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MARYLAND CERTIFICATE OF TITLE LIEN RELEASE Death certificate, and registration, if the lien was. Methinks someone's confused this is the vortex I see a beer gut in his future since getting off his butt for 2 minutes to scan a picture to help someone doesn't even cross his mind. Seriously, any girls out there who'd like a bit of the giggle at the expense of the male species, try working on your car in the driveway. The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don't have it.

Looks like there are a few things that are different, but it should be a good enough reference depending on what you are looking for specifically. Many a time I've wished for such a diagram myself to become more familiar with the mysterious bits under the hood. Here, neighbors tend to come over and ask if you're okay, heaps of guys who pass by look real puzzled, turn around and come to ask what you're doing.
Front clear corners, Wet Okole seat covers, stubby antenna, dieselgeek short shifter, leather shift boot, dieselgeek aluminum skidplate, interior courtesy lights replaced with LEDs, 16" alloys, old Beetle-style 'meep meep' horn, custom dead pedal, engine cover and interior painted to match blue lagoon exterior.

What finally helped was actually doing some work under there myself with a good DIY instruction from the 'tex. Watch their face when you tell them, thanks but you don't need help, and then further as you explain what I'm doing (here using phrases like 'thingamabob' isn't actually the kiss of death if you know what it does).

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