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The system hosting the quote flow is run by the insurance company, the agent accesses it through a web portal. This sub process implements a chasing loop: The system compiles missing information, the agent forwards a request for those information.
The contents of this article reflects my opinion based on my professional experiences in many projects at different customers and on my readings off-line and online. What’s with all the mystery?  Fred and Marcy live right down the street and they pay less than I do for their auto insurance premiums.  Why is my rate so different? Finally, as always find an insurance agent you can trust.  They will be your best resource to understanding your individual rate. To find out more about auto insurance rates, please call our office or fill out a free Philadelphia Auto Insurance Quote online.
Car Insurance Calculation Guide: A Simple Lesson In Car Insurance - DriveSpark Also available in: ?????? ????? ?????? ????? ?????? Get Social! Due to this, the system is able to perform the calculations as required by the insurance company.
Depending on depth and quality, he might be able to prepare a quote by adding persons and risks to cover. Both have a shared screen session and enter data per person and risk as required for the quote creation.
The latter might happen via phone to clarify single open points, via e-mail or even printed and posted.
You must have heard terms such as Insured Declared Value (IDV), No Claim Bonus (NCB), and Depreciation and more and thought 'what does this all mean?'Here is a simple guide as to how to calculate your vehicle insurance and all the other essential data related to car insurance.

A real world scenario would probably contain many more details regarding error handling or jumping back and forth between process steps in case of late changes. The agent schedules a face to face appointment with the prospect in question and discusses the insurance details such as personal data of policy holder and persons insured, medical background information, occupation and income, risks to cover, etc.
Nevertheless, the quote flow system differs from the system(s) generating leads and from the system(s) hosting actual policies.
The data don’t have to be complete now, a later step in the process collects missing information. In case of a delay, it is left to the agent to decide upon further iterations in order to grant more time. This surfaces a bit the downside of BPMN: The same context could be expressed in totally different diagrams.
However the diagrams presented here are a good exercise for any person willing to learn BPMN – the typical book shows just process fragments discussing certain special aspects, but not a full process. Hence the quote flow is modelled in a pool separated from the insurance company; the different systems exchange messages rather than to share a common process.
In case the data provided by the prospect are not sufficient or they raise even new questions, this sub process continues to loop.
A BPMN diagram hardly ever shows a feature complete set of requirements ready for implementation in whatever system and programming language.
For your convenience, there is a bit of background information given as plain text; within a BPM project, any participant would have that bit of background knowledge as well. Hence the agent iteratively collects missing information over a longer period of time until the data is complete.

While the internal checks can be executed in parallel per person, the anti fraud check against an external DB have to be executed person by person in one session. Click through the slides for more: Insurance Guide: How To Calculate Car Insurance Premium? The calculate premium combines the load factors of the checks into the overall calculation.
However they do not fully cover the technical aspects very detailed such that a system could generate fully functional code from it; that is not the intention of BPMN anyway. The collection of the signed quote is driven by some chasing process steps that might even result in re-sending the quote several times. The Own Damage Comprehensive Cover depends on three major factors, which are Location, Age of Car, and Engine Capacity of the car. Let's take for example the insurer is offering 50 percent discount, then 50 percent of Rs.10,000 is Rs. You get around 20 percent off from the premium if you have not claimed for insurance in the past year. Since we are speaking of a car that is above one year old and below two, the NCB discount is 20 percent of Rs.

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