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We welcome back our contributing writer Paul Schilperoord, whose book “The Extraordinary Life of Josef Ganz – The Jewish Engineer Behind Hitler’s Volkswagen” has just been released in the US and Canada.
In 1923, as a student, Ganz started development of an innovative little car with a mid-mounted engine, independent wheel suspension, and a streamlined body.
Josef Ganz was a heavy critic of the old-fashioned cars produced in the 1920s, which he considered to be ‘devil’s carts’ with their solid axles, high centres of gravity, and inefficient drive trains. This resulted into the appointment of Ganz as editor-in-chief of motoring magazine Klein-Motor-Sport. In 1930, the Ardie motorcycle company from Nuremberg gave Ganz the opportunity to build a first prototype of his Volkswagen. The remarkable construction attracted the attention of car manufacturer Adler from Frankfurt, which employed Ganz as a consulting engineer and offered him their facilities to build a new and improved prototype. Just as had happened at Ardie, industrial forces blocked further development of the May Bug at Adler, but Ganz was allowed to keep the prototype. In the summer of 1931 the May Bug was transported by truck to Stuttgart, where it was severely tested by the board of directors and engineers of Mercedes-Benz. Ganz, however, was the first to market a Volkswagen, backed by the motorcycle manufacturer Standard Fahrzeugfabrik from Ludwigsburg. Hitler had been appointed as Chancellor of Germany less than two weeks prior, and in this new capacity opened the motor show. Hitler by then was determined to support the development of a Volkswagen for the German people. The Nazis made sure that any Jewish connections to the Volkswagen were erased from history. Just three months later, during the frightful Night of the Long Knives, the Gestapo appeared at Ganz’s home in Frankfurt to arrest and most probably assassinate him.
After wondering around Europe for almost a year, Josef Ganz settled in Zurich in Switzerland. Josef Ganz survived the war in Switzerland, but faced many problems with a Swiss company trying to lay claims to his Volkswagen design, and Gestapo officers after his blood. DRB is a top-ranked and respected source for the best in art, travel and fascinating technology, with a highly visual presentation. Connect with us and become part of DRB on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus; make sure to subscribe to our updates. Nice story and all, but may I suggest, that you'll do some research about Czechoslovakian Tatra automobiles including Hans Ledwinka, Erich Ubelacker and Paul Jarard? This just perfectly typifies the sheer BS that oozes from this tribe wherever the third reich or WWII is concerned.Try re-reading this piece with a little skepticism.
This ist a bit too simple, streamlining and aircooled boxers have been very popular all over europe these times. Farmer's Delight: Larry Olson calls himself a farmer but his 1963 Corvette split-window isn’t like any “Cowboy Cadillac” we’ve ever seen. Arguably one of the richest legacies in automotive history is that of the Corvette Sting Ray or Stingray—your preference for which model years are your favorite.
The Stingray racer-concept car was designed in 1957 by GM designers Pete Brock, Bill Mitchell (GM’s vice president of styling), and Larry Shinoda. When the first Sting Ray appeared on the covers of many car magazine back in the day everyone knew it was something special. And that brings us to Larry Olson of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and his 1963 Corvette split-window.
Larry’s big-block Chevy is based on a 502-inch V-8 modified by Mylon Keasler of Keasler Racing and Machine. Inside, the first reaction is a nicely done stock interior, and while the impression is to make you believe it is stock there are a handful of changes enhancing the interior’s appearance and function.
In a recent interview for, Apple CEO Tim Cook declined to comment about any “plans” for an electric car that the company is reportedly making. Over the last few months, the Cupertino-based electronics giant has been making high-profile hires from the automotive industry for a top secret project which is rumored to revolve around developing a self-driving car. According to reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook appointed Steve Zadesky to lead the group, a veteran product designer and former Ford engineer. Apple and BMW were apparently in talks regarding an electric car designed by the Cupertino-based giant, but both companies officially denied any future collaboration on a car. With so many high profile hires from the automotive industry, there is little to no doubt that Apple will produce some sort of a futuristic in the next few years. German publication Frankfurter Allgemeine is reporting that Apple may be planning to use Austrian-based automotive contract manufacturer Magna to manufacture the Apple Car.
There have been rumors of Apple considering getting help from BMW to create its electric Apple iCar.
Under the program Project i20, BMW is preparing a future i5 or i6 electric car which will arrive in late 2021.
BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Spotlight: Evan Miu '16"I can bring an experience I had on the soccer field to my fraternity, bring something from my fraternity to music, and bring something from music to engineering. Learn to design and analyze products and systems that transform raw materials chemically, physically or biologically into materials that improve products and enhance lives.You will work closely with faculty in the classroom and on independent research projects, and get plenty of hands-on experience that links theory and practice, always keeping the public and the environment in mind.

