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Is the physical world that we see, touch, and feel in fact real or just an illusion in our minds translated in to 3D energy? A physicist at the University of London, David Bohm, developed the theory that a human brain works similar to a hologram. Living in a holographic universe does not necessarily impact you; it just shows another way people work. ASCA publishes the most recent, groundbreaking and noteworthy journal and magazine article updates taking place in the profession, and it also provides position statements, ethical guidelines, and national conferences to help school counselors continually polish their skills.
Both Hatch and Bowers, and the leadership at ASCA, realized the need for such a Model as the entire educational system moved toward a standards-based accountability system after passage of the federal law No Child Left Behind in 2001. National leaders in the school counseling field met in 2001, offering input and recommendations on what the Model should include.
Based on the belief that every student in the school benefits from school counseling programs, the Model set down the basic principles guiding the development of an entire school counseling program, how to implement it, and how to assess or evaluate its effectiveness.
Within its guidelines and specifications, the Model also incorporates the national standards that ASCA developed for all counselors, creating an accountability system similar to the standards that all educators must follow.
Every new school counselor should arrive at their first job knowing the standards and how to implement the Model, and with goals that address its principles, Hatch said.
Instead enter as a professional educator, she advised, with goals, objectives and specific competencies that you plan to address, and share those goals with administrators, teachers, students and parents. The ASCA Model states that counselors should go into all the school's classrooms and teach lessons that align with social developmental competencies, which Sene does at Grand Prairie.
Data gathering is one of the key components of the Model, and another way school counselors gather data on the needs of a school is through surveys. In his fifth year of school counseling, Jon Strand, elementary school counselor for the Fall Creek School District, Fall Creek, Wis., said that he surveyed teachers for input on the social development skills that should be addressed in his classroom lectures. Similarly, before working with the children, he surveys their knowledge on a specific lesson, such as conflict resolution, and does another survey, after several lessons, to determine how much the kids learned from the lessons and the curriculum. Based on his assessment, he can report to all stakeholders - teachers, parents, school board members - what his program is about, what it's achieving, and what he needs to improve on.
Reporting on the efficacy of a school counseling program might frighten some counselors, but as a key component of the Model, its importance is critical, Hatch said. If a program isn't working, the school counselor develops a plan for improvement, and reports to stakeholders how the new approach will be implemented and assessed. When Strand started in his counseling position in Fall Creek, a rural community about 10 miles east of Eau Claire, Wis., the counseling program did not adhere to ASCA's Model. While many schools still struggle with the why and how of school counseling, the Model offers a professional standard with measurable results - a goal that all educators strive for.
If you have a strong belief in social and emotional issues, specifically as they relate to the academic development and achievement of children, have a passion for removing barriers to learning, enjoy advocating for change, and if you believe in the leadership of school counselors as agents of change of improvement for the nation's schools, you should consider a master's degree in school counseling. Prior to crowdSPRING, I was a lawyer for 13 years – focusing on complex commercial and intellectual property litigation. Copyright and trademark law both protect intellectual property – but they protect different things. If a trade name or logo is protected by copyright law, is it automatically protected by trademark law? Similarly, if you allow other parties to use your trade name or logo, make sure you carefully define how they should use the trade name or logo – and also specify any uses that are not permitted. In a later post, we’ll talk about more advanced trademark issues, including what to do if someone violates your trademark. It is better to get your own Business Logo Designed, by professionals, to stay out from this Copyright and Trademark issues.
If 2 minds are better than one, 180k minds offering you #design ideas sounds pretty damn good, doesn't it? Tens of thousands of the world's best and most successful entrepreneurs, businesses, agencies and nonprofits rely on crowdSPRING for affordable and risk-free custom logo design, web design, a new company name or other writing and design services. Read previous post:Choosing Technologies for Your Web Startup (Part 1)You have a great idea, a viable business model, and investors lined up. You can download mp3 listening lesson (The best investment mp3) and listen it several times each day for one week. What is the very best investment?  Which investment guarantees the highest ROI (Return On Investment)?   Given the worsening economic conditions in the world, this is an extremely important question. The best investment is always learning.   Learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge, gaining new mental, physical, and emotional resources–  these investments cannot be beat! Those who are more investment-oriented, which is a small minority, will first buy investments– usually stocks of some kind.  A few might buy rental real estate or another kind of standard investment.

