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The night will include a multi-course menu prepared by Travaasa Austin’s executive chef Ben Baker with a sweet addition of a create your own gourmet S’mores station on Mesquite Patio to be roasted on our fire pits.
There are lots of fun events happening December 31st from skating to karaoke, so check out all these great events happening near you, and bring in 2015 with a bang! Get out on the floor and get dancing to Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha, Cumbia, Hip Hop and more! Come see an all-time favorite band perform some of your favorite songs this New Year’s Eve!
From 8PM-midnight, Texas Lils Mesquite Grille will be filled with the sounds of karaoke and fun as we ring in the New Year on a high note!
If you are looking to hit the town on December 31st, you definitely have your fill of places to choose from and New Year’s events to enjoy! About UsEstablished in 1947 Hatter, Williams & Purdy Insurance has grown to be one of the largest independent insurance brokerages in North San Diego County.
You might have missed it but a few weeks ago Konami, the Japanese gaming company, launched their latest title Metal Gear Solid V. That led to us wondering, is it time for insurance companies to get into the gaming industry?
Twice now, players have essentially ripped off large groups of other players in the game for in game currency worth thousands of pounds in the real world. Qiu Chengwei was so angry at the loss of this super weapon (worth just under $1,000 in real terms) that he visited the thief at home and stabbed him to death.
In a slightly less traditional crime, the World of Warcraft guild Serenity Now decided to help honour the death of a real world player. We appreciate that this kind of insurance is not going to attract vast premiums but in the days of micro-payments via PayPal or mobile phones – surely tens of millions of ?5 payments a year might be of interest to an insurer? We encourage you to thoroughly research and meet with as many potential builders as possible, so that your choice is informed and ultimately the best one for you. We also offer our clients a unique perspective to the custom home build with our dedicated Design and Realty Specialist, Eve Claxton. Where clients need to sell their current home before moving into their new home, Eve can provide all the needed services around home staging, listing and sales. This year, Travaasa Austin will be starting 2013 on the right foot with a New Year’s Eve dinner celebration at Jean’s Kitchen. It brings with it the perfect opportunity to through a beautiful bash for your favorite people, but with the holiday season just wrapping up you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by yet another event. You don’t need to spend all day slaving in the kitchen to have a delicious spread for your guests. Contact us for all of your insurance needs in Oak Creek, Milwaukee, and throughout Wisconsin. If you have not had the opportunity to experience this fun New Year’s Eve event, this year you can! In amongst all the fanfare for one of the world’s most popular computer game franchises came something new – the game will feature the ability to insure property within the game. After all, while the Konami scheme is run within the game – there have been other gaming moments where players, at least in hindsight, must have regretted not having insurance for their gaming investments. In fact when one player of Legend of Mir (a fantasy style) MMO borrowed another player’s “dragon sabre” in the game and then refused to give it back – we learned just how seriously they take their gaming. Choosing the right builder can make the difference between an exceptional home and just an acceptable one.

Eve is a certified real estate agent which benefits our clients by offering a realtor’s expertise during the design process.
Visiting a place for the first time for New Year’s Eve is a great way to guarantee an enjoyable night, and you can also experience a country’s culture in all its glory.
Mix a 32-ounce bottle of apple juice with a 12-ounce can of frozen cranberry juice concentrate and a cup of orange juice.
Cheese plates are as chic as they are easy, and fruit platters are a hit that won’t tank your healthy New Year’s resolutions from the first minute of 2016! Follow this southern tradition by packaging these peas in a cute box with a recipe and you have an affordable, adorable, and usable favor to give out! Make sure they’re captured by asking a friend or two (you know the ones who always have their phones out ready to snap the perfect pic?) to be your designated photographer(s) for the evening. We have several “A+” insurance carriers with which we can shop to find the best coverage for our customers. Players devote weeks, months and even years to collecting credits and growing their space armadas. In what must be one of the least pleasant efforts in the history of gaming – mourners arrived at a virtual funeral for the player only to be massacred by Serenity Now; who apparently couldn’t understand how this might upset the player’s friends and family. To work with players to protect them against losses, death and indignity through the act of gaming itself? A man of many talents he delights in milking the social media cow and painting pretty pictures with Photoshop. If you want a night you will never forget try visiting one of these locations for NYE 2013:#1 Times Square, New YorkOne of the most iconic cities in the world, New York offers something for everyone and knows how to throw a party. These New Year’s Eve party ideas are as easy as they are effective and can help you take your festivities to the next level without extra hassle. Prior to all this he was an international pop star (yes, Google 'Ed James music') and ran his own graphics design studio. What’s more, celebrities from around the world flock to the Big Apple for New Year’s Eve, and last year Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber performed to the hundreds of thousands of visitors in Times Square. At midnight the world-famous geodesic sparkling sphere weighing over eleven thousand pounds drops and the whole city celebrates in unison.
Eve has extensive experience in the luxury home real estate business and guides our clients in directions that serve them best. This is a party that any New Year’s Eve lover will have on their to-do list, however be wary if you are planning to travel by motorhome – parking will be extremely strict especially as a large portion of the streets will be closed.#2 Placa de Catalunya, BarcelonaBarcelona already has a reputation for being a buzzing city, as most bars and restaurants only open late at night and close in the small hours of the morning. New Year’s Eve is no different, with parties going on all night long and thousands of people visiting the area. One of the great things about Barcelona is that its residents are fiercely proud of their culture and traditions, so you will be able to experience a New Year’s Eve party like no other.
If you want to spend your New Year’s in this well-known city then make sure you book well in advance, as restaurants and camping areas are often reserved months ahead of time. Also, don’t forget to bring 12 grapes with you – it’s tradition to eat these at the stroke of midnight for good luck.#3 Kho Phangan, ThailandThailand is famous for its parties, especially the Full Moon Party where miles of the Kho Phangan beach are turned into make-shift nightclubs. Fire eating, limbo competitions and dancing shoeless is what you should expect if you want to visit this party, so be aware this is one for the truly dedicated. One of the great things about visiting Kho Phangan for New Year’s Eve is that you are able to plan a trip to other nearby countries afterwards such as Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, however you may have to leave your motorhome on the Thai mainland and get a ferry across to the smaller islands. If you are travelling by motorhome you need to also make sure you sort out your Visas well in advance otherwise you could spend your New Year’s Eve stuck at the border!#4 London, EnglandA little closer to home, London always hosts a spectacular New Year’s Eve display with fireworks all along the South Bank.

