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Auto insurance coverages Elephant offers many auto insurance coverage options to protect you, your car and others. Bodily injury and property damange liability coverage Liability coverage covers your legal liability for a covered accident that involves injury to another person or damage to property, up to the limit of liability you select.
5 common questions about car insurance Auto insurance is something that everyone needs, so long as they're driving or own a car.
Understanding your auto insurance policy Every person who drives needs to secure car insurance. Comprehensive and collision coverage Comprehensive and collision coverages help pay to repair or replace your car if it damaged, regardless of who is at fault.

If you're currently shopping for a new policy, or simply looking for a way to save more on your premium, there are many options to choose from. Simply purchasing a policy isn't enough though, as you'll want to understand the in's and out's of your plan. Please check out our wide selection of sharp, crystal clear, media wallpapers that are delivered in high definition. If you wish to download and use these images for your laptop, desktop, or mobile phone, you must acquire permission from the respective authors. As the name suggests, third party only car insurance will only cover any damages incurred to other people's property in an incident where the fault is deemed to be with the covered driver.
Select from options including Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Coverage, Comprehensive and Collision Coverage, Rental Reimbursement, Roadside Assistance and more.
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If your injury expenses exceed the at-fault party's Liability limits, you can use underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage to pay for the amount not covered by the at-fault person's insurance.
In addition, obtaining collision insurance coverage and comprehensive insurance coverage is usually more expensive if a vehicle is worth more money because the insurance company will have to pay a larger amount to the customer if the vehicle is damaged.The Driving HistoryA person with few accidents and tickets on their driving record will usually have lower insurance rates.
A family can usually save a significant amount of money if everyone in the family signs up for one auto insurance policy, and usually, the more people that are on an insurance policy, the more money that each customer will save.Extra Perks and FeaturesMany insurance companies offer a wide variety of extra perks and features for their customers.
While the specifics vary depending on your chosen provider, the general premise is that this kind of policy should cover you for any feasible eventuality such as an accident or any misfortune that can happen to your car.If you crash your car under this policy you will be covered regardless of fault. In addition, fully comprehensive insurance covers things like vandalism and accidental damage caused to your car when you aren't in it.

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