select dropdown states ‘Please select a country of residence’ for each passenger, which is a little misleading.
Hopefully this blog post has shown you how deceitfully some of the most well-known and biggest companies operate on the web. You can read more about the correct ways to operate a business online by reading our step by step guide to ecommerce.
Storing passwords – Feel free to store all your passwords in plain text in your database.
Share and care – As developers, it is important to access passwords and important details quickly and easily. Simply enter your ZIP code in the box below to begin comparing car insurance rates in the city of Phoenix! With an outlet pressure approximately three times higher than most other concentrators, these units are designed to serve special applications, such as with the use of large volume jet nebulizers, venti-masks, medication nebulizers, and long oxygen tubing runs. Administer humidified oxygen to a trach patient by connecting a jet neb bottle to Intensity’s oxygen outlet. Approximately 75 percent of all skin cancer deaths are due to melanomas, which may appear suddenly. The risk is greater among individuals with fair skin complexions, blue or green eyes, and red or blond hair.
The borders of an early melanoma tend to be uneven, and the edges seem scalloped or notched. If detected early, sometimes the removal of the affected area and surrounding tissues is all that is needed. Your doctor will discuss the treatment options with you, depending on the severity of the cancer. People between the ages of 20 and 40 years should get a skin examination every three years.
You should examine your skin at least once a month, and contact your primary health care provider if you find any unusual changes in any moles or areas of skin.
We’re working on a bit of a ‘glossary of terms’ at the moment to help clarify some of words we use – this is helpful in that we can provide a copy to clients to refer to as and when they choose, but it’s also helping us to become more aware of the words and phrases that we commonly use without necessarily explaining. So rather than there being a ‘mobile version’ and ‘desktop version’ of your website, there is only one version, but it is designed with the various screen sizes in mind and the content of each page will move and resize to suit that size. As website designers, we refer a lot to the ‘hamburger icon’ – we’ve been saying this for so long that we sort of assume that everyone else knows what we’re talking about!
The fundamental purpose of using a content delivery network is to minimise the time it takes for web pages to load or for site users to download digital content. If a neighbourhood server goes down then another will take over temporary responsibility for delivering your content, meaning that your website still remains available.
Cookies are small text files that are placed on to a users’ computer by the website’s server.
Cookies allow a website to store information about your preferences so that content of the website can be tailored to you.
With programs that do not have the code publicly available, you must rely upon the vendor to identify security issues.
This can be done by using custom protocols, undocumented file formats or otherwise not complying with established standards and best practices. Additional hardware may also be required to run the latest and greatest version of their software package. With vendor lock-in in effect, this can result in a high initial outlay as well as potentially prohibiting growth of the company’s information technology resources. However, with all the benefits open source solutions and its community can offer, it would be neglectful to not seriously consider use open source solutions in at your company. One example would be a company offering ?1 tickets to see a popular band, but then charging ?50 to process the order. Unless you have chosen (it needs to be displayed clearly and cannot be pre-chosen or checked) to accept periodic billing for a product or service an EU company cannot charge you.
Be careful though, as this is only an EU law, so companies in other countries such as the USA or China do not have to abide by the rules.
So far, so good, some people may want to add these – with the prices being clearly displayed.

Jon Lott, Head of Direct Insurance at Allianz says the reason for this is: “At the point of quote we do include windscreen cover as a standard as it is highly popular with our customers, and its cost is included in the price shown on aggregators [comparison sites]. With more and more PDF’s being uploaded to the web for menus, brochures, ticket downloads and so on, the majority of regular internet users are required to have a PDF reader such as this. This is all well and good, until you notice the checkbox is already ticked when you log onto the page. It only takes one search to find plane times and fares from one side of Europe to the other on any dates you select. Here Ryanair offers all customers what is supposed to be optional travel insurance, with a large table showing why you should purchase cover.
For those who don’t wish to be insured you have to navigate to the option titled ‘Don’t Insure Me’ which is located alphabetically between Denmark and Finland. And although it is now against the law to implement dark patterns in the EU you still need to be careful, read thoroughly and never just assume companies are being honest. They inconvenience you when you login to work every morning, so why would you want to place that burden on your client every time they access their administration system?
And its not just databases, any decent web application will allow you to submit JavaScript and full HTML in comments. Keeping your software up-to-date is just over hyped, just like the encryption I mentioned earlier. It is useful for documentation purposes and to help others make sense of your code in the future, after you get hit by a metaphorical bus. Once on the client (in the user’s browser) and once on the server, before the data actually goes into the database or is processed in some other fashion. One rule of programming is not to duplicate code! Regardless of the company size, you should make sure to keep all passwords in one centralised place, giving all users access to them. They are most frequently found on the areas of the face, neck, arms, upper back and legs, but can occur anywhere on the body. The majority of melanomas appear black or brown, but they can also appear to be skin-colored, pink, red, purple, blue or white.
Your health care provider will look at the appearance of the area and may order a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. Well, at some point, someone decided that these three horizontal lines looked a bit like a hamburger! They are unique to the web browser that you are using and contain anonymous information such as unique identifiers. However, a lot of the quality present in open source software is the result of users participating in its design and development.
This ensures users and companies that use the vendor’s software will be forced into upgrades, new versions and compatible software in order to continue accessing their data. Therefore, as a business, you may often be at the mercy of your proprietary software vendor(s). Not only is the code available, but with any significant open source project, there is typically a large community of developers and users willing to help with this. Standard file formats and network protocols enable your company to integrate open source solutions into a variety of applications. For customers who don’t have their wits about them they will find they have downloaded this add-on when it’s already been installed onto their machine.
Hackers don’t go through looking for exploits and there are not huge databases of exploits in popular software. But so many people code this validation twice. Just code it client-side, in the browser with some nice JavaScript or HTML5. This means large open source projects are frequently reviewed by the community, allowing security vulnerability to be spotted and resolved quickly and effectively. This can be as simple as reporting bugs or suggesting features or can be as involved as having meetings regarding the program’s design or even digging into the code itself. If the company is able and willing they are also able to make modifications to the open source software they use, in order to meet business requirements, rather than be at the mercy of their vendor to implement a required feature. If you truly insist on hashing your passwords before storing them, make sure you use a really fast hashing algorithm such as MD5 or SHA1. You could bypass this by disabling JavaScript, but it’s not like people ever turn off JavaScript selectively in Firefox, Chrome or other browsers. Plus, its important to avoid encrypting them, as this can slow down the development studio and reduce productivity.
You can loose those, but if you put your important info directly in the webpage comments, you’ll never be too far away from it.

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