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Consider jewelry insurance or collectibles insurance because you probably have more valuable items than you realize. Protect your valuables with valuable items coverage like pet insurance or jewelry insurance for peace of mind.
Protect the worth of your jewelry and other cherished items by adding an Inland Marine policy also known as scheduled personal property. The reason you want to schedule valuable items is with an Inland Marine policy the coverage is “all risk” meaning anything that happens to the item you are covered. In this example, if the insured only had Homeowners insurance they would not have any coverage. For more information or a quote on jewelry insurance, Fine Arts or other collectibles contact The Andrew Agency at (804) 320-2886.
The Andrew Agency provided me with exceptional customer service, finding me the lowest rate available with even better coverage than I had before.
One of the beautiful qualities of jewelry, is the emotional connection created when the item is purchased to celebrate life's many joys! A concern we run into with families with the jewelry that has accumulated over years, is what to do when a parent or grandparent enters into assisted living homes. We have worked with many individuals who want to make replicas of their parents jewelry before they move into assisted living homes. Mary knew how much her mom cherished her original wedding set and how happy she would be to have the rings with her. Before a family member goes into an assisted living home, discuss all important topics, including jewelry care.
To help you protect your jewelry, we would like to introduce you to Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company’s – Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance. Coverage is subject to the provisions, limitations, exclusions, and endorsements in the policy and the level of coverage selected. If there is damage to your covered items or if they are stolen, you can be confident knowing you are fully covered.
The name of this insurance may not exactly roll off your tongue, but knowing it’s in place can certainly help you sleep better at night. We helped one of our long-time customers, Mary, custom design her mom's original wedding set, using cubic zirconia's in-place of diamonds.

When Mary presented the rings to her mom, she was blown away by the finished product (below). It is a difficult time to make these decisions, but if the correct precautions are taken, the family jewels will be protected and kept in the family for future generations to wear & love. They are able to help you from the time you leave the jewelry store to coverage to claims to replacement and beyond. They’re symbols of your feelings for loved ones, life's milestones and of life-long relationships. Fortunately, with our CAD program, we were able to take Mary's digital picture (right) and design a PERFECT match. Now Mary can rest easy knowing she has her mom's original rings, while her mom is happy to have the replica wedding set on her hand. In the case that your engagement ring is lost or stolen, or any jewelry keepsake for that matter, it truly is in your best interest to ensure that these one-of-a-kind pieces are protected. They make it their mission to protect and maintain the value of each and every unique piece you insure.
However, there are specified limits on certain items such as jewelry, paintings, antiques, collections, musical instruments and silverware. She and her husband searched for hours, even using a metal detector to aid in the search but they were unsuccessful.
We all have baubles in our jewelry box that will eventually move on to future generations, but what happens if you wait to long to pass on your jewelry?
Protecting them from theft, damage, mysterious disappearance, or loss is as natural and important as protecting anything of great value.
Jewelers Mutual’s coverage is some of the most comprehensive available - providing worldwide coverage that includes protection against loss, damage, theft and mysterious disappearance*.Since they specialize exclusively in jewelry insurance and have been in business since 1913, they know the value of customer service and it is their mission to make sure you are well taken care of.
When I got engaged to my wife, I was not in the insurance industry and insurance was one of the last things on my mind at the time. For broader protection of your most valuable items you may want to purchase an Inland Marine policy also known as scheduled personal property. Thankfully, her husband had purchased jewelry insurance, insuring the ring for $20,000 and it was fully covered.
Jewelry insurance not only keeps your jewelry safe, but it protects everything that piece of jewelry represents.

Jewelers Mutual goes above and beyond to provide protection for all of your treasured jewelry. However, a really wise person, my father-in-law, suggested that I needed to contact my insurance agent right away about my new and exciting jewelry purchase. You can do this by making a list of your cherished possessions that may need more coverage than your current policy provides.
Another reason to properly insure every irreplaceable piece of jewelry, is because it deserves to be worn!
At the time I had no idea why this was important but when your soon to be father-in-law who has been in insurance 40 years makes a suggestion like that, you just do it! This means if all your combined jewelry value is worth more than $1,500 or if you own any one item is worth more than $1,500, you will want to call your insurance agent and talk about purchasing additional insurance.Additional Insurance OptionsIncrease Theft Limitation – For an additional premium, you can buy extra jewelry theft coverage on your home or renter insurance policy. However, many home and renter insurance policies do have maximum theft coverage limitations of around $5,000 and the home or renter insurance deductible still applies for any jewelry loss.Add Coverage for Losing and Misplacing – The standard PA home or renter insurance policy covers your personal property, including jewelry, on a “named perils” basis.
Theft is one of these named perils or causes of loss; however, losing or misplacing jewelry is not a named peril. This means if the diamond in an engagement ring falls out or you lose the ring on your honeymoon it would not be covered!To include coverage for misplacement or losing jewelry, you must add an endorsement to make the coverage on all your personal property “open perils”.  The major advantage to adding this endorsement is all your personal property, not just your jewelry, has much broader coverage and the examples above would be covered. However, the same maximum theft limitation probably applies to losing or misplacing jewelry and that could leave you without enough coverage for more expensive items.Personal Articles Floater – A personal articles policy could be a great option because it generally includes the “open perils” coverage including theft, losing and misplacement, it can have a zero dollar deductible and it has no value limitations on the jewelry.
The floater can be added to an existing home or renter policy or it can be written as a separate policy. The only disadvantage to a personal articles floater is that you may be required to have an appraisal within the last 3-5 years or a receipt for more expensive jewelry.If you recently got engaged or received a new Valentine’s Day jewelry gift, make sure you have the necessary insurance. While no one can put a price on sentimental value, insuring your jewelry can keep it financially protected if it is lost or stolen.Note that home and renter policy coverages and limitations vary by state, insurance company and policy type. Any coverages, limitations or values listed in this article are general guidelines and may not be the same as your specific policy.
We had someone at our office yesterday who demonstrated five basic asset classes and how much potential liability one could have.

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