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General News The Road Transport Department (RTD) has introduced the Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC) to replace the vehicle Registration Card (RC) for implementation in stages, beginning 1 June 2016. In a statement, the RTD said the VOC was also a document of registration issued under the Road Transport Act 1987, and contained details of the owner and vehicle. In the third phase (beginning Jan 1, 2017), the VOC would be issued to owners who go to the RTD office (voluntarily) to replace their RC. In a move to facilitate interactions with the agency, the RTD said the VOC would not be used as a document or instrument for transactions like the renewal of licences for motorised vehicles (road tax), transfer of ownership or amendment of information.
The VOC will not contain a print-out of the record of transactions like in the RC, while data checks can be done directly through the RTD database system. AXA's campaign is to be called 'Why Not?' and highlights what the company says makes AXA different. The insurer says the campaign reflects what AXA stands for and what its customers can expect when they buy insurance or investments. The ad campaign will cover all its lines of business, but leads with two TV adverts to support motor and health insurance. Cheryl Toner, group marketing and communications director at AXA, said: "Our research clearly shows the fact that our customers want something that the industry norm does not provide.

The campaign is supported on line with 'Why Not Nation', a website where customers can let AXA know what they'd like to see from them as well as hear from AXA customers about their own experiences. Well I shall be onto that Why Not Nation website with a few home truths about my experience as an AXA insurance customer. Sometimes adverts get slapped down by the regulator, the Advertising Standards Authority – Direct Line had a reprimand in January for an advert back in September. But if adverts had to be entirely true all the time, that would mean insurers' ads would all say: We're trying to make money by not paying out for claims, we have cut costs and outsourced call centre claims handling and are using the cheapest contractors and suppliers we can find.
Docking an ALD machine to the back window of a Volkswagen Karman Ghia and performing a characteristic LAD linearity test.
Semiconductor device scaling requires atomic level precision processing and Atomic Layer Etching (ALE) has a great potential for this. Here is a new Market Research report on ALD Equipment from TMR forecasting a continued increase in sales of ALD equipment.
Usually the faulty stator will result in infinity resistance or open circuit or short circuit.
AXA describes the ad campaign as "a clear articulation of how AXA can be trusted to listen to and respond to its customers' needs".

AXA is just like all the other insurers: It is great at times but at others relies on exclusions its doesn't flag up to avoid paying out claims their customers thought they were insured against. It is full of ground breaking and innovative ALD hardware solutions including a mobile ALD machine that you can dock to any flat surface anywhere and apply an ALD coating. Henrik Pedersen from Linkoping university in Sweden won the Twitter competition at ALD2016.
AXA asks Why Not?' The 90% no claims discount for customers with nine years of claims-free driving is just such an example.
Also includes ALD coatings on textile, synthetic fiber, and paper that may very well become future ALD business.

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