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Battery Condition Indicator -Solar System, Forklift, Golf Cart or other 12, 24, 36 or 48 volt DC battery powered equipment.
Not for use with Trojan, Exide, PowerTron, Interstate, Continental, US Battery, AGM batteries, Walmart batteries and some others.
For use on any equipment where the battery status is important.  It is specifically designed for battery power equipment to monitor the charge status of the battery or batteries. As the battery discharges, successively lower LEDs will light; the 9th, 8th, 7th and so on lighting only 1 LED.
At approximately 30% battery life, the #3 LED will light and the color is Yellow as a caution indicator.
When the battery discharges to approximately ~10% remaining life, the #1 LED will start FLASHING RED with the #2 LED FLASHING Yellow alternately.
It is recommended to have the battery or batteries recharged when the #3 LED lights Yellow as a safety margin to prevent dead batteries. Voltage Indicator Range for Solar Systems, Golf Carts, Fork Lift Trucks and other battery powered equipment.
When you want to see the display, connect the terminal marked "C" to a positive volt source (+ and - terminals should still be connected). R Terminal - An internal relay logic output allows powering auxiliary devices using your external solid state relay.
Even though this thing is tiny, it has no problems starting the car right up and we think that this could definitely help should you find yourself in a tight spot, if left charging.
Check out the video below that shows what this tiny, lightweight capacitor is capable of and how it works in a stressful situation. If you're looking for a particular article a great place to start would be at THE TABLE OF CONTENTS.
This site contains many great tips for those who wish to experience the freedom of camping on a budget-- in their minivan. Your minivan is the PERFECT camping vehicle that can sleep two adults and two children-- and more-- utilizing various ideas shown here.
Say "goodbye" to towing a trailer or sleeping on the ground and say hello to the comfort of minivan camping! If you'd like to email a question or comment you can click here or send it to chelle at minivancamper dot info. 12V Electric Battery Kids Car For Sale, View electric car for kids, BBJ Product Details from Shenzhen BBJ Toys Co., Ltd. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below to help answer any questions you may have about our 8ZED Power Inverters. I have a 170W 240 volt gas fridge, is the 8ZED 300 watt power inverter suitable to run my fridge while I am travelling, using my car battery? Why won't my inverter work when I use a rechargeable Alkaline battery or an appliance with rechargeable AA or AAA batteries? I would like to run an electric blanket and a small tv in my caravan, total watts about 400. Why does my power inverter only measure approximately 200VAC when using a standard multimeter? 8ZED Power InvertersA are devices designed for powering household appliances from a car, or similar battery. There are two different types of power inverters: modified sine wave and Pure(true) sine wave inverters. The difference between the two types is how close the output power replicates standard AC mains power. To gain a clearer understanding of the difference in output between mains power, modified sine wave and pure(true) sine wave inverters, check out the diagrams below. A pure (or true) sine wave inverter is far more complex than a modified sine wave inverter and as a result is more expensive item to purchase. 8ZED Power InvertersA are available across a range of power output levels to power a range of appliances. Take into consideration every appliance you may wish to run from the Inverter simultaneously in order to meet your needs.
Adding the total power requirements of all of the appliances that you wish to run will give you an initial indication of what size Inverter may be suitable for your specific application. Do any of these appliances contain elements such as a compressor, motor, pump or heating element? Power inverters are not an efficient way to run appliances that have very high power requirements during start up and their continuous operation. To operate an inverter and supply power to an appliance, a suitable 12V DC power supply is required. CAUTION:A Before making any connections ensure inverter is switched off and has no AC appliances plugged into the AC output sockets. Connect the ring terminal on the positive lead (Red) to the positive (Red) DC terminal on the back of the inverter. Connect the battery clip (Red) or ring terminal on the other end of the lead to the positive DC supply or (+) battery terminal.
Connect the ring terminal on the negative lead (Black) to the negative (Black) DC terminal on the back of the inverter. Connect the battery clip (Black) or ring terminal on the other end of the lead to the negative DC supply or (-) battery terminal.
The 8ZED inverter uses highly reliable electronics to convert DC battery power to AC mains power.
