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Details about SMS 9966 to Check Car, Vehicle, Motorcycle Registration, Token Tax Information and verification in Punjab are given there. These services also make easy for buyers of cars and for those that has business of selling and purchasing of different kinds of vehicles.
You can try following ways to verify details of any vehicle or to identify stolen vehicles. Islamabad Police has introduced this useful service with the help of Digital Seal Company, at Rescue 15. UPDATE 23-01-2014: Government of Punjab has introduced a new SMS Vehicle VerificationService which has overtaken following old system. Motor Transport Management Information System is maintained by Excise and Taxation Department of Government of Punjab.
Motor Registration Authority (MRA) Lahore has its own website, where you can search record of a vehicle which is registered in Lahore. Majority of Pakistani people often like to buy second hand cars and often get trapped in the deal of a stolen car and eventually loose both money and car. You can try out for vehicles from other states and do let us know if that works okay for you.NitiN Kumar JainNitin works in an IT MNC professionally but blogs and owns NKJ Live.

Now one just dials 9966 to your mobile and check Car, Motorcycle Registration, token Tax information by Sms. Although before this a online system is working through which one can check vehicle registration and other details.
However, if any of these do not give you required information, you should contact relevant government authorities for any help or information. Any Pakistani citizen can get information about any Islamabad-Registered-Vehicle through this service. Just enter registration number of the vehicle in the box given at the bottom of this web page and it will return the details (Registration Number, Chassis No, Engine No.
This identification system not only provide speedy info but also has resulted in decrease in the number of car theft cases. Excise and taxation department work from a period of time and now they succeed to launch these services.
It is the liability of Buyer and Agent to verify all the credentials before making any payment to the seller.Police and other law enforcing agencies should also play their roles in this regard more effectively. In this whole effort Punjab government also has major role because under their instruction this whole work will end in limited period of time.

From a period of time Punjab government try their level best to clear the vehicle registration and for this life time token offer is also announced without any fine.
Now these whole worries are going down and one send need to send SMS 9966 to Check Car Registration, Token Tax Vehicle Verification. For this official also extend time limit in which huge number of vehicles submits their life time token fee. Further in case of any problem or issue just comment in below section and we try level best to support users. Now it time to check those vehicles that pay their life time token as well as for officials that they take step to arrest those vehicle that are had not paid their token.

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