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I'd like to receive useful tips, tools and resources via email from Kelley Blue Book and affiliates. The wait is over: One of the last carmakers on the planet without an SUV to its name, Jaguar, now has a high-riding, all-wheel-drive sport-utility vehicle in its stable.
Precisely executed, the Jaguar F-Pace offers generous seating for five, excellent engines, solid road manners, strong all-wheel drive standard on all models, stronger in-car tech which becomes more available and more impressive as you move up the price ladder, and plenty of luxury and sport variation for buyers to choose from. No amateur on rugged roads and even moderate off-roads, the F-Pace's full-time all-wheel-drive system defaults to a rear-wheel-drive bias while seamlessly dividing torque between the front and rear wheels as needed. As you can well imagine, this new Jag's interior can be optioned with things like a 17-speaker surround-sound setup and 14-way power front seats, but the standard 11-speaker Meridian sound system and 10-way-adjustable (8-way power adjustable) fronts seats more than hold their own. Pricing on the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace SUV starts at about $42,000 for the F-Pace 20d (for diesel). A Vehicle Identification Number (commonly called a VIN) is a seventeen digit string of numbers that the manufacturer assigns to a specific vehicle. The VIN is the first and best way to identify a vehicle that you’re looking for, but it can also tell you a multitude of other things about the vehicle. Third Digit: When looked at in combination with the first two, it will tell you the type of vehicle or manufacturing division. Fourth through Eight digit: the meanings change with the manufacturer, and describe information such as the model, body type, restraint system or airbags, transmission type, engine code, etc.
Find your vehicle VIN number which is stamped into the control panel right under the windscreen.
With thousands of custom bumper sticker magnets to choose from, your ride will speak volumes. The 2017 F-Pace compact crossover SUV lives happily on-road, and it can play well off-road too when the need arises.

The new F-Pace is a worthy luxury contender, facing off against such compact SUV stalwarts as the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC, and it even offers a 5.1-second to 60 mph version at a price that could almost make you think twice about a Porsche Macan. This sweetheart of an engine comes at two levels of boost: 340 horsepower for the non-S models and 380 horsepower for S versions. Extensive use of aluminum in the body panels, unibody architecture, and suspension components (all adapted to accommodate an SUV's need for more ground clearance and suspension travel) accounts for one-third of the F-Pace's structure and gives it a decided weight advantage over the competition. The quiet interior feels new-Jag familiar, with good workmanship and materials, and the space offered -- especially in the just-right stadium-seating second row and immense rear cargo area -- feels calculated to an exact algorithm to fit five adults comfortably. If you want to pull out all the stops, treat yourself with Jaguar InControl Touch Pro, available as part of the $3,200 "Technology Pack" option on F-Pace Prestige and above models. The MSRP and feature sets move up from there, and you can add $1,400 to almost any F-Pace to get the "35t" supercharged V6 gasoline engine.
Use this home maintenance checklist to keep track of your to-do list around your home and make sure that you don’t forget any important tasks.
In September 2016, the F-Pace will welcome the addition of a potent and fuel-miserly 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel 4-cylinder available on all but the S models. This feeling of roominess is enhanced by one of the biggest panorama roofs in the business, but it is compromised for the driver by a thick B-pillar and a narrow view through the rear window. There’s no easy way to memorize all of these, but Wikipedia has a handy list of all the codes. Because there are only 21 letters in the alphabet (I, O, Q, U, and Z are not used) and 9 numbers, they are recycled every 30 years. Fear it not: This "Ingenium" diesel engine's 318 lb-ft of torque -- produced from just off idle to 2,500 rpm -- pulls the F-Pace off the line and into traffic easily for hours with barely a dent to the fuel gauge. The standard power rear tailgate opens wide to accommodate a best-in-class 33.5 cubic feet of your stuff (almost twice that with the rear seatbacks folded down).

One shortcoming is that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will not be available out of the box.
The sports-car F-Pace S model (starting at about $57,700) comes with the 380-horsepower V6, 20-inch wheels with low-profile tires (good for handling, but not for comfort), and manually configurable adaptive suspension dynamics. Using the Home Maintenance Checklist TemplateAs a home owner, you want to keep your house clean and running smoothly, but remembering everything you need to do can be difficult. However, a glance at the vehicle itself should tell you if it is a 2013 body style or a 1983 style. Standard with both engines, the 8-speed ZF transmission provides the perfect salt to the pepper of the F-Pace engines, shifting precisely and quickly with no "hunting" back and forth for the right gear even on roads through inconsistent rolling hills. Things you won't always finds as standard equipment on compact luxury SUVs -- like all-wheel drive and the panorama roof -- come on every F-Pace which keeps the Jag price competitive with the rest of the compact luxury SUV crowd. This home maintenance checklist will make it easy to keep your home in good condition through regular maintenance. From checking pipes to changing air filters, this checklist will remind you of all the important tasks you need to accomplish, and how often they need to be done. Just by performing these simple home maintenance tasks, you could save yourself thousands of dollars by fixing small problems before they become big ones!Download this easy-to-update home maintenance checklist and use it to keep track of your regular home maintenance tasks year-round. Would you like to find another great Excel template to help you simplify and organize your daily life? Don’t forget to tell your friends where you got this amazing free home maintenance checklist template!Download: Home Maintenance Checklist Not what you were looking for?

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