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Originally Posted by Vahanam Last Week i checked with Hot Tracks for Maxpider and they did not have stock. OK, Today I will cover the Decoding of VIN number on Honda Cars based on the following article on Team-BHP: URL, Page 04 of that article is dedicated to Honda Cars. Since I did a visit to the car in the yard in Jan and launch of the 2014 Honda City itself was in Jan, I did not find it crucial for checking the Month and Year of Manufacturing. I went to my car and noted down the VIN number which was printed on a sticker on the Rear Door Window on the Right Hand Side (Window Behind the Steering Wheel).
Now, the next step is to note down the 9th and 10th digit in order to identify the Month and Year of Manufacture of the Car.
The next accessory I want to cover is the Neck Pillows from SpeedWav that I added recently to the car. I cannot yet comment on the durability of the pillows currently as these are still new but the quality seems to be up to the mark for the price paid and I would definitely recommend these for anyone who has neck pillows on their shopping list for car accessories. The noise-levels, lack of climate control and other features was a big turn off since these were some of features I was looking at as an improvement given that I was changing my car after a period of 9+ years. And this would come into play more so at higher speeds where due to the 6th gear the rpm can possibly maintained lower as compared to the Amaze and hence making the City a more silent vehicle. But in the end the i-DTEC engine is what it is built to be, a light weight all aluminium engine with a focus on fuel efficiency so the noise levels are definitely high when compared with cars in the same class as the City such as the Verna. If you are upgrading to the City, you have to consider the SV as a minimum variant and consider the V variant based on the specific needs in terms of accessories since some of these can be added as after market. Your thread has been extremely useful to me along with few other threads here in arriving at a decision to book the iDtec city VMT.
Originally Posted by anilagdr I will be closely following all the postings here, to gain an insight into the various aspects of the car, that you and other friends are so generously providing.And as usual the pictorial explanation is superb and easy to digest. Go to the website and enter the VIN Details and you are done, the details of the Car and Month and Year are all presented back at the click of a button!
I must say Tumkur Road is awesome for a nice highway drive - I managed to keep the Car on Cruise control most of the time and kept the speed at around 80 kmph.
The initial 80 km yielded a whopping 26.7 kmpl as per the reading on the MID I guess the combination of Cruise Control, no gear shifts and the lower speed of 80 kmph ensured this type of mileage. After the initial run on the highway, I did take a detour towards Siddarabetta which is hillock about 25 km from Tumkur.
Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for mechanics and DIY enthusiast owners of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. If you open the drivers side front door and look at the door jamb area (it may be in the general area) you'll notice a plaque that has all the essential information about the vehicle. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged paint paint-scratches or ask your own question. If time travel is possible in the future, no matter how distant, why haven't they come back to tell us?
Having purchased two new BMWs myself, I have been in situations where I looked up several resources on how to track my new BMW from its early ordering stages, to production status, ship tracking and all the way to being loaded on the transport truck. The process can be quite obsessive, but truth is that I had tremendous fun seeing the car going through all these stages.
Now what I haven’t done was to setup a complete obsessive exciting guide that will provide all the resources needed to track your newly ordered BMW.
So, sit back, take notes, bookmark the page, share it with others, print it out, Tweet it, Digg it, whatever you need to do because this article will remain as one of the most important and useful articles ever posted by us.

