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The alto guy cannot take for grated to replace the whole door just because my dad had promised for the payment after insurance and my dad will pay out what ever he shows as estimate bill from showroom. Suppose his door is reparable, but due to the fear of inconsistent work carried over a damage door, he could have asked the showroom to replace the door itself right?
Suppose say new door replacement is necessary, and mirrors, locks, rubber beading of the old door are intact, I need to ensure that he is not claiming from me right? Originally Posted by theexperthand In this case, the OP have agreed to use the third party insurance, but it seems like the Alto guy did not want to do that also. If the third party insurance comes in to picture, can they refuse the claim of Alto guy because he was driving with out a valid insurance?
As for the Third party insurance, they cannot refuse to pay unless the person whose insurance is paying contests the claim laid by the aggrieved. Looks clearly to be Alto guy's fault to me, particularly when he has hit your right front of the bumper whil turning. Bottom line here is, OP's father accepted that it was their driver's fault and that is clearly seen from the picture itself.
Now, 12k for dented door of Alto is high or low, I don't know that and if OP is thinking that it's too high as per his driver's description, he should talk to A.** directly and get it confirmed or should visit the place personally. Same way our car went on one way road on a new town ( that was without knowingly, we was ignorant about one way), at night 11:30 pm. His attitude may be wrong here when he talked to you but what I am trying to tell you is, by law it is YOUR insurance that has to pay his damages and not his insurance since he was clearly not at fault. Originally Posted by jeganatu Same way our car went on one way road on a new town ( that was without knowingly, we was ignorant about one way), at night 11:30 pm. One more point to be noted is unless mentioned an one way stays as an one way day in and day out.
2) Out of humanity you can check with a local tinker and offer to repair it locally, may cost 3-4K only! I would do (1) after knowing his weak point - dont even know to transfer ownership upon death!
I dont think if there was a mishap in any of our families, the first thing we do is to rush and get the ownership changed. On Monday I asked him to get me an estimate from local tinker he never turned back regarding that and now he says work completed in showroom without informing me. One way I feel happy that now I am asked to pay 5000 instead of 12000, but I feel suspicious why would he straight away reduce 60 % of the initial quoted budget of 12k . Now somebody please tell me whether his dent was repairable and if so what would be the estimate?

The owners of the other cars were told to resolve the matter with their insurance companies. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
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Now, who is responsible?This is a discussion on We hit another car that isn't endorsed to the legal heir.
After dropping the passenger, started reversing and accident occurs (as per your admission, its your (amby) fault). Crowd gathers, Alto guys started exchanging heated words with your driver (temporary driver). Its like inflating a insurance claim hoping that we get atleast 50% of the total asked quote.
What I am looking here like I want to ensure that his door actually needs a replacement because the dent is beyond repairs.
If the alto guy do not want to use the third party insurance of the OP, then why should OP bear the full cost of the repair? In that case, OP's insurance has to pay via 3rd Party Liabilities (this includes Uninsured Motorists on road). On your part you can see the damages, talk and settle the issue once for all and for that my advice is to initiate action from your end. But jeganatus' NCB wont be impacted at all as it would be third part claim and not own damage claim. Or check with your local scrap dealer for a alto rear door and get it repainted and close the case.
Just because A hit B and B has expectations which most of the people do not agree with does not makes B an idiot.
He might not have a legal case against A, but the car not endorsed to the legal heir is a separate issue all together.

For me, ownership of the car and the damage done are two separate issues and any person worth his salt should foot the bill for the damages he is responsible for, not a penny less and not a penny more.
Can any one tell me whether this damage seems to be tinkered out or the dent is beyond repairs? The police had no idea who to make responsible for the crash and the Lada owner blamed the puppy for damage to the other vehicles.
The 3rd of June 2016 saw a severe thunderstorm with hailstones, heavy rainfall, flash floods and damaging winds hit most of Klang Valley and Selangor. Its like first he is trying to push up the maximum he can get, and finally he might reach his near 100% of total expenditure, say 3-5 for repairing at outside local tinker. Since the person who had taken the insurance is long gone, will his son be entitled to any NCB - that too if he hasn't done the necessary paperwork within a stipulated period of time after his father's death? As per picture uploaded by OP, his driver was in one way lane with head first and he was backing up - now, for Alto guy, it is impossible to know that the car is reversing as he won't have clear vision to Amby's reverse lamps. While the information contained within the site is periodically updated, no guarantee is given that the information provided in this website is correct, complete, and up-to-date. We do yest intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright. He gives the Tel number to the alto guy so that the alto guy can reach out to him with the repair bill.
He calls you based on the promise given by a Gentleman, but now he faces whole lot of questions.. As per the picture, Alto guy was making left turn and that's when OP's driver decided to back up. His door needs replacement and he is all correct to ask for a new door from the manufacturer. All the content of this site are free of charge and therefore we do yest gain any financial benefit from the display or downloads of any images. Alto guy accepts the word from the Gentleman (or a person appearing as a Gentleman) and leaves (this promise also avoided the need to call the cops and FIR filing etc). He would have been wrong if he expected you to take care of the repair of his boot which was damaged before the accident and you have all rights to say no to it.

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