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In this post, let us shortlist and understand some of the best Online Term Insurance Plans in India. Cheaper than conventional plans like money back life insurance or endowment plans (or) offline term plans. Quality of service provided to its customers during the online buying process and after issuing the policy (policy life).
All the above premium amounts are for 30 year old male, non-smoker, for Rs 1 Crore Sum Assured. Kotak’s Preferred e-Term online insurance plan is one of the cheapest online term insurance plans. SBI’s e-shield premiums are a bit higher than that of Kotak’s, Max’s, ICICI’s and HDFC’s online term plans. This plan has a special feature wherein you can opt for individual or joint life insurance coverage (for your spouse and yourself). Though the claim settlement record of Aegon’s is low (at 81%), we need to talk about their online term insurance plan. FAQ 1 – Do I need to check the claim Settlement record of Life Insurance companies before opting for the best online term insurance plan?
Every year IRDA publishes the claim settlement (death claims) details of all the Life Insurance companies. Claim settlement data is important but it should not be the sole criteria for choosing the best online term insurance plan.
If you are confident that you may not have any financial obligations, loans and dependents (who are financially dependent on you) when you attain say 50 years, you can consider term plan duration accordingly. FAQ 4 – Should I purchase two Term plans from two different Life Insurance Companies?
FAQ 6 – Is it better to take riders separately or can I take along with the Term insurance? You can then buy the selected best term plan directly by visiting that Life insurance Company’s website itself. Online policies are cheaper than offline term plans, because there is no agent’s fee involved and other administrative costs of the insurance company are also lower. Most companies cite incomplete documentation or concealment of facts as the primary reason for rejecting death claims.
1: I am 27 years, unmarried man,earn 5 lakhs per annum, have 27 lakhs home loan, 5 lakh cover from LIC for more 7 years, 1 each life and accident insurance from prime minister yojna of 2 lakhs each, hence total of 9 lakhs of life insurance.I need to purchase a term plan to cover the loan risk, should I target for 50 lakhs or 75 lakhs of sum assured ,for 40 years?
2: Since I became a ICICI advisor, I get a rebate on the premiums hence I am inclined to buy the the ICICI pru IProtect Smart as the premiums are very low as compared to LIC which is also seated in my heart from childhood ?? Which one to choose?
Hello, I am looking for a basic term plan and I will go with one of the companies as per your list.
A stand alone CI plan can be considered if in case your family has an history of any major critical illnesses. My question is I want to buy the eshiel SBI policy of 5000000 with increasing assured money.
Online plans which are bought directly from the company are cheaper than the offline ones, as no intermediary is involved.
If you are comfortable buying a term plan online, kindly buy it directly from the said Life insurance company. In case of health insurance, they say our premium increases as we move from one age band to another (say 35-40 to 40-45).
Instances like where a policyholder opts for basic cover + say critical illness rider, then the premium rates can change periodically.
I want to buy eTerm plan of LIC – I was an occasional smoker but I quit smoking 8 months back. However, I’d want to get converted to the non-smoker category after a few years (substantial difference in the premium). They just direct us to fill in the form online directly in the concerned insurance company’s website.
They may assist you while submitting the proposal form, medical tests and also during the time of claim settlement. Personally, I believe that it is better to buy either directly from LI company (online) or through a trusted agent (offline). The biggest surprising feature of i-care term plan is that there is no medical examination for customers who are up to 50 yrs old.
There will be high cover available to those people who have active home loan in their name.
There is only one rider in i-care term plan just like iProtect had and its accidental death rider.
If you take option 1, then you just have a basic sum assured cover which will be paid in case of death.
In this option, if one dies due to accident, then the nominee receives extra money equal to sum assured (subject to maximum Rs 50 lacs). Note : Please make sure you read the terms and conditions properly (mentioned in the 5th and 6th page of the embedded doc above). Hello Manish, I am 38 years old and have hypertension, however all other tests (including Renal doppler, Echo Cardiogram and Tread Mill test) have confirmed that there is no other problem.
2) if medical I can do in Saudi Arabia some insurance company(like Bajaj Insurance) but the mention tests are not available in Saudi(computerized treadmill test) . But in my case they issued policy without any Medical Test…will it put any negative effect in future at the time of claim(In case of death) ? I am 32yr old, living in UAE, want to know if this plan (icici pru smartlife – all in one option) is available for NRIs. Also, if a company rejects the application, then can it affect chances of getting insurance from other companies as well, since various company ask the question about rejection of the application and the reasons?
Every company will ask for the same thing and yes, if rejected, it will become a blocking for getting it from other companies also . Insurance awareness among Indian consumers is on the rise and insurance companies are leaving no stone unturned to gain an edge over their competitors by launching innovative plans.
Companies like Aviva Life Insurance, Aegon Religare Life and a few others have brought about a much needed positive change in bringing down the premium rates of term plans.
For the same criteria, the premium for Aegon iTerm plan and ICICI iProtect term plan is Rs 6,177, while Future Generali Smart Life term plan will cost Rs 8,879.
