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The law is pretty clear in Idaho regarding the minimum liability insurance required for each registered vehicle. Can I file a claim against the registered owner of a vehicle or the parents of a minor driver?
Idaho law requires motorists to carry liability insurance to pay for damages arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of a motor vehicle.
The uninsured driver has provided the department with proof of financial responsibility (proof of ability to pay damages arising from liability equal to the minimum standards in Idaho). Your first step in collecting unpaid damages from an uninsured driver is to file a claim in the county where the accident occurred or in the county where the uninsured driver lives. After a claim has been filed in court and the uninsured driver has been served with a copy, the court will hear the case.

The driver has 30 days to satisfy the judgment or enter into a satisfactory payment agreement with you. Upon written notice of default, the department will suspend the driver’s license until the judgment is paid in full or you negotiate a new payment agreement. 225 royalty-free stock icons for developing small business solutions available for instant download!
Claims may be filed in either Small Claims Court (to collect damages of less than $5,000) or District Court. If a judgment is rendered in your favor, the defendant has 60 days to satisfy the judgment (pay you) or file an appeal. If the claim is for more than $3,000 in damages (District Court claims) you may want to retain the services of an attorney.

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