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To maintain your vehicle's paint job, it's important to proactively identify and deal with sources of corrosion. Rock chips are the most common cause of rust in body paint and should be repaired directly. Aerial contamination from birds, insects and trees can also cause significant damage if not dealt with promptly. In addition to cleaning off contaminants, it's a good idea to re-wax the affected areas for added protection. SANTA CRUZ ? To protect your vehicle’s paint from rust and other forms of corrosion, it’s best to take a preventative approach to cleaning and maintenance.
As the number one cause of rust in vehicle paint, rock chips should be dealt with as soon as possible after being detected. In addition to cleaning off contaminants, it’s a good idea to re-wax the affected areas for added protection.
Phil Chadd is a 37-year veteran of the automotive industry and owner of Phil’s Auto Body, a Diamond Certified company since 2008. Phil Chadd is a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor and the Owner of Phil's Auto Body, a Diamond Certified qualified company.
It’s important to know what kind of tires you have on your car, thus if you are ever faced with an adverse situation, you’ll know what you safely can and cannot do. You can drive on a flat tire: The main benefit of a run-flat tire is that it allows you to keep driving—up to 50 miles at 50 miles per hour.
More stable after a blowout: Because a run-flat tire can support the vehicle without any air pressure, steering and handling will remain near normal after a sudden deflation.
Lower vehicle weight: With no spare tire and the repair tools removed, vehicle weight is reduced. If you are on run-flat tires, most manufacturers recommend replacement when they have been driven in a severely underinflated or zero pressure condition. The damage is only on the tread section of your tire (sidewall damage ruins a tire immediately). The proper way to have a tire repaired is to fill the puncture hole from the inside, then apply a patch on top of the repair. Over the last five years, the Pilot Super Sport has constantly been ranked at the top of the Max Performance Summer tire category.
Michelin Pilot Super Sport (PSS) tires are currently the OEM fitment on every BMW M car—except one. Under the program Project i20, BMW is preparing a future i5 or i6 electric car which will arrive in late 2021. BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car? By now we all know the rule: do not, by any means, leave your dog in your car in the summer (or ever, for that matter). According to the Humane Society, the first thing that you can do to help a dog in a dangerous situation is to learn the facts yourself. The Humane Society says that when you see a dog left in a car, immediately take down the vehicle’s model, make, color, and license plate number. If you very honestly believe that this dog is in bad condition and showing symptoms of heatstroke, assess the situation and get a witness to back you up. While it may seem like an easy thing to remember, some people don’t realize the dangers that heat can have on animals.
While we hope that you’ll never have to use these tips, it’s important to have them handy just in case.

Once you’ve got the hood up and fastened in place, search for the cap with a windshield icon.
Now that you’ve opened the windshield fluid cap, insert a funnel and pour in the washer fluid until it’s nearly at the top. Close the cap once the fluid has sufficiently been topped up, and drop the hood back on down again. With your new blade in hand, simply insert it into the opening and lock it back in place—you’ll hear a clicking sound when done correctly. Now that your new blade is securely in place, lower it back down and wipe your way to a clean windshield. Bonus tip: Before replacing your wiper blades, try running a wiper fluid-soaked paper towel along the blades to extend their lifespan.
Don’t resist the rinse Before you actually start washing your car, give it a good rinse to remove any loose debris. There's no denying that the center of innovation is all around mobile at present -- from the devices themselves to the widening family of accessories, services and apps. Logitech has a rich history in making peripherals for Apple products and was quick to the scene when it came to creating keyboard accessories for iPads. Who doesn't want a weighing machine designed to work with all those apps on your smartphone, particularly now that you've also got HealthKit, which will -- inexorably -- remind you of how inactive you are and remove any and all excuses you may otherwise have made for your current corpulent condition?OK, there's a biographical disclosure within that last statement, but this gadget measures weight, body fat, hydration and muscle and bone percentage and can help you help yourself health. AirHome is a new to market AirPlay system that uses wired speakers placed strategically around your home which are then controlled from your Apple device, bringing the best possible music quality to every room in your home (for up to $699).Of course, not everyone wants to wire speakers into their home. August is an iPhone-controlled door lock that lets you control who can and cannot enter your home, without using any keys. Packed with interesting sounding audio technology, the Soundfocus Amp speaker system is a case that slides onto your phone to make it sound so much better, whether you use headphones, AirPlay or even make a phone call.The case features two speakers, but its biggest audio playback secret is the software. If you’re aware of common sources of corrosion and know how to handle them, you’ll be able to keep your vehicle looking its best.
