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It’s really known as the Louisiana OMV, or Office of Motor Vehicles, but we all call it the DMV.
The easiest thing to do with the license plate now is to just go online to the OMV website HERE. If you are selling a truck or trailer in Louisiana, you can just let the buyer keep the plate. To repeat, if you are selling a car, atv, mobile home or motorcycle in Louisiana, you don’t have to wait in line at the OMV to turn the plate in. If you are in the Baton Rouge area and need help with the paperwork, give me a call at 225-907-5280. I just learned how to create a form with Adobe, so I made this Louisiana bill of sale form that is a pdf where you can fill in the blanks with your computer and then print it out. To use the form just click on the link at the top of this post, or here: BILL OF SALE FILL IN THE BLANK .
This form can be used in Louisiana if you are selling any movable (not a home or real property), but you will likely use it to sell or buy a car, truck, motorcycle, rv, camper, atv, etc. If you need a notary to notarize it, and you are anywhere near Baton Rouge, feel free to give me a call at 225-907-5280.
In Louisiana, the way that you donate a car (or any titled vehicle or movable) is with an Act of Donation of a Movable and title transfer.
If you decide to donate your vehicle, the best thing to do is to go to a notary, along with the new owner, and let the notary public help you fill out the back of the title.
As for the Act of Donation, it is a simple form that lists the donor, donee, vehicle information, etc. If you are immediate family and you want to donate a car, it makes a lot of sense to just bring everything to a notary and let him take care of it.
If you need a notary in the Baton Rouge area that can help, just give me a call at 225-907-5280. Here is my best advice: If you really want to buy the package from the seller, and he does not have a title for the trailer, both of you need to go to the DWF. I used to advise people on how to handle this myself, but the rules are just too much of a mess for me.
I hear this question a lot: If I am buying a vehicle from an individual, do I need a bill of sale in Louisiana? If you are buying a vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, trailer, rv, etc.) from an individual, you do not need a bill of sale to transfer the vehicle into your name at the OMV. If you are buying a vehicle from a dealer, I would always require the dealer to provide me with a bill of sale. So if a bill of sale is not required, why do I recommend that you always get one, even if you are buying an automobile from an individual?
If I was called to help with the auto transfer paperwork, I would provide an original bill of sale for the buyer and seller, along with a properly transferred title.

In Louisiana, the way that you prove that you own a vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, RV, trailer, etc.) is with the title.
Here’s the problem with trying to complete this without a title- how are you going to prove anything at the OMV? To sum all of his up, do not buy a vehicle from an individual in Louisiana unless they have a clean title that shows their name on the front of it, and the vehicle information on the title matches the vehicle that you are buying. If you are in the Baton Rouge area and are looking for a notary in Baton Rouge that can travel directly to you, just give me a call at 225-907-5280. That’s what you will hear after you have been waiting in one line for two hours, only to hear that you need to shuttle over to another line.
I have never been to the DMV in Baton Rouge where I am greeted with pleasant, or even neutral, odors. Do you really think that you can just walk in to get your license renewed and simply pay the renewal fee? You can’t go to the DMV in Baton Rouge expecting to take care of business in a hurry to return to work.
Do you like monkey balls, or maybe you want to defend the OMV in Baton Rouge because your baby’s daddy works there? The donor and donee will sign the back of it, and the notary will sign it and place his seal on it. The seller has all of the paperwork on the boat and motor, but he doesn’t have the title for the trailer. You will never resolve a missing boat title issue until you deal with the DWF and OMV yourself. This is assuming that the notarized title contains the dollar amount of the sale and the vehicle’s mileage. A properly executed bill of sale that is notarized is a valid, written contract between the parties. This gives both parties proof of the transfer, and the buyer has what he needs to register the vehicle.
When you register a vehicle, the Office of Motor Vehicles issues a title with your name on the front of it. He will then pay his taxes and registration, after showing both the title and proof of insurance. If you drive around certain areas in Baton Rouge, you know which ones I’, talking about.
If you are dealing with a used car lot, it’s usually fine to wait on the title, unless they are of the scummy variety. See ad details, contact the seller or find other FIAT 500 vehicles for sale from Rockland in just seconds. All of these windows where workers are supposed to be helping people, but no workers to man them. They will be paid the same amount, and get the same 60 paid days off a year, regardless of how crappy their service is.

If you don’t trust the buyer, keep it, otherwise you are doing him a huge favor by letting him transfer it into his name. I have the sloppiest handwriting, so from now on I can get all of the information from the buyer and seller, plug it into this form on my computer, and bingo I have a nice, typed bill of sale to print out and have signed!
The front of the title lists the name of the current owner, the title number, the year the vehicle was made, the make, model, and other information.
You will have to fill out an approximate value of the vehicle, and state the relationship of the parties. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (DWF) will register the boat for you, but for the trailer you have to deal with the nice (not!) folks at the LA Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV). If the notarized title that transfers the vehicle does not contain either the amount that you paid for it or the vehicle’s mileage, you do need a bill of sale. If anything goes wrong, and it sometimes does, this will be your one solid piece of evidence showing that funds were exchanged in the deal.
The OMV will issue a new title that will be mailed to the buyer, and they will also mail a new registration to you.
You won’t be able to do anything at all at the OMV unless you have a properly transferred title. They may take your money, promise to deliver the title to you in a few weeks, and then never follow through.
Since most tax payers are working until well after the DMV closes, we have to skip work to stand in a line. If you are stupid enough to wait until around lunch time to go there, you better pack a tent!
When you try to get a new license plate for the trailer, so you can drive your boat to the water, you are in for a shock if you don’t get the title. The point is, don’t give the seller a penny until you personally know for a fact that the title issue can be overcome! Without it, the only proof of the sell may be your word, and that will not get you very far.
The notary will help you fill out the back of it to show who the new owner is, how much you paid for it, and the mileage of the vehicle. If it is a well known car dealership that is running their business above the board, that’s fine. You will never be able to safely drive that car on the streets because the lying ghetto dealer never gets the title to you. A bill of ale will help you prove that you paid for it, but the title is controlling as far as the OMV is concerned.

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