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The AA launched its Relay service on 1 October 1973, as an add-on to standard AA breakdown cover.
The Relay fleet was initially made up of 150 vehicles, a large number of them being the Bedford J3.
The AA's first batch of J3s was made up from a cancelled export order to Saudi Arabia, perhaps a more appropriate destination for a vehicle with an 11mpg thirst.
The powerplant was an overworked 3.3 litre 6-cylinder petrol engine, which was much happier in top-of-the-range Vauxhall cars of the time.

AA Relay drivers soon learned that excessive use of the accelerator could send the metal engine cooling fan through the bonnet. Despite its shortcomings, the J3 gave sterling service, but by the late 1970s it had largely been replaced on the fleet by more powerful flat-bed trucks. It was rescued from the AA's training school at Widmerpool in Nottinghamshire several years ago and was completely restored by North-east patrols Alan Crowley and Paul Bowman.
It was introduced to counter competition from new rivals, who promised simply to return a broken down car to its owner's home, instead of trying to fix it.

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