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Click the link to “Manage advanced sharing settings” (aka “Change advanced sharing settings”).
In the window that opens, expand the “Home or Work” profile and browse to the “Network discovery” section.
The next step is to go into the registry and give local users the ability to access remote administrative shares. Well, when logging in from a remote PC, like you do when you’re trying to access a network admin share, even if you provide username and password to an administrator account, you do NOT get elevated privilege and there is no UAC prompt. When you sign-in to Windows 10 with a PIN number, you only need to type your PIN number without pressing Enter. In Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14295 PCs that use Windows Hello or a PIN to sign-in to the device will launch the Microsoft Passport service. Did I hear correctly that using the PIN is more secure against attack than simply just a password? That's the claim I heard made as well, but I'm not sure how a 4 digit PIN is more secure that using only a strong password, or a strong password with biometrics.

As I understand it the PIN only works on that device, in other words if I gave everyone my PIN they would not be able to log into my account unless they had my device to do it with. One reason the PIN could be seen as more secure is that it only works in conjunction with the device.
You need a user account to use Windows, and if you share a single PC with other people, each person should have their own account. Using a LOCAL account I have no problem with Shares -- how do I set these now using an Ms account.
Samba just times out trying to access Windows machine where I'm logged on with an Ms account. Action site is very easy to have a few sponsors who add credits to your account by performing the appropriate action such as you company Kanabay Games, give us credit for playing in their new game. Just enter your avatar, of course, without a password, select the number of credits they need and click the button.
If you connect your computer to a public or “unknown” network, your shares will still remain disabled.

When this happens, there is an issue in this build where Bluetooth will then repeatedly scan for devices. When i try to set up my google account in mail or peoples app, it says "can't connect to service' . The offers are very simple sometimes is enough to give only your email and subscribe to subscribe or take part in the quiz. It is not recommended, but If you want to change this, follow the above procedure for the “Public” profile.

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