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According to My Car Check, a third of used cars have some sort of hidden history, but with so many sources available, it’s hard to imagine you can keep anything away from this website. More on this:Somebody Wanted a Truck and a Mustang and Couldn’t Make Up His Mind666 RWHP Supercharged 2015 Mustang Is Evil, Not Bad at AllLamborghini vs. I'd like to receive useful tips, tools and resources via email from Kelley Blue Book and affiliates. These high quality low-mileage used cars have been thoroughly inspected and are backed by extended manufacturers' warranties.
Clocking a€“ despite measures being taken by manufacturers to prevent fraudsters winding back the mileage of used cars, for example the use of digital odometers, the practice is still prevalent and buyers need to be wary. Car History a€“ recent studies have shown that many thousands of used cars on sale in the UK have hidden histories, so carrying out a proper check on a potential purchase is vital. Check that chassis and engine numbers have not been tampered with, and find out where they are located on the car youa€™re interested in. While a shiny exterior can hide bodged and potentially dangerous crash repairs, carrying out the simple checks described in the a€?Bodyworka€™ section above can help to avoid getting caught out. Recalls of new (or indeed older) cars for rectification of some potential fault is common and should be nothing to worry about. Buying a used car doesn’t need to be a gamble, particularly if you do your research and make some simple checks. Carrying out a car history check is vital, but ita€™s worth knowing what information you will receive and where to find out other important details about a car you want to buy.When you know which car you are interested in, you can tap its registration number into a variety of car history checkers.
As Olympic fever grips the world, two volunteers from Welwyn Hatfield are revealing why they give up their time to help others in the area enjoy sport and exercise. Isabel Hospice in Welwyn Garden City is encouraging people to sign up to its new 11-mile Bridges of London walk. Workers and shoppers have been enjoying street food from across the world in Welwyn Garden City today. Fifty years ago, all you got if you went to the office to check on the used car you were thinking of buying was a lollipop and some sore feet if you wore those new shoes.
That’s why it gathers up information from several official agencies - like the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), the Association of British Insurers (ABI), major finance houses and, of course, the police - and allows people who want to know more about their cars the opportunity to get the full history.

From major things like stolen cars or severely damaged ones to more trivial stuff like a color change or minor scratches - everything will be displayed in front of you after just a few clicks. All you need to do is answer a simple question - What is the name of the 1967 Mustang in the movie Gone in 60 Seconds? Generally, the more expensive the check, the more detailed the information on the car and its previous life.Even so, a low-cost check should tell you if the car has been stolen, written-off or has outstanding finance still to be paid off.
If one or more of these items is flagged up by a search, it should ring alarm bells.If a car shows as being stolen, you should report it to the police as the seller may well be a criminal. Equally, it could be the car has not been properly registered as being stolen and returned to its rightful owner who is now selling it, but better to be safe than sorry.There are different categories of write-offs, with D and C category cars allowed to be sold on, but the seller should declare this. Visual inspection: These items are listed in the middle of the page under "Emmissions control systems".
If not, ask yourself why the seller is trying to hide the information.As for outstanding finance, it means the car is effectively owned by the finance company and not the seller, so they should not be trying to sell it in the first place. You should also be suspicious if there are signs of damage to ignition or door locks, or different sets of keys for each. The worst case here is you buy the car and the finance company reclaims it from you to settle the debt, leaving you out of pocket and with no car.Clearly, a history check is hugely important for any used car you consider. This will confirm the cara€™s registered details, such as engine capacity, emissions and colour. It will also tell you when the current MoT is due to expire.Using the DVLA website you can also look at previous MoTs of many used cars. Functional inspection: This part of the test is a record of a test procedure done in the Smog Test. This will let you know if the car has had any major faults that have caused an MoT failure and you can use it to tally the mileage at each MoT with what is displayed on the car for sale.Using this information, you can also cross-reference it with the history and service file from the car.
While this is not a definitive check, it is one that costs nothing and helps to confirm a car is genuine and not being sold by a dodgy criminal.There are also some free car history check websites, but be aware they are not as thorough as the best paid-for services.
Check Engine Light is the light on your dash that usually say's check engine, pcm, engine or has a picture of a motor. Usual cause is a sensor out of range, or a disconnected wire or ground from previous repairs.

Approx 98% of our 2nd attempt failures are from people taking there cars to "shade tree mechanics". The component gases which contribute the most to air pollution are hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx).
The remaining gases, oxygen (O2) And carbon dioxide (CO2), while non-regulated, play a significant role as diagnostic aids. In addition to testing carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), hydrocarbons (HC) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) (5-gas version) for repair requirements or after a tune-up, it can be used to assist in detecting and locating, fuel, exhaust, emission control and engine service problems. There is, effectively, no reading for CO that can be characterized as too low or "below optimal".
Oxygen, measured as a percentage of the exhaust volume, reflects the amount of gas remaining in the exhaust sample after the combustion process has taken place. Ambient O2 readings should be about 20%, reflecting the natural amount oxygen found in the air. If there is an air injection system, O2 levels will typically fall n the range of 3% to 4%. Oxides of nitrogen (NOx), including nitric oxide (NO) and nitrous oxide (NO2), are formed if the combustion temperatures within the combustion chamber exceed some 2,500 degrees F. If the combustion process within an engine is burning fuel at or near stoichiometric point, NOx levels on acceleration will typically read significantly higher than those measured at cruise and during deceleration.
There is, effectively, no reading for NOx that can be characterized as too low or below optimal.
Its concentrations are essentially unchanged by the catalytic converter, providing a "window" through the converter to the engine.
O2 levels are higher on vehicles with properly operating air injection systems.22) If CO goes up, O2 goes down (inversely related)23) If O2 goes up, CO goes down (inversely related)24) With the air injection system disabled and the CO above 1%, the catalytic converter is oxygen-starved.

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