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When we talk about vandalism, as long as it doesn't involve actual Vandals sacking cities, many people would agree that some acts of vandalism are more funny than they are criminal. For all you legally minded readers, we at Bored Panda have collected this list of too-funny-to-be-illegal pranks and acts of "vandalism." If you think that some are funnier than others, then make your voice heard! Charlotte-Mecklenburg crime statistics report an overall downward trend in crime based on data from 14 years with violent crime decreasing and property crime decreasing.
Rosa was shocked to learn the grocery stores around her downtown Vancouver home never wash their plastic baskets and carts and wanted to know if ita€™s a health violation. After hitting 10 national parks, a street artist has come to the attention of the Feds and they’ve begun investigating.
An Instagram account using the name Creepytings has been posting images of artwork done in either chalk or acrylic, but was abruptly deactivated by the user. The question comes after her neighboura€™s washing machine flooded causing damage to her suite and she was forced to pay a hefty deductible to clean up the mess.

If charged, Creepytings could be looking at a federal misdemeanor with jail time and a fine. While acts of civil disobedience might include aspects with are technically a crime, should they be judged in the same light? ICBC tells us that car theft and vandalism would be covered by optional car insurance but personal contents stolen from the car, like a phone, are not covered by ICBC unless the vehicle is a motorhome.
Times report, the account belongs to Casey Nocket, who was asked by a commenter if the work was done with chalk. The projected crime rate data displayed above was generated from the trends and crime data available from previous years of actual reported data. An informal phone survey to four different grocery chains around Vancouver found the stores say they wash their baskets anywhere from once a week to once every three weeks.
In this case, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg crime report data for 2016 was projected from 14 years of actual data.

The last year of actual available crime data, as reported above, was 2012.The FBI cautions the data users against comparing yearly statistical data solely on the basis of their population coverage. Insurance Brokers Association says many new stratas are writing bylaws that state the owner of the unit where the damage originated is responsible for all the costs of repair including deductibles. The comparisons made herein are thus, only meaningful upon further examination of all variables that affect crime in each reported city, state or other reported jurisdicition.

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