Examine laws of thermodynamics, thermodynamic properties of materials, equations of state, refrigeration and engine cycles, physical and chemical reaction equilibrium, and solution thermodynamics. Survey principles of electrochemistry including electrochemical thermodynamics, kinetics and catalysis.
Each year, about 25 percent of our junior year engineering students study overseas at such locations as the United Kingdom, Australia and Spain.A number of graduating seniors in chemical engineering pursue advanced degrees. We asked students to tell us in five words or fewer why they love studying chemical engineering. Undergraduate ResearchStudents often participate in research projects with faculty mentors. Study AbroadEach year, about 25 percent of our junior year engineering students study overseas at such locations as the United Kingdom, Australia and Spain. InternshipsBucknell provides opportunities for students to find summer employment in industry, government or academia. The following links are virtual breadcrumbs marking the 27 most recent pages you have visited in Most of the hundreds of stunning photos in the book have never been published before and come from Ganz’s original photo archive, which Schilperoord discovered from sources in Canada and Australia.
After a terrible motorcycle accident, in which Ganz almost list his right leg, developments of this Ganz-Klein-Wagen came to a temporary halt. As a freelance journalist he started contributing articles to motoring magazines in which he urged the automotive industry to employ more state-of-the-art technology. Ganz used this publication as a platform to promote innovative car design and the Volkswagen in particular. The prototype featured a central backbone chassis with a mid-mounted engine, independent all-round suspension with swing axles, and simple, open, beetle-shaped bodywork.
Ganz completed this car in May 1931 and nicknamed his new brainchild the Maikafer (May Bug). He used the May Bug as a technology demonstrator and took countless engineers and journalists on test-drives, proving the worth of his Volkswagen concept. This resulted in the development of a Beetle-like car with a rear-mounted 4-cylinder boxer engine, designed with the assistance of Josef Ganz. Manufacturers that had previously fought Ganz and his Motor-Kritik to silence this critical voice now started adopting his revolutionary ideas.
Using Ganz’s many patents they developed the Standard Superior, a production version of the May Bug with enclosed Beetle-like bodywork, which was introduced at the Berlin motor show in February 1933.
He praised the work of the German engineers and during his tour of the exhibits expressed serious interest in the Standard Superior and the idea of a Volkswagen to motorize the German people.
The Gestapo falsely accused Josef Ganz of blackmailing the automotive industry and arrested him in Berlin in May 1933.
Having found no cooperation amongst the big car manufacturers, an independent development consortium was created, led by Ferdinand Porsche. They banned Ganz from publishing, as well as the entire German press from publishing anything about him.
Ganz was saved from this horrific fate by extraordinary luck: he was on holiday in Switzerland to calm his nerves. There he demonstrated the May Bug prototype and a Standard Superior before Swiss government officials and landed a contract to develop a ‘Swiss Volkswagen’ with state funding – exactly as Porsche was doing in Germany.
He found employment as an engineer at General Motors – Holden until health problems forced him into retirement. Everyone knows that Hitler was inspired by the Tatra, look at the sketch he gave to Ferdinand Porsche, it's a Tatra!
America’s first true sports car is one of America’s longest-running models.In the beginning, the Corvette Stingray was a privately funded concept car that formed a basis for the second-generation Corvette Sting Ray (1963-’67). The basis of the Sting Ray was the ’57 Corvette SS, an engineering test mule chassis used in the Chevrolet race effort at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Corvettes had always enjoyed healthy doses of performance from hot rodders but they were also favorites among customizers. Larry calls himself “a farmer” and while many of us have known plenty of farmers with fast cars, Larry must get to the end of his row of corn long before any of the others.Larry has owned hot rods since 1972, with his first car a $300 ’32 Ford that he brought back to hot rod life.
What makes this Chevy different is the Rochester-looking “big-box” injector that GM didn’t make.
Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested. He is not mentioned in VW's first corporate history or in the Story of Volkswagen exhibition in Wolfsburg.'So many things were the same in Hitler's sketches,' said Mr Schilperoord.
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The Nazis not only “took” the concept of Ganz’s family car—their production model even ended up bearing the same nickname. By the age of 12 he was granted his first patent for a safety device for electric streetcars.
Because of his critical writing Ganz made no friends with the conservative car builders, but his magazine became highly influential. Production plans, however, were halted when a consortium of leading German car manufacturers blocked a law-change proposal to let holders of a motorcycle-driving license operate such a small car. To comply with the conventional buying public, Ganz gave the car a more conventional looking, low-slung body with a fake radiator at the front.