Every appliance has a rating plate which shows users the amount of power (watts) required to run the appliance or the current (amps) drawn under normal use. To work out which 8ZED power inverter you need to run your appliances,A please use our Power Inverter Selection Table for an approximate guide. NOTE:A Some appliances that use an electric motor or transformer may draw 4 to 6 times their rating when first turned on, known as inductive loads. If using these appliances with a power inverter, it can often be a matter of trial and error to see what size inverter they will require in order to run, but if you are in doubt always err on the side of a larger inverter. COOLA a€“ Ideal ambient air temperature should be between 10 degrees and 33 degrees Celsius (50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit).
VENTILATEDA a€“ Please allow two inches of clearance around the 8ZED inverter for air flow. SAFETYA a€“ Do not use the inverter near flammable materials or in any location which may accumulate fumes or gases, such as the battery compartment of your car, truck, RV or boat. Inverters also only draw the required amount of power for the device, regardless of the size of the inverter. A 120W appliance operating from a 12v power supply will draw approximately 10amps an hour from the battery. For more information on conversions relating to power draw, please visit ourA Inverter Selection Calculator.
My 8ZED Power Inverter will not run my appliance, even though the listed power requirement of the appliance is less than the inverter size.
Electrical appliances can be separated into three load types by the way they draw energy (current) from their power supply.
Resistive LoadsA a€“ A standard incandescent light (wire filament) always draw a constant power (watts) from the power supply, that is a 100 Watt light will draw approximately 100 Watts from the power supply at all times. Inductive LoadsA a€“ TV’s and stereos (any device with a coil or a transformer in it) require more current to operate than a resistive load of the same power rating. Capacitive LoadsA a€“ for example CRT TVs, may require a large surge of current to start, especially if they have not been turned on for a while.

Note 1:A Some appliances such as large refrigerators, air conditioners or other pump driven appliances, have extremely high demand for start-up current due to an inductive motor which must start under load. Some newer power tools use Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) variable speed controllers to vary the tool's speed as the trigger is squeezed. Older style light dimmers may function correctly, however most modern light dimming circuitry is designed to work with household pure (true) sine wave AC power. Fluorescent lights are an inductive and capacitive load and therefore tend to draw three times as much power from the inverter. Standard household fluorescent lights are not recommended because they contain Power Factor correction capacitors. With Fridges, we normally recommend that it's a good idea to allow 4 to 6 times the required power. You may have trouble using an AA battery charger with any inverter due to the way the battery chargers draw energy.
In most cases you can safely charge your laptop, mobile phone, cameras and cordless drills using a modified sine wave Inverter.
However, it is always a good idea to double-check your appliance's manufacturer's guidelines first. If the low battery alarm still sounds when the battery is fully charged, try reducing the load on the inverter, and keep the voltage above 11.5 volts to maintain regulation. Note:A The alarm may sound momentarily when the unit is being connected to, or disconnected from, the power source. 8ZED power inverters contain a temperature controlled automatic cooling fan that only operates when needed. You can run appliances through the Inverter off the battery whilst the car is switched off. Please Note:A The Inverter must be switched off before your vehicles ignition is turned on.
Appliances that have coils that produce heat typically require 3 to 7 times the listed power. Unfortunately running any sort of Kettle from an Inverter isA not recommended; however this will be directly determined by the wattage and start up requirement of the Kettle itself whilst also taking into account it may require 3-7 times the listed power. For more information on How to choose the right Inverter, you can view ourA Inverter Selection guide.
Unfortunately a 3-phase welder cannot be used off an inverter because it only provides single-phase power.
Why does my power inverter only measure approximately 200V when using a standard multimeter?
True RMS Fluke multimeter will need to be used to accurately measure the volts of a Modified Sine Wave inverter. Most multimeters are designed to give correct RMS readings when applied to true sine waves, but not when they are applied to other waveforms such as a Modified sine wave. Some power tools may be a problem if they have a warning label stating that dangerous voltages are present at the battery terminals when charging. AA Pure Sine Wave InverterA would be the minimum that is required to be able to run a Laser Printer successfully. When running appliances with motors, the efficiency breaks into 2 parts; the efficiency of the inverter, and the efficiency of the waveform.