Like most people, you’ve probably already seen some of the displays on television, however you can’t beat the real thing, especially with the atmosphere created by everyone celebrating around you. Unfortunately, finding somewhere suitable to park your motorhome may be slightly difficult in the capital, so you may have to park further out and then get the train or bus into the city centre. If you do choose to do this just make sure you secure your motorhome properly before you head off – the last thing you want to do on New Year’s Day is make a motorhome insurance claim for a stolen vehicle!Bonus Destination – Your Own HomeStaying at home for New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be boring, especially if you know how to throw a good party!
If you own a motorhome try setting it up in the back garden and using it as a party hub which has food, drinks and even a DJ. The plot is well thought out if a littleclutteredand the screenplay creates two believable teenage characters. Throw on some fairy lights and invite your closest friends and family round and you are sure to have a night filled with fun and laughter.
Don’t forget to make the countdown and subsequent stroke of midnight special by having a bottle of Champaign on ice and Aud Lang Syne on your playlist! The characters Jake andStevenspend the film mourning are not sufficiently created to allow for realsympathy for them. So this tale of two teenage boys who make a suicide pact after theirclassmates are killed on a skiing trip and they are the only two survivorsis not original. It’s the dreams anddesires of their dead friends that they must carry out ranging from punchinga policeman to burning down the school. To say this is an epic tale of courage, friendship, yada, yada would bemore fitting on a drizzling Hollywood Blockbuster.
The relationship is unusual… Jake is the one who outwardly seems to begetting along well and tries to stop Steven from continuing the suicide pactbut it is he who wants death more than anything.
Make of it what you will for itcan be taken in many ways, BUT it is never thrown in your face.
For those who haven’t seen the film, my ineloquence may just confuse you(even though I could keep going another couple of thousand words).
It letsyou take it the way you want.Replysmudo-2 from Salt Lake City, Utah07 Jan 2015, 2:15 amI saw this film at the Sundance film festival, and it was fantastic! Twoteenagers who decide to kill themselves on new years day (one year away),decide to spend their last year living out their friends dreams (theirfriends had recently died). Certainly worthseeingReplycoventrydude from London07 Jan 2015, 2:15 amI originally found this in the queer section of a shop ( I think themanagement could use a little guidance, as they placed GET REALalphabetically in general circulation. Great actors, an interesting, original story (although itsometimes reminded me of other British movies, like e.g.
Andrew LeePotts and Bobby Barry are brilliant – EXACTLY what teenagers of thatage are like. The idea wasoriginal, and the location, BEAUTIFUL (slightly bias opinion perhaps,coming from the Isle of Wight) The film, for me, was evocative.
Perhaps areas could have been more adventurous and artistic indirection, to be consistent with the theme… but nonetheless it is afilm I could watch over and over again. Well done, and thank you toSuri Krishnamma, Andrew Lee Potts, Bobby Barry, Sue Johnston, andeveryone else – for me, you made the film like a time capsule -reminding me of school times on the Isle of Wight.

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