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Excelsior Hook & Ladder Co# 1a€?The Dead End Kidsa€?Organized in 1874, the company has a storied history, particularly with their apparatus. They have operated a tillered aerial since their inception and continue to run one of only three tillers among Nassau Countya€™s 71 departments. Over the course of 70+ years, their apparatus has had many distinctions including having the last steel aerial produced prior to World War II (1937 Seagrave) and the first fully enclosed tillermana€™s cab (1961 Seagrave).

The company maintains many artifacts of these apparatus on display in their firehouse.Truck 1 operates as both the truck and rescue company for the department.
All of their apparatus are equipped with Holmatro extrication tools and the company operates as the technical rescue team providing extrication, collapse, confined space, high angle & water rescue (in conjunction with the departmenta€™s dive team).

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