An appliance with an electric motor, like a pump or refrigerator will on average use 15-20% more power with aA modified sine wave inverterA compared to when it is run off a true or pure sine wave inverter. When looking at the efficiency rating of an inverter you should also consider what you are going to run. Energy Saving Globes will more than likely have difficulties running from any form of Inverter due to the way they draw power. The Power Packs provided with PC based laptops are generally capable of coping with a sine wave generated by theA Modified Inverters. Mac Books and other Apple based Laptops will require a Pure Sine Wave Inverter to run successfully. Image Gallery: Car Gadgets The Sidewinder car-alarm system includes a number of sensors and alarm signals.
A­The first documented case of car theft was in 1896, only a decade after gas-powered cars were first introduced. In light of this startling statistic, it's not surprising that millions of Americans have invested in expensive alarm systems. In this article, we'll look at modern car alarms to find out what they do and how they do it. If you want to think about a car alarm in its simplest form, it is nothing but one or more sensors connected to some sort of siren. The brain and alarm features may be wired to the car's main battery, but they usually have a backup power source as well. In the following sections, we'll look at a variety of sensors to see how they work and how they are connected to the alarm system's brain. If you have these batteries, they have a different discharge curve than the standard lead acid battery.
If you are not capable of finding an appropriate voltage supply, you may need to seek the help of a professional for installation. If you have your meter hooked up only from a switched source for both the + and "C" terminal, you must switch this on during the recharge cycle for less than 1 second to reset the meter. The relay logic output is present until the battery is "empty" at which time the logic output shuts off. It looks pretty legitimate to us, but some of the YouTube commenters aren’t buying its usefulness. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Modified sine wave power inverters are quite common due to the fact that many electric appliances do not require a pure(true) sine wave power source.
As their start up requirement will greatly exceed their listed continuous power requirement. For more options, please ensure that the accessories available with each Inverter will suit your application.
This can be a vehicle, boat or caravan battery, portable power pack or an independent 12V lead acid battery. If you accidentally connect the inverter to the battery incorrectly a large current will be drawn by the inverter which will blow the protection fuses, as this occurs some of the high current could damage the sensitive electronic components. This enables you to use normal household appliances and tools from a battery or your vehicle. The inverter should not be placed near a heating vent or any device that produces heat above room temperature.
If the unit is not functioning, you can check to see if a fuse has blown by disconnecting the inverter from the DC power source and AC appliances.
Larger resistive loads, such as electric stoves or heaters, may require up to 6 times more power. Induction motors (motors without brushes), as well as some televisions, may require 3 to 7 times their power rating to start up. This is often due to large capacitors in the power supply that must be quickly charged when the appliance is turned on. These power tools switch the power on and off very quickly in a similar way to the functioning of the inverter.
Please note they may be slow to start and may require up toA 3 timesA the listed power (i.e.

Power Factor correction is normally used in buildings to help smooth out the inductive effects of fluorescent light ballasts.
However this is due to the fact that normal fridges (with electric motors) require an Inductive Load and need a large rush of power (surge current) to start. For example, you can charge a Dell Laptop, a PDA mobile phone and a Black & Decker cordless drill via these power inverters. The Low Voltage indicates that the battery does not have enough capacity to power the appliances and may require recharging.
The alarm will sound when the inverter is overloaded, or if there is an excessive voltage drop between the battery and the inverter. The time you can use it for will depend on the size of the Inverter and also the Appliance being used.
Failure to do so may cause severe damage to the internal components of the Inverter and void warranty.
This will make sure that the Inverter can supply the required power to the microwave consistently, even when the microwave is on High power.
The rated voltage is an RMS (root mean square--they square the value to make sure it is always positive, then average it, then take the square root of the average to make up for having squared it in the first place) measurement. When using a standard multimeter to measure the rated voltage from a modified sine wave inverter, your readings could be 5% to 20% lower in the true voltage.
No matter what sized inverter you have the power draw will only be equal to what your appliance will draw.
