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Johann Georg Fendt ( 1868-1933 ), whose second name can be authentically traced back to the 13th century in1898, took over the craftsman's business of his father Franz Xaver and developed to a specialist for church tower clocks and special industrial machines.
Together with his son Hermann ( born in 1911 ), Fendt bulit, in 1928,an own gras-mower with gas-engine, which was developed further, after the wordwide economic crisis ( 1929 ), to the first “Fendt Dieselross”.
After his fathers death ( 1833 ), Hermann Fendt continued the business, together with his brothers Xaver and Paul. In 1930, Franz Sailer, a farmer and brewery owner from Marktoberdorf, purchased the first Fendt tractor that was equipped with a diesel engine. The Fendt Xylon is a universal System tractor for communities and enterprises in the countryside, ideal for the construction and industrial companies. The four-wheel-driven vehicle, is equipped with low-emission four-cylinder engine from MAN. The Fendt's six-wheeled Trisix tractor concept is powered by a 12.5-litres Man truck engine, which meets the first stage of Tier 4 engine emissions standards, it has a maximum output of 540 HP. Furthermore, the tyre contract area is higher than in standard or classic articulated tractors.

In combination with the high payloads that are possible and the overall concept of the vehicle, the highest transport capacities can be achieved. At the beginning 20th century, he recognized the chances through the more and more progressing mechanization of agriculture and this was the reason, why he also occupied himself with the distribution of “Deutz” stationary engines. And with more and more technical visions and innovations, they pushed the tractor production, until finally in 1951, the Dieselross types F 20 G and F20 H were built. The comfortable spacious cabin is fitted in the middle of the vehicle, that way the driver has an excellent overview of the entire machine. The Fendt Xylon 520 has a capacity of 110 hp, the Xylon 522 has a capacity of 125 hp and the Xylon 524 has a capacity of 147 hp. The the Trisix is fitted with 38 inch tyres, it is driven with three axles or, respectively, six individual wheels, it is suitable for a wide range of applications independent of the prevailing ground conditions. To optimise traction and reduce soil compaction, Fendt plans a tyre pressure control system for this design concept. A third top mounting area behind the cab offers additional options for mounting ballast weights, transport containers or articulated trailers.
Stability against sliding sideways on slopes is better than in standard tractors, even in poor ground conditions, in which track vehicles would hit their limits.

The X5-cab with the Variocentre operating concept provides exceptional ride and operating comfort. Technical specifications Maximum 540 hp (400 kW) and two Vario transmissions deliver the performance that can be expected from the dimensions of the TRISIX. That was the beginning of the exceptionally successful development of the Dieselross – and the Fendt tractor – which has spanned decades. Aey iioeiecaoee noaieaiey n ai?iaie e nie?aiey noaiaie oieioiaiey a?oioa i?aaoniio?aia nenoaia eiio?iey aaaeaiey a oeiao. The independent wheel suspension on all six wheels and the smooth driving performance, resulting from three axles, provides never-before-seen ride comfort.
Today the Fendt brand enjoys an outstanding reputation as part of the US-based AGCO Corporation, worldwide third largest manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment.
However, there is no point getting too excited just yet, as even if Fendt decided to go ahead and market the tractor, then it is likely to be another 4-5 years before it hits the market.

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