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The Atlanta attorneys at Warshauer Law Group can help you understand your legal rights if you or someone you love has been seriously injured or killed in a car, tractor-trailer truck or motorcycle accident, due to the negligence of someone else.
Injuries resulting from negligent medical care can lead to loss of wages, high medical expenses, permanent impairment or disability, and dramatic losses in quality of life. Negligence and recklessness can cause catastrophic personal injuries to innocent bystanders, forever altering their lives  – or in the worst cases, ending them. Manufacturers have a responsibility to produce and market consumer products, automobiles or trucks, and a variety of workplace-related machinery that are safe, and carry adequate instructions and warnings about their use.
At the Warshauer Law Group, we represent people injured by construction equipment like cranes, forklifts, scaffolding and tools, and because of careless subcontractors.
Despite strict rules and guidelines that are designed to make construction equipment, tools, and subcontractors safe, construction accidents involving dangerous tools and careless subs frequently occur. Our experienced attorneys offer representation on a contingency fee basis…in other words, there are no up-front, out-of-pocket costs for you. Warshauer Law Group’s trusted and experienced team of trial lawyers exclusively represents catastrophic personal injury victims and their families in Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, Cherokee, Gwinnett, Forsyth, Hall, Douglas, Clayton, Henry, Rockdale, Bibb and Paulding counties and throughout the rest of Georgia. If you are not sure whether or not you have a case, we suggest reviewing Warshauer Law Group’s Frequently Asked Questions to learn more. At the firm of Warshauer Law Group, our Atlanta personal injury lawyers serve clients in the entire metro Atlanta area, throughout the state of Georgia and in the states of Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina. Many people play the lottery in hopes of winning the big jackpot, or even a couple thousand dollars to help fix whatever financial mess they’ve gotten themselves in to. Recently, I’ve talked about how I got in a small fender bender and went through the insurance claims process. I went to two different auto-rebuild shops to get a quote, and got to talking with the manager at one.
I wish I had the know-how to negotiate myself back then, but I was 17, so that didn’t work out.
I always say that most people don’t even know they are driving, especially here in the Northwest. Speaking of which when WAS the last time you did a photo inventory of the contents of your home? The sad part is that there are people out there who do purposely get into accidents for the insurance money. My wife has the opposite issue, where she randomly wants to ram her car into inanimate objects. Sorry for the Debbie downer reaction to a great post – I just got not so awesome news on my MRi result yesterday and am bitter about it. My ex and I were in an accident last year and had a difficult time with the insurance company.
Also the sarcasm in this post really made me giggle in my cube to the point my co-workers are looking at me like I am insane.
I did have medical coverage on my car insurance if I had needed it, but somehow I got really lucky and didn’t. My favorite is the people who hold their phones up for everyone (including cops) to see them texting. Sadly, I am like your wife and only wreck into non-living, non-driving things like snowbanks, planter boxes, and poles that protect the drive through lane at the bank. Financial Samurai recently posted..Why Do Some People Consistently Spend More Than They Earn? This was a clever idea but certainly works as long as you’re not the negligent party who caused injuries. One is never prepared for a an automobile accident, but accidents happen daily, particularly in the busy streets of Miami. Most phones are equipped with a camera, take pictures of the position of the cars prior to moving them.
Exchange information, including: insurance details, driver’s license number, and vehicle registration. Having all this information on hand will ensure that you are prepared to file a claim with the insurance company or hire a Miami personal injury attorney if necessary.
PREPARING FOR THE DRAMA — volunteers get set to dramatize a fatal car accident caused by an inebriated teen at the Wilmington Coalition for a Healthy Community’s last Road to Reality event. Pam MonsonEditorA teen - a young woman really, at least in the eyes of the court - behind bars. Please feel free to submit your comments.Article comments are not posted immediately to the Web site. Create a professional sketch with just a few mouse clicks out of a selection of vehicles, roads and traffic signs. Send your accident diagram including the photos of the vehicles and the scene of the accident to your lawyer, the other party or the insurance company.
