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The Excise officials with the ganja seized at the Kumily border check post in Idukki district on Wednesday. Those arrested in connection with the seizure of 267 kg of ganja at the check post in Kumily. Excise officials seized 267 kg of ganja at the Kumily check-post on Tuesday night and arrested three persons, including two from Tamil Nadu.The narcotic was hidden in a cabin near the driver's seat in a mini-lorry, said an official of the team that checked the vehicle. On 1 October 2014 a small paper disc which has been a feature on car windscreens in the UK for 93 years will be consigned to history. From 1 October 2014, the paper tax disc will no longer need to be displayed on a vehicle although vehicle excise duty (VED) must still be paid.
The DVLA will rely on electronic records to keep track of which vehicles on the nation’s roads are taxed. Those not falling into either category are subject of automatic enforcement by DVLA through a fixed penalty notice.  Checks on vehicles using the roads will be carried out through the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology.
This means that the buyer must always tax a vehicle themselves before taking it on the road and second hand vehicles cannot be purchased with current tax.  Alternative options to pay VED are also being introduced.
Vehicles which have nil rates of VED or are exempt still need to be registered for VED to ensure they appear on the correct data base. The DVLA has published official guidelines online on its website here  where you will also find a link to the online vehicle tax status check.
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This case study illustrates the role of toxicological weight-of-evidence (WOE) in a case involving exposure to mold inside a motor home.
Several months later, a suspicious spot on the owner’s lung was discovered during a regular medical scan.
The owner filed a lawsuit for damages, alleging negligence of both the manufacturer and the repair shop(s).
The generally-accepted, peer-reviewed literature cites immunodeficiency and neutropenia as major risk factors for invasive pulmonary aspergillosis. Plaintiff had been prescribed corticosteroids (Prednisone) for treatment of a rotator cup injury during the period of exposure. A study of aspergillosis cases from 24 medical centers1 revealed that one-third of patients diagnosed with aspergillosis had received corticosteroids.
A thorough review and investigation of other possible causes either ruled them out entirely or rendered them so unlikely as to be safely discounted in this matter.

Defendants had retained an industrial engineering expert who specialized in molds and fungi.
The narcotic item was seized at a routine vehicle checking by the officials on Tuesday night. Though the driver told them that he was going to Kottayam to collect jackfruit, the driver's cabin was checked.It was found that a separate box had been made near the driver's seat. If you have a tax disc with any months left to run after this date, it can be removed from the vehicle and destroyed from 1 October onwards.
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It also illustrates how analytical measurements and medical history can be considered as evidential in a toxicological analysis. At one point upon opening the glove box, the owner found mildewed vehicle paperwork floating in water. Additionally, spores can heavily concentrate in small, undisturbed areas and may appear far less numerous in larger-volume locations. The toxicologist must satisfy a stringent set of conditions before a causative conclusion is reached.
The risk of pulmonary aspergillosis correlates strongly with the duration and degree of neutropenia.
Various toxicological studies cite three weeks of steroid therapy as a risk factor for aspergillosis. The study cited corticosteroid use as a contributing factor to the documented aspergillosis diagnoses.
Concentrations of spores can accumulate within a small, enclosed area particularly in the absence of air movement. Sawyer’s report and filed a motion to exclude it under the Daubert Standard which provides rules of evidence governing the admissibility of expert witness testimony during legal proceedings. Sawyer pointed out in his rebuttal that it was not his opinion that plaintiff had been infected with invasive Aspergillosis, but rather was hosting a specie of Aspergillus within her lung. Sawyer further noted in his rebuttal that the factors cited by regulatory agencies3 with regard to indoor air quality and building dynamics closely mirrored plaintiff’s own exposure. Sawyer presented the court with an objective opinion of specific causation through application of weight-of-evidence and the Bradford Hill method of causative determination.
Sawyer’s analysis and opinions establish specific causation and are sufficiently supported by scientific data and evidence in the record. Your vehicle will still be registered as taxed in the database of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

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Sawyer’s) could be considered to be scientifically reliable — and should, therefore, be excluded. In its ruling, the court noted that defendants’ own expert stated that there is currently no reliable method to determine the level of airborne toxins in an indoor environment — but Dr. Before concluding that plaintiff’s exposure to the levels of toxic mold in the vehicle is consistent with the diagnosis of aspergilloma, Dr. Defendants elected to settle the case ahead of a likely jury verdict in favor of plaintiff. Muralikumar said this was a major haul in recent times after 133 kg of ganja was seized at Adimaly in 2009.Those arrested are Tamil Nadu residents Churulivel, 35, Subramanian, 35, and Rajakkad resident Basil Joseph, 25. On their next invoice, you can apply the credit to the invoice and show them their new balance due. The owner later took the vehicle on a trip to Florida and left it parked for a month unattended. Sawyer elected to apply a weight-of-evidence (WOE) approach to his assessment using the toxicological methodology developed by Sir Bradford Hill for inferring causation. He performed a thorough review of the available toxicological journals and relevant peer-reviewed studies (upon which much of the regulatory guidance is based).
Sawyer noted that defendants’ own expert had published maerials to the effect that (a) Aspergillus and Penicillium species are two of the most ubiquitous fungi known, (b) it is common for both species to be present indoors, (c) high concentrations of airborne spores can exist in contaminated indoor areas, (d) Aspergillus spores can pose health risks when inhaled, and (e) they are known to cause respiratory symptoms and diseases.
Sawyer additionally noted that all causative factors relevant to the circumstances had been addressed in his assessment.
The arrested told the officials that they were only carriers and the consignment was meant for a person in Kottayam.The officials suspect them to have connections with some agents in Nedumkandam and Panickankudy in Idukki district. In practice, this amounts to exhaustive research and a process of elimination, achieved by thoroughly reviewing several types of evidence relating to the documented effects of the plaintiff’s exposure and medical history as well as all of the available experimental and human epidemiological literature. He also noted that aspergillus grows on organic debris and occurs naturally in some outdoor and hospital environments. They further objected to the methodology used to determine the type(s) and quantities of mold present — and moved to strike the results. Sawyer’s testimony should be excluded because he did not perform any independent testing of the motor home.
Sawyer took into account, and ultimately ruled out, these possible factors before concluding that the high levels of aspergillus, penicillium, and stachybotrys found in the vehicle caused the medical condition.
The owner attempted to clean and remove the mold without respiratory protection and continued to reside in the vehicle while in Florida.

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