The car was scheduled to be delivered, and awaiting my pick up at the dealer by June 15th, 2009.
I decided, after I discovered the delay, to find out where my car was, and when I would eventually get it. Now you can just call this contact, and it will give you the production status, without the need for you to fumble typing it in, or memorize any numbers.
The Shipping schedules are posted as a PDF at the Wallenius Wilhelmsen website, and changes, but look for the Westbound schedule chart. NOTE: My car never was displayed on this tracking site although Wallenius Wilhelmsen is listed as the logistics carrier, and agent for my ship, operated by ARC.
For sailwx, enter the port latitude, and longitude of Bremerhaven, the port BMW usually ships their cars out of. The ship photos in the pop-up window on MarineTraffic show the Integrity as green, not blue – the ship was repainted blue in 2008. Final Destination, VPC New Jersey Port, shown below is the Northern NEAT (North East Auto Terminal) dock. Once your ship arrives with your car, the cars are driven to a large parking lot for staging and processing through customs. The car will spend up to three days being prepped for the American market, and being repaired to factory specifications should damage have occurred in transit, in my case, none did.
The Porsche 911 GT3 is a high performance version of the Porsche 911 sports car primarily intended for racing. The next generation BMW X6 is still years away from production, but here is a rendering of the 2021 BMW X6. BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car?
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires all automobile manufacturers to issue a unique 17 digit VIN number to all vehicles produced.
The unique 17 digit VIN number contains all letters and numbers except the letters i, o, and q which apparently can be confused with the numbers 1, 0, and 9.
It also helps automobile manufacturers keep track of vehicles for recall, upgrades, or other important information. Furthermore, the VIN number is great for the vehicle service industry to make sure you get the right parts and service for the right vehicle - what brake system it needs, what transmission fluid is needed, and the list goes on and on.
These days, VIN is also becoming a way of tracking what happened to the vehicle during its life.
The 17 digit VIN number gives information such as where it was manufactured, vehicle's year, make and model. A Berlina is better than an Executive and it has all the SS gear, so what it's not a real SS. However, please do keep check on accuracy as only a few good digital ones are able to retain accuracy over period of time. Out of the 17 characters the 9th and 10th characters are the ones of interest to detect the Month and Year of manufacture of the car.
Since I had sometime today, I decided to go thru this as more of an academic exercise and self-learning to figure out the VIN on my 2014 Honda City.
Also, another thing which I would like to add is that the i-DTEC engine on the City takes sometime getting used to. I was looking for something exactly like that as my current ones aren't good in cushioning.

Below are a few images showing the location and a couple example of what these plaques look like.
If your vehicle doesn't have one of these plaques for some ridiculous reason then I could run the VIN and let you know. But, another BMW fan and owner comes to my rescue and provides, by far, THE MOST COMPLETE guide I have ever seen and believe me, I have seen quite a few on several BMW forums.
I have no doubt that you will learn a lot from his experience; I know I did, even though I thought I knew it all. The destination listed on your ships itinerary will likely be the next port, and not your cars final destination.
If you have a car shipped via WWL you will be able to see status update on the tracking site using your VIN to see when your car clears customs.
Although it is called VIN, many people call it 'VIN number', which is really not correct because of the redundancy of saying 'number' twice.
The Vehicle History gives you information such as services performed, was it ever in an accident, was it stolen or salvaged, any flood or water damage, is the odometer reading correct, how many owners, vehicle usage (was it a taxi or rental?), lemon history, was the vehicle totaled or had huge insurance claim? The two most common places are on the driver's side dashboard (you can see it from the outside) and on the driver's side door jamb. Sometimes it may be useful to see the original window sticker (Monroney sticker) that was on the vehicle at the dealer lot. Then I drove on the same Highway (NH7, Bangalore-Hyderabad Highway) all the way to Lepakshi in AP and drove back.
They are easy to fit and can be mounted by pulling the elastic and putting it onto the seat and ensuring they fit between the Head Rest and the Seat.
Apart from comfort the neck-pillows also are supposed to add safety to the passengers in case of whiplash injuries. From my test drive of the city, I felt the noise level to almost close, city being on the lower side though.
Driven at the right RPM (up to 2100 rpm) range I find that the engine noise is definitely negligible although the moment you start to rev the engine beyond this point and you do get the noise back. Is there a website where I can find the exactly colour match based on the stock colours for cars based on make, model and year? Once on a ship, BMW status on their website will no longer provide a detailed update, but you can still continue to track the vehicle. Since 2014 City is not launched in some global markets, they mentioned it will take quite some time for the mats to arrive. The road was ideal for use of Cruise Control and used it effectively to maintain constant speed of 90 kmph.
This maybe a similar behaviour on the Amaze as well but I cannot comment since I only did a test drive.
As of now the new tyres are holding the air well and I guess checking once in 3 weeks will suffice.
With the same 4 people onboard and drive on the near straightline highway in Cruise Control mode most of the time, the FE increased to about 24 kmpl!

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