Everybody who has been through the dilemma after a traffic accident knows what this is about.
Don't give yourself such a hard time: Draw your diagram with just a few mouse clicks from our library of vehicles, roads and traffic signs.
Store your photos, documents and experts reports in your digital claims file as well at no charge and send the desired information with a simple mouse click. Our experienced team of trial lawyers and their experts can evaluate your vehicle crash, explain your options, and suggest what may be your best course of legal action. Because these injuries can be so devastating, it is important for victims and their families to consult a medical malpractice lawyer who is a trusted, experienced Georgia medical malpractice attorney.
Our Atlanta personal injury and wrongful death trial lawyers are among the most effective and respected trial attorneys in Atlanta, and throughout the entire state of Georgia.
The Atlanta personal injury attorneys from our firm can help you recover a financial award to cover your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages.
Serious injuries, including loss of limbs, head injuries, and orthopedic injuries, are commonly the result of construction site accidents.
All attorney and case-related expenses are paid out from the judgments and settlements we win for victims and families who have been harmed by the negligence of others. Heck, I’ve even sat around and dreamed about the possibilities of what I would do if I won the lottery.
Make sure the vehicle you are riding passenger seat in is going at least 120 MPH, and the driver is a dumb 18-year old who should even be allowed to ride a tricycle. Either way, you are entitled to whatever PIP (Personal Injury Protection) policy the driver has if it’s not your fault. Let me tell you, besides having to ask them twice to send me a check, I think the process is awesome, and completely set up to throw cash at the victim.

I mean, if he got one of the numbers wrong, I can understand, BUT HOW DO YOU JUST LEAVE A NUMBER OFF?! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not think that getting in car accidents on purpose is a way to make money, it is absolutely not. Also, while you do want to get hurt, you don’t want to get hurt so bad that you are permanently disfigured or disabled. Some of them I was hurt really bad, and I made the mistake of telling the police and EMTs every time that I was alright.
The trick with this, of course, is getting your neighbors’ kids to play with fire when the wind is just right, and having the firefighters put out the fire after everything is destroyed, but all still identifiable. My girlfriend and i joke every now and then that if she got bumped by a car she could sue and pay her loans off.
I mean that literally since I still have back issues over a year and a half after some old lady rear ended me. Honestly, I’m in a similar spot, as I have two metal plates and 8 screws in my neck from riding with a friend who flipped his car. Hard to sue a pole, but my insurance company did ask if there was any damage to the pole, so I was glad she was concerned.
But someone above suggested self-managing the claim, though I wouldn’t be brave enough to do that. One more benefit of driving a crappy car, you don’t car about body damage as long as it’s still drive-able! And nonetheless, make sure that your car is ensured in case it takes long to get the compensations you’re expecting. I had a guy run a red light without insurance and t-bone me, causing my car to spin and the guy behind me to t-bone me, and the dude that ran the red light didnt even get cited ofr no insurance. While this is an excellent plan, and something you should absolutely do, it’s important to recognize that there are some things that should be done before filing a claim for property damage for your car. Car accidents can range from barely any damage to the exterior of the car, to sustained injuries that take years to recover from. Keep this checklist handy print it and keep it in your glove compartment along with your insurance and registration information. Take a deep breath and remember that everyone is currently in shock, regardless of who’s at fault.
If possible, move all the cars involved over to the shoulder or out of the main street to prevent any other accidents and avoid blocking traffic longer than necessary.
Even if there weren’t any serious injuries requiring immediate medical attention, be sure to receive a full check up within 14 days following the accident. Physical and financial recovery from automobile accidents are already difficult enough to work through, if you take all the steps described above you can avoid further complications. Each submission must be approved by the Web site editor, who may edit content for appropriateness. Doing so, you have all the information collected at one spot, which you can access anytime, anywhere. Besides having all this trouble and the dents in your car there are many hidden challenges that are coming up on the victim of the accident. You have many questions to answer and forms to fill in -- from the police, insurance companies, and perhaps even lawyers and courts.
