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VIN-MONITOR is a module of the VIN-INFO expert system designed for cooperation between entities in the search of stolen or sought after vehicles.
The idea of the system is based on personal databases of sought after vehicles, created by the system users. Each of the system users can add sought after vehicles, complete information on a given vehicle by adding new events connected with this vehicle and mark that the vehicle has been found. User A adds information that the left front wing of the vehicle with VIN number ABCDEFG0123456789 is damaged.
User A adds information that the vehicle with VIN number ABCDEFG0123456789 was seen in Berlin. Until that point it is an ordinary database, like many others on the Internet, which can be created on one's personal computer with no problem. User B adds the vehicle with VIN number ABCDEFG0123456789 to his list of sought after vehicles. VIN-INFO expert system for over 10 years has been gathering information on the history of vehicles and every day several thousand people enter the VIN numbers on the service website to find out more about the history of a vehicle they are interested in for various reasons. Users A and B are seeking after - as in the example above - the vehicle with the VIN number ABCDEFG0123456789.

An Internet robot of the VIN-INFO expert system searches every day through millions of advertisements on portals, finds the vehicle with the VIN number ABCDEFG0123456789 and automatically sends information with a link to the auction to all the users seeking after this vehicle - in this example users A and B. Users A and B receive a notification with information on the date, time, IP address, geolocation and the e-mail address of the person who entered the VIN number ABCDEFG0123456789 if the user is a registered user of the system. The vehicle appears on a diagnostic test at a cooperating vehicle inspection station - the system automatically sends information with data of the station where the inspected vehicle appeared to all the users seeking after this vehicle - in this example users A and B. Our users are natural persons, insurance companies, vehicle inspection stations and car dealerships.
Unser Bericht enthalt den vollstandigen frei zuganglichen Datensatz zu dem abgefragten Fahrzeug. Wir sind ein exklusiver Partner von verschiedenen weltweit agierenden Diensten, die sich mit Bestimmung der Geschichten von Fahrzeugen beschaftigen. Description:Vintage Classic 1950's Bowling Ball Wall Paper - On Demand Walls , No returns on any custom wallpaper.
Country fire truck, unique, interesting looking vehicle, approx 1,850 ltr tank, suit static display, phone any time. The system allows for storing information of the user, connected with the indicated vehicles and automatizes the comparison process of the sought after vehicles between the system users and the data from advertising and auction services, as well as from checks in the VIN-info service.

An innovative solution is based on linking information from all users of the system and providing the system with information from other modules of the VIN-INFO expert system.
The situation changes when a user B appears who is also interested in the vehicle with VIN number ABCDEFG0123456789.
From this point the information on the vehicle with the VIN number ABCDEFG0123456789 is common for users A and B and each of them sees the entries of the other (next) user.
Our database includes information on XXXXXX (as for the day YYYYYY) vehicles from advertising services from all over the world and its number is constantly increasing. It may also notify the worker of the vehicle inspection station about the necessity of notifying the prosecuting authorities - especially if there is a reward for recovering the vehicle. Such contact is a simple way to find information on the sought after vehicle and, as a result, to find this vehicle.

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