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By Bryan 4 Comments Brainstorming is the rapid non-judgmental documentation of connected ideas about a particular topic. I use brainstorming to expand on ideas for blog posts, articles, fiction stories and work projects. In this blog post, I explain what brainstorming is, and I offer nine tips for individuals and groups who want to get more from this popular creative technique. Now that you’ve to the basics down, here are nine tips to get more from brainstorming sessions.
A mind map is a great brainstorming technique for creative professionals, and it is my preferred method. Typically, an individual records a brainstorming session on a large piece of paper, whereas a team records their session on a large whiteboard. Team brainstorming sessions are rather different, and a whiteboard allows everyone to see their ideas unfold. It’s possible to capture more ideas if individual team members stand up, while someone is talking, and annotate the whiteboard. Short snappy brainstorming sessions don’t get in the way of actually acting on said ideas. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos famously said, if you can’t feed a team with two large pizzas, the team is too big.
If a manager starts making executive decisions during a brainstorming session, this will dissuade others from opening up.

That said, it’s sometimes necessary to present a brainstorm, and the above tools are good for this.
At the end of a brainstorm, it’s a good idea to take a snapshot of the board with a smartphone and upload it to Evernote or some other archive for future reference.
If an idea or topic stand outs the following day, expand on this idea, either as an individual or as part of a team, and see if it can be acted upon. Please let me know about your experiences brainstorming in the comments section below or connect with me on Twitter or Google+.
Filed Under: Creativity Tagged With: brainstorming, CreativityDo you want to finish your book? Glasbergen Cartoon Service features a huge searchable database of Office Cartoons that you can use for your next newsletter, magazine, website or presentation. Fire Insurance Atlases - The Los Angeles Public Library (Central Library) has all of the Sanborn maps of California on microform at the Central Library. It’s a powerful productivity tool that can help individuals or team members develop and plan new ideas and projects. I’ve also witnessed marketing and advertising teams use brainstorming with varying degrees of success. All you need is a topic, a pen and paper and an inclination to rapidly capture information.
Identify the topic and objective of the brainstorm and let others know where and when the session will be held.

This is particularly important for introverts who need more time to develop an idea in their heads before expressing it in front of others. Tony Buzan gives an engaging insight into how individuals and team members can use mind maps to brainstorm.
And in group brainstorming sessions, a bad idea may spark a good idea from someone else or draw quieter group members out of their bubble. During a team brainstorming session, one person should record the group’s ideas while others speak.
They can scribble ideas on the whiteboard, use different coloured pens or even affix stickies or Post-its.
Ideally a brainstorming session shouldn’t last longer than 30 minutes and never more than 60.
And when a team is brainstorming, role, rank and position within an organisation belong outside. These cartoons are available for office newsletters, presentations, advertising, blogs, websites, and more. Office cartoons are a fun way to lighten up a heavy mood, boost morale, and have a little fun dealing with topics your office coworkers can relate to and enjoy.

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