You have all your claim relevant data recorded and the other party has an appropriate document for his insurance, where he can fill in all neccessary information. Our lawyers work hard to help clients relieve the pressures of their unexpected burden, guiding accident victims and their loved ones back toward some level of normalcy.
The Atlanta medical malpractice trial lawyers at Warshauer Law Group can review your medical files and advise you of your legal options. Warshauer Law Group not only provides valuable assistance to its clients, but also helps prevent future similar incidents by ensuring that those who behave irresponsibly are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.
While the vast majority of products and passengers reach their destinations safely, the Federal Railroad Administration reported that in 2003, there were more than 13,877 railroad accidents in the United States in which 858 people lost their lives. At Warshauer Law Group, our product liability trial attorneys have  extensive experience in helping victims obtain the compensation they deserve when negligence causes catastrophic harm. Our personal injury, wrongful death and product liability lawyers help obtain full fair and just compensation, above and beyond workers compensation, when a tool, machine or a third party causes an injury at a construction site.
Quite often, unless an experienced attorney is working the case, hard costs for an accident are the only costs that receive any type of payment from the other driver’s insurance company.
Then, make sure when he tries to cut someone off, he swerves and over-corrects his vehicle up an embankment, and then flips the car 6 times (or so). And just so you know, leaving just one number off a check brings it down from the thousands to the hundreds. You need to get their info no matter what, even though it’s a pain to deal with (literally). I still regret doing that as I had to pay out of pocket for everything, but at the moment of every accident, I just wanted to go home.
Despite joking we both know we would never want it to happen and that the money you would get wouldn’t he worth how it will change your life forever. As I noted at the bottom, sometimes it’s even difficult to hold my son for extended periods of time due to soreness.
Immediately after the accident, it’s best to prepare for the worst even if the damages seem minor. If there is damage beyond $500 in repair costs, injuries or death, you must call 911 to report the accident. There are many injuries that may not be felt until several days after an accident and insurance companies in Florida will not pay for medical attention if medical attention is not sought prior to the 14-day period. In soliloquy she reflects on the loss of her future, the regrets of her past.The scene is part of the Road to Reality, a dramatic portrayal of the dangers and consequences of drunk driving and underage drinking that will provide area tweens, teens and their parents with a reality check before prom and end-of-the-school year party weekends.
There may be a delay of 24-48 hours for any submission while the web site editor reviews and approves it.
Insurance companies, car repair shop, lawyers and courts demand documents, experts reports, bills and receipts, photos and in most cases a sketch of the sequence of events that led to the accident. In the case of an accident please fill in the english form and ask the other party to fill in the form in his first language. For the professionals in the field of traffic accident analysis we provide a very flexible application to create, calculate and draw Distance-Time-Diagrams including a consideration of the velocity course in order to analyse and reconstruct the traffic accident.
Though rare in comparison with other transportation accidents, railroad accidents often have catastrophic results in the form of severe personal injury or death suffered by workers or those close to the tracks. We provide representation in a full spectrum of consumer product liability and medical device cases.

Fortunately, the right type of legal advice can result in compensation for pain and suffering if the case is handled correctly. If you want to make out big, make sure the car lands on its roof every time it flips over and crushes your spine with such pressure that your bones explode in your neck. You are going to need a good lawyer who gets 30% of the cut, but no big deal, you’re still making out like a bandit with your cash money! My first accident was very unfortunate, and I literally have a tough time holding my son for an extended period of time.
I do hope they can work out something to help relieve the pain, and that the lawyers can help set you up for future medical expenses. That issue still hasn’t been resolved and is slowly making its way through the legal process. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and the ER doc told me that I wouldnt be getting any money from the accident if I tried because people dont feel pain in the neck and back directly after a car accident. It’s difficult to immediately assess all injuries caused during an accident since adrenaline masks certain injuries. Take a moment to note the intersection or location of the accident, and take count of any injuries, so that you may quickly inform the operator. When railroad accidents produce such devastating effects, the Georgia railroad trial lawyers at Warshauer Law Group can help injury victims recover full and just compensation for their physical and financial losses. Our personal injury trial attorneys demand justice on behalf of the victims who have suffered serious injuries, or families that have lost a loved one. They don’t really know what to do with it, so they just end up throwing it at car accidents for some reason. She had no damage, everyone was ok, but my headlight cover exploded and my bumper was dinged pretty bad. And guess what, your car isn’t totaled, you get the full value of the appraised damage in cash money (tax free, btw), and you get to keep your vehicle.