The best part about buying term plans online is hassle-free and convenient process which is completely secure.

For the first time ever, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), will sell insurance policy online. Term insurance plans are designed to ensure that in the event of the policyholder’s death, the family gets the sum assured (the cover amount). ICICI Prudential’s online term plan is known as ‘iProtect.’ The premium amounts of this term insurance plan are very reasonable and are competitively priced. Unfortunately this data is not segregated based on type of insurance plans (like term insurance, money-back or endowment). In future, if IRDA provides claim settlement details separately for Term insurance plans then this can be used as the main yardstick while opting best online term insurance plan. You may use the below comprehensive calculator to know how much insurance coverage is required.
For example – If you decide to buy Rs 1 crore worth insurance coverage, you may consider taking two Rs 50 Lakh worth term insurance plans (preferably from same life insurance company). The NRI can purchase the policy from overseas through written communication with the insurance company in India.
I suggest you to use these websites to just compare and calculate premiums of various term plans. Hence, while buying a life insurance it is of utmost importance that you furnish accurate information. He is an Independent Certified Financial Planner (CFP), engaged in blogging, financial counseling & property consultancy for the last 6 years through his firm ReLakhs Financial Services .
The premium in online SBI portal and when I asked to SBI agent has a drastic change of about 2-3K.
MAX life insurance can not commit also if we buy term plan from MAX that they will issue their policy after medical only. If there is a difference then that’s because the LI company has to bear the commission expenses.
Kindly get the confirmation (written or in email) that they will assist your nominee during claim settlement.
This plan is called as one of a comprehensive term insurance plan in the market.This plan I think combines all the features a term plan must have. This new i-Care term plan has some interesting features like no medical examination till the age of 50 and up to 1.5 crores of sum assured can be taken. For all the health related information the company will depend on the declaration made by the customer as there won’t be medical tests applicable.
This means that; if a person has taken second option with sum assured of 80 lacs, then he will get 80 lacs on death if the death is due to anything other than by way of accident. I got smoker policy issued with No Medical Test required in 13.5 K and 1500 is showing as Advance premium. If for a person the answer is YES –not due to cancer or tumor, but because of Lipoma (deposit of fat under the skin, which is non-malignant and non-cancerous and doesn’t require any treatment), then will the application will be simply rejected?
Regarding the question you have asked, I think its more of a underwriting level question and I am not qualified to comment on it . I went ahead an applied for the policy and ICICI has asked me to get a test done, which requires a small surgery.
A lot of insurance companies are breaking out of the old vanilla plans to introduce insurance products to cater to different customer needs. This clearly indicates that customers are more inclined towards buying a life insurance policy over others. Aviva launched its online term plan i-Life which is the cheapest online term plan available in the markets.
There are no intermediary agents involved; company saves on distribution costs, which is passed on to their customers in the form of low-cost online term plans. If your child, life partner or your parent(s) depend on your income then you need to have Life Insurance plan. They have changed the rules of the game by offering the cheapest online term insurance plans. If you analyze the latest data, the average claim amount settled by LIC is very small, which is around Rs 1.14 Lakh per policy. In any unfortunate event, your nominee has to submit multiple death claims which may be a challenging task. The main advantage of splitting is, you can stop paying the premiums on one policy, in-case if you think that you do not require so much insurance coverage. I believe most of these online term plans do not provide “Total Permanent Disability rider” which I think is a very essential one. You may just pick any one of the above best online term insurance plans as per your requirements and comfort level. But health insurance company will inform you about the hike in premium rates (if any) well in advance. Premium payment flexibility (Single, Yearly, Half-Yearly, or Monthly), Maximum Term of up to 40 Years, Riders like Accidental and Critical Illness, and a variety of benefit amount payment option.Features of ICICI Pru iProtect Smart Below are some silent features of this plan.
This will make sure that the policy is accepted as soon as possible as there is no medical examination in between.
We suggst that policy and we can also help you schedule a call with their team as we have special tie up for our readers. To my surprise there was a huge difference in the premium rates and I eventually bought the online plan,” says one customer. For age 30 years and a Rs 50 lakh cover, the premium rate for Aviva i-Life term plan is only Rs 4,550. If the insured dies during the time period specified in the policy and the policy is active – or in force – then a death benefit will be paid. HDFC Life offers advanced version of this basic online term plan, which is known as HDFC Click2protect plus.
However, when you compare the premiums of LIC’s e-term plan with private insurance players’ online products, you may find it very costly. For instance, if you purchase the policy from abroad, you would have to do the medical examination and send the report to the insurance company in India.
1 reason why I am holding onto Icici is that it offers a WOP in case of permanent disability. You notice that accidental and critical illness riders maximum limit is not disclosed and I feel depends on individual cases. I am thinking to shift to this new plan , since it will save money in premium & 30yrs coverge will start afresh.

Is it possible that to circumvent this test I propose to get some cooling period clause included in the policy? On diagnosis of any critical illnesses (as mentioned in the policy document) the future premiums are waived off.