Since they’re often easy to miss, it’s a good idea to examine your vehicle’s exterior for rock chips every week or so.
After cleaning the area with soap and water, rub a dab of polishing compound over the chip.
Bird droppings are extremely corrosive and can quickly eat through paint, so it’s important to clean it off as soon as you see it.
Waxing your entire vehicle at least twice a year will go a long way toward protecting its paint job and saving money on maintenance. This means that a person doesn’t have to get out of the car on the side of a busy highway or try to change a tire in the dark. Don’t forget to inspect the tire on the other side of the car, if that one has a low tread depth, you will want to at least replace that one too. Summer for humans means wearing less clothing and taking a dip in the pool or ocean, but summer for dogs can be harsh. According to the Humane Society of the United States, when it is 80 degrees farenheit outside, the inside of a car can rise up to 99 degrees farenheit within only 10 minutes!
These can be used to report the owner for neglect or irresponsible behavior, and also to identify who the owner is. Insist that they make an announcement over the intercom with the license plate number to inform the owner of the dire situation.
If you have to, have someone else watch the car and the animal while you run inside the building.
According to the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), hundreds of pets die from heat exhaustion every year.

Once in standing position, identify the blade’s locking mechanism (this may vary, depending on your vehicle—if you’re unsure, check the owner’s manual) and unlock the blade. Looking forward, the evolution of smart living and wearable technologies promises more of the same. The latest model weighs under 12 oz., boasts numerous handy function keys and magnetically connects to your tablet. If that's you, then take a look at standalone AirPlay speakers such as those mentioned here. You get reports showing who enters your house and when -- a great way to keep an eye on the kids.There are several smartphone-controlled door entry systems reaching shops this season, and while I'd urge early adopters to test the tech rigorously, I think we'll see these systems become commonplace in future smart homes. You see, the system tests your hearing patterns, and monitors your environment to try to identify the best way to optimize audio for your needs.
Think on this: Recent revelations indicate the iPhone 6 chip is capable of 4K video output, which should set you to thinking.
Michelin recommends replacing all four tires at the same time, however if replacing only two new tires, be sure that the new tires are the same size and tire type as the current tires and that the dealer always installs the new tires on the rear axle of the vehicle when possible.
So that means your ten minutes in the cool grocery store to grab your milk means a painful, sweltering, and possibly deadly situation for a dog left in a car. Gather the phone number of the police department’s non-emergency line and also the animal control department in your town. According to PetMD, signs of heatstroke include restlessness, excessive thirst, heavy panting, dark tongue, rapid heartbeat, fever, vomiting, and lack of coordination. The Humane Society suggests asking local businesses to hang up signs during the hotter months reminding people not to leave their dogs in their vehicles.
The aim of the exercise is to ensure music played through the system is specially tuned for your ears and surroundings.
We've known for some time that Apple's been working toward some kind of adventure in 4K video. Carefully apply the correct type of paint to individual chips (your vehicle’s paint code is likely on the door jamb, and touch-up paint can be purchased at an auto supply store). Kerosene is good for cleaning areas that have been affected by aerial contamination—it’s inexpensive and readily available, and it’ll remove contaminants without harming the paint. Be prepared so that you aren’t left trying to solve the problem at the last minute, and wasting what could be precious and critical moments for the overheated dog. Keep a close eye on the dog for these symptoms, as it could mean that the situation needs to be acted upon very quickly. Most importantly, if your town doesn’t have a law regarding leaving dogs in cars, attend a town meeting and start lobbying for one. After allowing a couple days for the paint to cure, re-polish the area to smooth out the edges of the repair. Insist on a full inspection and have your tire center demount, then inspect the interior and exterior of the tire.
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