But how many people spend first on education?   There are many people, for example, who will buy a $30,000 car happily–  and then complain about the price of a $3000 seminar.  Yet the seminar is far more likely to enhance their business, career, and overall life than an expensive car (which is, after all, just a status symbol). We did this because we know that resourcefulness, knowledge, and skills are investments that always come back to us. I know, as a businessman, that what I learned last year will transform my business and increase our profits faster than any stock, real estate property, or other standard investment.   In fact, I know absolutely that specific ideas and skills I learned led to specific changes to our business- which produced measurable increases in sales and profit. What you learn can never be taken away.  Markets crash and everything can be lost– but skills and knowledge stay with you all of your life.
As a final note– there is nothing wrong with “toys” and bigger houses.  Just be sure to invest intelligently in your own learning first– before you spend on anything else! To make your business sell, you have to grab the interest of your prospects for you to be able to send your business message and influence their purchasing decisions.
The reality though may not be as people see it and the interactions between two things might be different, though this idea raises many questions and opinions. Fortunately, she said, there are national professional organizations such as the American School Counseling Association (ASCA), a nonprofit organization based in Arlington, Va., that provide a wealth of information and guidance for those beginning their careers - and for veteran counselors as well.
Joining ASCA and following its stated ethical guidelines and professional development recommendations propels those starting out forward, and remains an indispensable resource throughout a counselor's entire career.
In the same way, education needs school counselors who are current with changes in the field.
Written by Hatch and colleague Judy Bowers in 2003, it encapsulates everything required of school counselors and outlines a comprehensive school counseling program that can be implemented in any school.
Reform was taking place in education, but many schools failed to recognize how school counselors could impact and affect that reform. Hatch and Bowers then spent two years writing and formalizing those recommendations, in addition to synthesizing all the various state models and research that had been done on school counseling. The Model's foundation ties students' academic achievement directly to the school mission and the appropriate behaviors that students must possess in order to learn, attend school, behave, and complete necessary tasks like homework. And stepping into a school district that already employs the Model means that new counselors don't simply ask administrators what needs to be accomplished.
She also questions teachers on any special concerns, and often builds lessons around those needs, such as on spreading rumors, stealing, whining, bullying, and the difference between tattling and reporting.
Based on their input, Strand searched for a guidance counseling curriculum that met those needs.
Creating PowerPoint presentations and delivering talks is critical to educating others, teaching them how and why school counseling contributes to overall school success and achievement, Hatch said.
However, after taking some professional development courses with Hatch, and connecting with ASCA, he now has implemented the Model, and continues to move toward reaching all of its stated objectives.
And by helping all the children develop academic, career and social competencies, our national economy and culture benefits as well. This is the second in what will be a regular feature in our blog discussing important legal issues that impact every small business.
Copyright protects works such as poetry, movies, writing, music, video games, videos, plays, paintings, sheet music, recorded music performances, novels, software code, sculptures, photographs, choreography, and architectural designs.
A trade name or logo design might be protected by copyright law, but is not protected by trademark law unless it is actually used in commerce. Professional search costs several hundred dollars (and can cost thousands of dollars depending on their coverage), but covers many more databases than you’ll have access to, will often include an international search, and will typically be much more thorough. Understand the Permitted and Prohibited Uses When You Use Another Company’s trade name or logo. And If there are other small business legal issues you’re interested in reading about, please leave a comment and let me know. This post may not address all relevant business or legal issues that are unique to your situation and you should always seek legal advice from a licensed attorney. I was impressed with how professional this site is and also the quality of work designers create.
I understand that the logo does not need to be registered but what is the legal liability of not registering it? Below you will find text of the lesson so you can read it while you are listening your mp3 lesson.
We bought a large number of CD courses, DVD programs, and books.   We also attended an Entrepreneur Meetup Group…  and a Web-Entrepreneur group. While the visual appeal of your promotional prints (lay-our, graphics, images) are very important, the content is the factor that will convince them to try what you offer or believe what you are saying. In that experiment, Aspect and the team discovered that regardless of the distance separating two subatomic particles there can still be instantaneous communication between the two.

Far more tests, experiments, and conclusions are yet to be drawn until an answer is reach as to whether or not we do live in a holographic universe. Going into the position, the school counselor should know what the school is trying to achieve academically, if it wants to improve in any areas, and also what are the possible barriers to that success. Trademarks are names, logos, sounds, shapes, colors and even smells that distinguish the source of goods or services of one party from those of another party. This is because trademark rights arise only through commerce (such as when you offer items for sale and use the trade name or logo in your marketing materials or on the products). NOTE: There are periodic requirements to maintain an active registration and you must follow those requirements or risk losing your trademark registration.
You can search (for free) the federal trademark database – Trademark Electronic Search System. Although more expensive than many others, this is the company I often used when working with clients on trademark matters. Often, especially when companies enter into partnership agreements with each other, the partners must use someone else’s trade name or trademark. When a trademark is not registered, you could assert common law rights (based on case law) – these are rights you acquire through use of the logo in commerce.
The logo should be relevant to the business operations and services offered for the people. Is what we actually see, feel, and touch the real thing or does our brain just interpret it the way it wants to and we live in an illusion of a physical world. Many European countries have adopted the Community Trademark (CTM) – a registration under that common system allows the enforcement of rights in all of the signatory countries. For example, if I have a small electronics store and advertise Sony products for sale, I may use the Sony logo in the advertising I place in the local paper. Poorly created brochures only confuses, frustrates, and loses the interest of potential customers, therefor making it a waste of investment.You surely would not want your promotional endeavors be wasted. The CTM doesn’t replace national trademark rights in the signatory countries, but it does coexist with those rights. You can also leverage Google, Bing and other search engines to look for companies using the name you intend to use for your company or product.
So what are the essential goals that will be the baseline of how you will create your company brochure? Don’t forget to do a domain name search to see if someone is using the name as their domain.
Among other things, it notifies others that you assert rights over the trade name or logo and that you’re serious about protecting your rights. What you do not sell to a specific client, can be pitched & sold to another business seeking a similar logo.
The registration date also contains the date you first used the mark – which serves as evidence against other parties you might later allege violate your trademark rights. Create a good headline - The headline written in front of the brochure should always provide the reason why consumers have to read on the entire brochure.
How about the perceived problems that can be answered with the product or service that you offer?
You can focus on a single topic that interests your prospects since it can generate easier mental retention and can facilitate better understanding of what your business offer.
Also, do not use industry jargons that will make your readers find a dictionary first to understand what you are trying to say. Many customers are delighted with these little incentives that works as extra motivation.5. The over-all quality of your brochure mirrors your business, so as much as possible to have to use quality materials to make a positive perception among the people who will read it.
Handing out a thin, flimsy, and poorly printed brochures can create a thought that you are making less effort in developing your promotional materials. He is currently working in a printing company in NYC focusing on graphic design.Do you like this post?
You can think of using cloud services for making your business better, if you are an internet-savvy person.

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