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LAGUNA HILLS – Dori blinked her stubby dark lashes over wide-set doe eyes as 9-year-old Catherine O'Donnell stared intently at the spindly-legged heifer calf.
For third-grader Catherine and hundreds of her peers at Valencia Elementary School, it was the first time touching a cow.
Dori and Fiezty, an 8-year-old, brown-and-white Jersey, stopped by the school Thursday with Dairy Council of California instructor Steven Miller. Miller, who teaches about cows and milk through the industry group's Mobile Dairy Classroom program, joked with the seated students as he explained the origins of milk during back-to-back morning presentations.
Six Mobile Dairy Classroom units visit California schools between September and June each year.

Miller told the students how cows are born, how they grow and how their milk gets to the breakfast table, holding up at one point the apparatus factories use for automatic milking. Front-row students shrieked and squirmed when Miller unexpectedly shot at them a stream of hot milk as he demonstrated how to properly milk a cow by hand. Third-grader Tennyson Smith, 8, said he expected Dori, who clocked in at 53 pounds at birth, to be smaller.
The line of children filing by the baby cow for a chance to touch her coat occasionally backed up as students lingered to bestow an illicit head scratch.
At one point, three students were petting along the calf's spine, but scattered, squealing, when Dori began relieving herself on the blacktop.

The instructional program, which emphasizes healthy eating, began in the Los Angeles area in the 1930s.

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