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It means that the computer in your car has detected a problem with one of the systems that affect exhaust emissions. It's not that difficult, many car dealers and repair shops deal with these problems every day.
Your car has a computer called Powertrain Control Module or PCM that controls your vehicle's engine, transmission and emission control systems.
Dealers have factory-trained technicians that are familiar with common problems in their cars and have manufacturer-provided technical support.
Independent or franchise repair shops are usually less pricey, but a lot depends on the professional level of technicians, availability of proper testing equipment, latest service information and quality of replacement parts. Another popular option is to take your car to an independent shop or a mechanic that specializes in your vehicle's brand. Some auto parts stores and independent auto repair shops offer to scan your car for free, in hopes that you will buy parts or do the repairs at their shop.
There are hundreds of potential faults that can cause the Check Engine light, but several problems are fairly common. If the Check Engine light is blinking repeatedly, it means that the engine computer has detected that your engine 'misfires', or some of its cylinders are not working properly.
If the light came on soon after the vehicle was serviced, it's reasonable to have the same shop re-check your car.
A federal emission warranty covers major components of the emission control system such as the engine computer (PCM) and the catalytic converter for the period of 8 years or 80,000 miles (128,000 km in Canada). Quality Car and Truck Repair is a uniquely qualified auto repair shop for all vehicles from passenger cars, all the way up to semi-trucks. Proudly, Quality Car and Truck Repair is the only ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Recognized Businesses for many miles around.  This award is only bestowed on automotive service companies that have proven a serious commitment to training and certification of their automotive service staff.
Fewer than one in 150 shops ever become a Blue Seal shop.  We have four ASE Master Technicians, 2 ASE Certified Technicians and 2 ASE Certified Service Consultants on staff.  This is a serious commitment to doing automotive service right!
Their annual survey of our customers always gives us an astounding 97.5% customer satisfaction rating. We are a Bosch Service Center which means we are specially trained to provide top-notch service using high quality Bosch auto parts. It's a good custom and still it's really common for someone to come up to me the next day asking if they can get back into yesterday's location because they're missing something. Yeah, when you have kids, you pull an idiot check on every hotel room - after you get everyone packed in the car you go back and check under the beds and behind the curtains where stuff often gets left. Cooling system – Check the system for leaks, cooling fan operation and heater output.

Battery – With more reliance on your electrics, we’ll make sure your battery is holding charge. Auxiliary drive belts - are in good condition, to insure correct operation of engine ancillaries.
Air Con – We’ll test your air con to make sure it’s de-misting your screen effectively.
Does anyone have a form for inspecting a customer's car before a detail to mark all of the damage down, have them sign it, that way they don't blame you for damage previously existing? Why not trust your car to the company who knows the proper repair procedures from autobody all the way to the mechanical? Some problems are minor and won't affect your vehicle's performance, but in other cases, driving with the Check Engine light may cause more damage to your vehicle. They have access to proper testing equipment and up-to-date repair information for your car. This is especially true for German or other European cars, since they have more complex electronics. Google 'free check engine light scan' + ' your town' to find a shop that will scan your car for free. They include vacuum leaks, mass airflow sensor issues, misfiring, catalytic converter problems, Evaporative system (EVAP) leaks, oxygen sensor issues and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system problems. Driving with a misfiring engine could damage your catalytic converter, which is an expensive part. In some cars, the string that holds the cap might get caught in the cap's thread and prevent it from sealing.
Whether the problem is related to the last service or not, it's a common practice for reputable repair shops to assist their loyal customers as much as possible in cases like that. This is a great rating for any business serving the public, but especially high for an auto repair company.  AAA trusts us to send their members here, so can you. That can be embarrassing for the production and inconvenient as hell for the forgotten crew member.
Despite having a fully automated on-line payment system, somehow managed to overcharge me by 6 cents. The only place I know of that does it is 4 Wheel Parts, but you would think everybody should.
There are also a few things that you can check on your car yourself, but first, let's see how it works.
If the signal from any of the sensors moves out of expected range for a certain period of time, the PCM detects a fault, turns the Check Engine light on and stores the code related to the fault in its memory.

Some dealers and repair shops offer a free Check Engine light scan as a seasonal promotional.
If you check your owner's manual, it will probably suggest to reduce power and have your vehicle serviced immediately by your authorized dealer.
If you did find that the gas cap wasn't tight, close it properly and if there are no other problems, the Check Engine light will reset by itself after a day or two of driving. Your owner's manual describes how to check the engine oil level in the 'Maintenance' section. Once it’s clear that everyone has been helped, gather information about the vehicles and drivers involved. On the downside, repairs at a dealership tend to be more expensive when the car is out of warranty.
Thanks to generous people that don't mind sharing their knowledge, there is plenty of information, how-to guides and videos available on the internet. The Volvo Service for Life program, for example, includes up to one hour of computer diagnostics. Be sure to first get identifying information, such as the license plate number of the other vehicle in case the other driver leaves the scene, turning the accident into a hit-and-run.If the other driver stays at the scene, as they should, be sure to exchange contact information and insurance information with them.WitnessesWere there any witnesses to the accident? To find the answer to these questions you will need to have your vehicle scanned and properly diagnosed. If so, they can be helpful later, when the parties in the accident disagree on what happened.
Be sure to ask any bystanders if they’d be willing to give you their information in case you need someone to verify the events that took place—and do it immediately after you gather the other driver’s basic information. You don’t want your eyewitnesses to wander away from the scene before you get their information.The SceneNow that you’ve documented who was involved in the accident, be sure to document the scene of the accident. The diagram allows you to note and label the positions of the vehicles, the direction they were traveling, and any traffic control devices, such as stop signs or traffic lights.Pictures of the scene and the damage done to the vehicles are also important.
Any results set forth herein are based upon the facts of that particular case and do not represent a promise or guarantee. This web site is not intended to solicit clients for matters outside of the state of California.

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