This included such people as Ferdinand Porsche, who tested the May Bug before designing a similar vehicle for the Zundapp motorcycle company. The race was one for who would be the first to create a successful rear-engined, lightweight, streamlined Volkswagen.
One of the first new laws introduced by his office was that holders of a motorcycle-driving license could operate small cars like the Standard Superior.
Ganz was imprisoned for a month and was only released thanks to highly influential friends. The first prototypes of the Swiss Volkswagen were finished in 1937 and closely resembled Ganz’s original sketches from 1923.
The Swiss Volkswagen was only produced in small numbers, as was a French variation called the Julien MM5.
He suffered multiple heart attacks and practically became an invalid, spending his days at home working on his memoirs.
The only reason this guy claims his design to have been ripped off is because he is jewish.
Aircooling and streamlining is a good combination, because you don't need large openings for cooling.
General Motors’ designer Harley Earl is widely credited with inventing the concept car and through the Motorama, the mobile traveling show of the ’50s, made these cars immensely popular. After the Automobile Manufacturers Association banned manufacturer-sponsored racing, the SS was relegated to putting in the laps around a test track.
After sitting down with Bobby Alloway of Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop in Louisville, Tennessee, the idea was hatched to design and build the ultimate in ’63 Sting Rays. The mechanical Rochester was intended for the 327 and not for the big-block, which didn’t come around until mid-year in 1965.
They reworked the gauge faces by changing color, indicator needles, and placed the Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop logo on the faces. Zadesky was given permission to create a 1,000-person team and recruit employees from other parts of Apple.
The curriculum also offers study-abroad opportunities, preparation for graduate study, specialized technical tracks or premedical training. In this biography, which reads like a thriller, Schilperoord tells how Ganz was arrested by the Gestapo, then fled Germany, and was hunted by the Nazis beyond Germany’s borders, narrowly escaping assassination. A Standard Superior was even tested by the National Socialist Motor Corps and a favourable report appeared in the official army magazine.
Although he was released from prison, the Gestapo forced Ganz out of his positions as editor-in-chief of Motor-Kritik, and as consulting engineer at BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Porsche was now set the task to design a people’s car for 1,000 Reichsmark – a maximum selling price propagated by Ganz in Motor-Kritik. Production plans in Switzerland, France, and Poland came to an abrupt halt after the German army invaded Poland in 1939. Tatra tried to stop VW from marketing the Beetle, filing lawsuits and stuff, but then it came the german occupation of Poland. A air cooled enginge is usually alway equipped with a blower, and doesn't need the help of the airstream for cooling, so it can be place at the rear. At the time, Corvette Chief Engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov was a huge proponent of performance via the engine and the suspension.
Modern air conditioning from Vintage Air is now in place, along with lots of Dynamat to arrest unwanted heat and sound from infiltrating into the interior. For rear engines, you need a short engine and you have more width because of fixed wheels, so a boxer is a logical choise. Leading the way to the more powerful fuel-injected 327-inch small-block and the fully independent suspension. Upon closer inspection you see that what was once the Rochester air horn is now the throttle body.
The stock seating, reworked door panels, and carpeting was redone by Steve Holcomb of Pro Auto Custom Interiors, who used red leather and Daytona weave wool carpeting.Should you ever find yourself out on a farm and notice this split-window make sure to say “hello” to Larry. Aircooled engines need a larger cylinder distance for cooling, boxers engines need the same because of the crank shaft stability, another reason why this combination was so popular. While a big-block Chevy isn’t unique, hot rodders everywhere are fascinated when they see one stuffed under the hood. Aircooled engines are louder, so it is better to place them in the rear, this gives lower intirior noises. All these aspects shall make clear, that once you started to design for a car with streamlining and low weight theses days, it ended very often in a simillar concept.
Barillaro Speed Emporium headers coupled to Flowmaster Model 44 mufflers (that deep throated sound!) provide the necessary exhaust.The chassis is an Art Morrison Enterprises, of Fife, Washington, proprietary system utilizing their own IFS front suspension along with triangulated four-bar rear suspension that incorporates Strange Engineering adjustable coilover shocks on all four corners, giving enhanced traction control and maximum lateral stability. Keisler Engineering (not to be confused with Keasler Racing) supplied the Tremec TKO five-speed that ushers the power back to the Ford 9-inch rearend that has 4.56 gears, Strange axles and coilover shocks, and a Baer disc brake package, which includes 14-inch drilled and slotted rotors. And how did the supposed moron and engineering nincompoop Ferdinand Porsche manage to accomplish anything without Ganz' miraculous help after the war?This whole thing is fishy.

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