Accidents are absolutely horrible, and insurance companies are there in case the worst happens.
The voice I hear in my head when reading your blog is what I thought of when writing this post. Now add elements from the toolbox that has lines, squares, arrows, skid marks and text boxes in it. The several fields in the language sets are contentwise identical, so that both parties bring in conform accident statements.
The fact is that your accident has changed your life, and it’s possible that your personal life and your professional life will never be the same again, due to your levels of pain. I would then have a branded title and the car would be much harder to re-sell later, plus I’d be out $500 dollars of that sweet insurance money.
So they’ve sent another check in the mail and it SHOULD be here at the end of the week…. My second accident followed the legal process, and I just wanted to inform my readers of how to get the best deal if you don’t want to repair the vehicle, but you are entitled to compensation for the damages.
The school district's administrators saw how powerful the event was and superintendent Jay Plese asked that the next one take place closer to prom, which is one week later.Road to Reality's message targets fifth through 12th grade students and their parents. We believe you should be paid for all that you’ve been through, which is why we always recommend hiring a Los Angeles car accident lawyer to help you. My car is now worth almost nothing due to the damages, but since I’m still driving it, I decided to go with the cash out option.
Without a doubt, coming to an agreement over pain and suffering amounts is the most difficult part of negotiating a car crash claim.
Insurance appraiser came out like 2 days later, appraised the crap out of my car, and a check was at my house within another week.
This option is not the best choice for everyone, please evaluate every accident individually. Groups watch the tragic story of teens and their families unfold from a fateful party through a fatal accident, a court trial and jail.
Ideally, the event opens the door for discussion between tweens, teens and their parents."It is a very emotional, powerful program.
Prepare – As in most negotiations, the person who is the most prepared for the argument will usually win.
The cop said it was no one’s fault, but I then had an accident on my record for 3 years, and my insurance shot up like $50 a month! It is a perfect opportunity for kids and their parents, a great facilitator for discussion and communication," commented WCHC president Paula Ekstrom.After registration in the gym, the "road trip" begins in the Wilmington High School cafetorium, where a teen "pharm party" is taking place.
Your lawyer will need all of your documentation (including medical notes from your doctor) that indicate your pain levels and the mental anguish you’ve endured.
The parents think they've acted responsibly, collecting keys and taking other measures to keep the kids safe."This is a way-strong attitude here in Wilmington," Ekstrom said. Our article, How a Car Accident Settlement is Calculated can help guide you through what you’ll need. However, lawyers are trained to speak professionally and to take their time when negotiating settlements.
They emerge from the school to the scene of an accident.A body, shrouded by a coroner's blanket, lays before them.
Present examples of settlement awards – Your lawyer is a wealth of information, and he undoubtedly has many examples right at his fingertips. He may demonstrate proof of amounts that have been awarded to other victims who faced similar circumstances that you’re facing now. There will also be displays by non-profit organizations showing that there are indeed things to do, even in a small town, and an assortment of service providers will be on hand. An Xbox Kinect game system will be given away as a door prize.Dozens of teen and adult actors will be featured. These three steps are so crucial to the success of your case, which is why it’s never a good idea to handle it on your own. Jeremy Martyka, Jacqueline Mann, Angel Formenti, Luke Lacy, Jenna Van Duyne, Emily Webb, Ashley Strong and Tyler Dempsay have lead roles in the teen drama. The right Los Angeles car accident lawyer will understand how to negotiate effectively, which gives you a better chance at a higher settlement amount. You can learn more about the various components that go into creating your auto crash settlement by checking out our article, Information on Car Accident Settlement Amounts, on our blog.

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