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The World Head Injury Awareness Day falls on March 20th every year and it looks at the number of people who suffer from a mild bump on their head to severe brain injury.
Globally every year more than 5% of people get serious brain injury after they get into an accident or as a result of accidentally bumping their head.
In South Africa, according to the mid-year estimates of Statistics South Africa (July 2009) the population was 49.3 million and the 2001 census estimated disability prevalence in South Africa to be 5% of the population. The three most common causes of Head Injury are: Motor Vehicle, Bicycle, Or Vehicle-Pedestrian Accidents (50%), Falls (25%), and Violence (20%). Head injury can result in damage to the most important part of the central nervous system, our brain. There are a number of things which we all know can protect our head from injury but forget at times. Remember that if you spend one more moment being mindful of your surroundings you can avoid having to spend a lifetime living with disability due to head injury.

This is a true buckboard as the slats in the floor provide the suspension to provide a smooth ride. The purpose of this day is to remind us on how we could reduce accidents and brain injuries if we are mindful. An estimate of 89 000 cases of new traumatic brain injuries are reported annually in South Africa.
2009 on traumatic brain injuries in the construction industry, the most common cause of injury was falls, followed by being struck by or against an object. There are a number of victims who are partially or fully paralyzed just because they did not wear their helmet on the day of injury.
Fastening helmets and seat belts while driving can help to reduce the cases of brain and head damage to a large extent.
It advocates the correct usage of safety gadgets such as helmets and seat belts, which can prevent damage to the head when one is involved in accident situations.

It is important to note that your skull doesn’t have to be crushed in order for brain damage to occur! Wearing helmets whilst playing sport can also assist in reducing the chances of injury to your brain. Any unauthorized use, distribution, copying or creation of derivative works is NOT allowed. The study also found that a significantly higher proportion of injuries occurred in the mornings for young workers compared to older workers.

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