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A mousetrap powered car is a vehicle that is powered by the energy of a wound-up mouse trap's spring. When winding the string around the drive axle make sure NOT to put any slack in the string. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.
The easiest step by step to build a mousetrap car is taught here among all other method to build a mousetrap car. Now finish up the car by softly turns the back wheels and lift the flap slightly until the trap is starting to load. Here’s your tasty A-list of custom car drawing pictures, caricatures, images, as well as how to draw cars in step by step detail. 2. Muscle car drawings – Alternatively, you can also see the 5 coolest steps to draw muscle cars. Other than draw a car using hand and pencil, you can also create any custom car drawing using software available in the market easily. 1. Cartoon car art– There are few software in the market can transform the car picture into car art. Some of the drawing is submitted by our reader while some are collected from the World Wide Web. Having to see all these nice pictures, have you prepare your pencil and paper to start your custom car drawing? It's a real challenge to create exploding targets that can be set off by low velocity projectiles, yet remain safe to handle without risk of ignition during construction.The targets demonstrated in the following video were created to avoid those challenges by using quite harmless pulling trick fireworks to create a loud report and cloud of smoke, not initiated by the projectile itself, but instead by the sharp and predictable impact of a mouse trap. The result is a reusable and effective exploding target that is capable of no more harm than a pinched finger, and provides excellent entertainment for low cost and little effort. The Challenge with all mousetrap vehicles is to turn the stored potential energy from a wound up mouse trap's spring into the kinetic energy of motion.

Once released, the mouse trap will pull the string from the drive axle causing the wheels to rotate propelling the vehicle. The string should be wound tight as it winds around the drive axle or the mousetrap racer well have a jerky motion as the string unwinds. It allows the a much longer string attatched to the pulley, which will help in making the car travel farther. First you will have to choose your desire basic design of mousetrap cars and then build it. Here we choose to use cheap stuff and some of the recycle thing to build the mousetrap car to support the green world. Prepare the axle of the mousetrap car by make a hole at the middle of the pen (only 1 pen), and then pull the string from the hole to another side. You can use whatever skills to push the rod in as long as you make sure it can rotate smoothly.
A mechanism shuts the gate of the cage when the mouse steps on the pressure plate, which pulls out the axle supporting the gate. These drawings have included custom cars, cartoon cars, classic cars, sports cars, muscle cars, and also customize cars.
One of the cartoon car art shown here (The Green color classic Mini) is not drawn, but is transform using a software call Adobe Photoshop. Where you can edit the custom car picture you took, and transform it to any kind of art you want. The most basic design for propelling a mousetrap racers is to tie one end of a string to a mouse trap's snapper arm and then attach the other end of the string to a drive axle. Always wind the string using the force of the mouse trap, do not help lift the lever arm during the winding process (except maybe at the start of the wind and then only just to get things going.
Prepare 2 tops from pop cans (or you can use the metal from milk powder tin or whatever metal that bendable and recycle), 6 balloons, 2 pens, 4 CDs, 4 eye hooks, and last but not least, a mouse trap.

Make sure the depth of these 4 hooks is at the same level so that the axle will not bent or unbalance.
This is a good competition as it teaches people how to make the simplest car before really go into any super exotic sports cars. Custom cars has got no rules where you can draw anything to your own art, you can add machine gun to your muscle car, over size car wheel to make it look unique, an exaggerate fire from the exhaust pipe…etc.
By turning the drive axle the string is wound around the drive axle causing the mouse trap's spring to compress and store energy. Alternatively, you can customize your own car by choosing Dowell rods and Wheels to replace the CD as wheels, or use anything like knex wheels and rods, string, lego rods and tires…etc. Give you some tips, you can simple blow it on one end and tie a small piece of toothpick when the string is out to prevent it from going back. Always keep in mind, this is something creative, you can customize a car according to your preference. Once the drive axle and mouse trap are released the string is pulled from the drive axle by the mouse trap and this causes the drive wheels to rotate.
Also, we need to prepare some tools to use such as ruler, pencil, drill, drill bits, scissors, and cutter. Make sure you have check your eye hook that fit over the pen perfectly, which the pen able to rotate easily and not loose, try to bent it out by using hand if it is not fit. For rear axle, push the pens with string to the eye hooks, and then attach the rear wheels same way with front wheel.
Although there are other more complex propusion system such as the Jones Pulley System and the direct drive gearing, the basic propulsion system presented here is by far the most common the simplest mousetrap vehicle propulsion system.

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