Is it a practice to get some clauses included in such cases when applicant is not willing to go through such tests?
However if you purchase the policy in India, you would not have to bear this cost as it would be inbuilt in the cost of your policy.
Now they have enhanced the premium to Rs.45000, with the reason that elevated enzyme levels reported in my medical test. The insurance policy purchased in India will cover death that occurs anywhere in the world. Along with that, if the policyholder diagnoses with Permanent Disabilities (PD) due to an accident, then the future premiums are waived off. The policyholder will receive the full benefit irrespective of the actual cost of treatment. Once the CI benefit paid, then the policy will continue as usual (without CI rider benefit).
Please note that, if the CI benefit and death benefit (SA) opted are equal, then after the CI benefit payment, the policy terminates there itself. Regular Income option is cheap because they keep the death benefit with them and pay you yearly for rest 10 years. However, Increasing Income is costliest-Because they have to pay 10% per year for 10 years with the increase in inflation at 10%.If you wisely educate your nominee about how to utilize the claim amount, then your family will have control over money and they are capable of handling any emergency.
However, in regular income and increasing income option, they don’t have control and further liquidity. However, think whether there is a necessity of adding features.There are many limitations in the case of a critical illness rider.
It is one the complicated rider or insurance, which hardly understandable to the common person.In this plan, an accidental rider will be an option only in case of DEATH due to an accident.
If you met with an accident, then maximum benefit you can opt is PWB and that too in case of permanent total disability. This is the reason, it is always best to go for standalone accidental insurance rather than riders with life insurance. In case of standalone accidental insurance plans, you get benefits based on the disability %, which is not the case with accidental rider.Critical Illness option is payable only once during the life of the policy. Also, if your critical illness rider is equal to sum assured you offered in the basic plan, then after the payout of critical illness the plan ceases there itself. Therefore, at the later stage, you may have to survive without any life protection.In case of benefit payout options, I suggest to go for a lump sum and at the same time educate your nominee or family members of how to use the claim amount wisely.
If not educate your family about how efficiently they can use the death claim, then it is WASTE TO BUY TERM INSURANCE. Because, in your absent anyone can trap your family and create a bad investment choice for your family. What if you have other financial obligations like your spouse education, kid’s education, or some other financial goals? The enhancing feature has restrictions on the sum assured and available with LIFE OPTION only. Hence, I think this just eyewash.Considering all these factors, what I feel is buy pure standalone lump sum payable term insurance. I think, ICICI launched this plan just to be in this competitive market as other insurance companies offering lots of add-on features to their term insurance plan. Basavaraj TonagattiI am a Certified Financial Planner by qualification and currently living in Bangalore. Since i may not be in a position to pay premium after my retirement, i prefer limited pay option. My same question allpies to SSA and PPF schemeReply Basavaraj Tonagatti saysJune 12, 2016 at 8:41 PM Ravi-You will not feel any claim issue due to address change. Is their any commission that he will receive during claim settlement in case of my unfortunate death if i opt for offline.2. Agent informed that the amount received by nominee in case of my unfortunate death will be tax free, Is this correct?3.
Agent informed me that once i buy the term plan they will send someone to collect the sample for medical examination. Is this the right way they are following for a insurer to get medically examined or this is just a formality they are doing, because he was even ready to accept my enrollment with medical examination and i insisted him for medical test. I have read somewhere (not able to recall) that insurer are actually covered after two year of completion of any insurance term plan i.e. When i asked about this to agent he said that in ICICI pru smart i protect, insurer will be covered within seven days after medical examination and only in case of suicide within 2 years will not be covered and rest all the cases are acceptable & after 2 years all the cases of death are considered. Agents receive commission when you pay premium but he will not receive when policy arrive for death claim.
Your life risk starts after the policy commencement date but not after 7 days of medical examination.
Please let me know, if I could continue in this policy.Regards HariReply Basavaraj Tonagatti saysJune 3, 2016 at 7:25 PM Hari-If you already took it then what is your doubt? In my view combining life insurance with accidental and critical illness insurance is bad thing.
Now I came to know that these can not be investment not insurance all together, hence I have closed all policies in last 3 – 4 months and bought HDFC term insurance of 50 Lakhs. Should have I take this ICICI I protect smart term life insurance or I have to go for the pure health plan.if I go for the ICICI term plan, how is the claim settlement ratio.
Family has good Cardiac History (2 generations affected by cardio attack and Diabetic)As per your previous discussion, I have taken personal accidental insurance for 1 cr(New India Insurance) and term insurance for 1 cr(ICICI).Now I want to take pure critical illness insurance. Ideally you may calculate like 15-20 times of your yearly income as the insurance coverage.
Thanks in advance…Reply Basavaraj Tonagatti saysApril 5, 2016 at 11:44 AM Rajat-The simple answer is there in your comment itself. LIC not at all ready to issue a single policy where they found health issues and all, but the same is not with others.

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