However a laser printer is not normally recommended to be used off an inverter due to the heat rollers Laser printers use up a surprising amount of power (Even when they are on standby).
Waveform efficiency means that the motors and many other electronic appliances run better and use less power with a true orA pure sine wave.
An Pure Sine Wave Inverter will be more efficient in running an energy saving light; however it is still recommended to only use incandescent lights or LED lights off an inverter. However you may find some performance based issues such as slight humming, or the occasional line across your screen.
From that early era to today, cars have been a natural target for thieves: They are valuable, reasonably easy to resell and they have a built-in getaway system. Today, it seems like every other car is equipped with sophisticated electronic sensors, blaring sirens and remote-activation systems. It's amazing how elaborate modern car alarms are, but it's even more remarkable that car thieves still find a way to get past them. The very simplest alarm would have a switch on the driver's door, and it would be wired so that if someone opened the door the siren would start wailing.
The brain's job is to close the switches that activate alarm devices -- your horn, headlights or an installed siren -- when certain switches that power sensing devices are opened or closed. This hidden battery kicks in when somebody cuts off the main power source (by clipping the battery cables, for example). Being compact and portable, power inverters can be used in cars, caravans, boats, 4WDs and trucks. You will require a larger Inverter, with the continuous capacity to cover this initial start-up requirement. Because of this risk it is important to alwaysA double-checkA the battery polarity before making any connections. To operate the 8ZED inverter while moving, it must be permanently mounted and wired in a secured fashion using standard terminal to terminal connect cables. If they are used with a power inverter, the power factor correction is effected by the harmonic distortion in the modified waveform which can cause a high load for the inverter that can then overload the inverter.
With the TV, they typically require a large surge current if they haven't been switched on in a while. Inkjet Printers on the other hand use much less power than a laser printer and can be used with a modified sine wave inverter.
Our general recommendation is to multiply the continuous requirement of the heater by between 3 and 7 times.
An 85% efficient modified sine wave inverter is not going to run at 85% when powering a compressor motor. In this situation a Modified Sine Wave Inverter can result in your Operating System freezing or locking up on a regular basis.
Some studies claim that a car gets broken into every 20 seconds in the United States alone. Security systems differ mainly in which sensors are used and how the various devices are wired into the brain.
Since cutting the power is a possible indication of an intruder, it triggers the brain to sound the alarm. Using a power inverter for household appliances is a much cheaper option than purchasing specialized 12V or 24V appliances for those times when mains power is not available. Increasingly, appliance manufacturers are changing to a mandatory pure sine wave power source specification for their appliances.
Resetting the inverter a couple of times may overcome this problem and allow you to run these appliances. If you wish to use normal household fluorescent lights of a power inverter, it is recommended that you get a qualified electrician to remove the power factor correction capacitor. It is recommended that the battery be charged at least once every hour to make sure there are no interruptions and to also make sure you can start the vehicle after use.
This is due to the large capacitors in the power supply that must be quickly charged when the appliance is first turned on.
If the operating power requirement cannot be found on the back of the microwave, check the owner's manual or contact the manufacturer. This will give you a more accurate recommendation of what size Inverter you will require for this sole appliance. However, efficiency ratings can be decreased when using a resistive load such as an incandescent light. This is due to the fact that electric motors are less efficient and use about 20% more power off a modified sine wave inverter. If an internal fuse blows, only a qualified technician should open up the inverter, inspect and replace fuses if needed. Due to changing sunlight conditions providing a variable voltage supply, and due to it being hard to monitor exactly what power you are using, it is highly recommended to connect your inverter directly to your battery (or battery bank). You can replace the blown fuses with the spares provided or you can use a standard automotive blade fuse of the correct rating.
Since motor and television characteristics vary widely, only experimentation will determine if a specific load can be started and how long it can be run. A fridge (electric motor) requires a large surge of power (surge current) to start and then typically draws consistent power once running. Inductive load appliances contain coils of wire such as motors, transformers, ballasts and solenoids. When the power is first turned on these coils of wire draw a large surge current which allows for the formation of the magnetic field or flux required for these appliances to work.
These types of appliances can draw between 3 and 7 times their normal running power at start up.

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