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United Launch Alliance's Delta II rocket has been added to the National Launch Services II contract by NASA. NASA announced that it has added the Delta II rocket, a launch vehicle that appeared to be slipping into history, to the NASA Launch Services (NLS) II contract. This modification of the contract will allow ULA to add the Delta II rocket as part of the contract’s on-ramp provision. The Delta II was most recently utilized to launch the GRAIL mission to study the Moon's composition. The Delta II rocket, in its various configurations has been launched 150 times and has a success rate of 98.7 percent. The Delta II rocket has a very extensive history of success and has been used to launch many famous missions. The planetary science missions that the rocket has sent into space reads like a “Who’s Who” of space exploration missions.
The Delta II rocket is launched from either Vandenberg Air Force Base in California or Cape Canaveral Air Force Station located in Florida. ULA’s next planned launch of a Delta II will carry the NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP) mission for NASA. While this change does allow for at least five more launches of the Delta II, after those launches, the rocket will no longer be utilized and will be phased out of service. The NLS II contracts are designed to provide for payloads weighing about 550 pounds or more to be sent to a minimum 124-mile-high circular orbit.

Spirit and Opportunity, Pathfinder, Deep Impact, Dawn, Kepler, Stardust, Genesis and Wise - were all launched on the Delta II rocket.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Delta II, produced by United Launch Alliance, is one of the most successful expendable launch vehicles that has ever been produced.
The Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity, Mars Phoenix Lander, Genesis, Stardust, Mars Pathfinder, Mars Global Surveyor, Messenger, Deep Impact, Dawn, Kepler, Wise and the recent GRAIL mission to the Moon – all thundered to orbit atop a Delta II. The launch service providers signed into these contracts also may offer different launch vehicles to NASA to meet other requirements.
He has covered over 30 launches as well as other space-related events – including flying with Commander Chris Ferguson as he trained for the final shuttle mission, the president's visit to KSC and from Utah during the test of the five-segment DM-2 booster.
ULA has been hiking up the pricing on Delta 2 launches to ridiculous levels over the past 8 years.
He mentions that besides Atlas V having russian engines (at half the production cost), many components are swiss. NASA can also provide launch services to other agencies, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA. Because of this even the USAF has written it off as unaffordable, and is moving on to other launchers (from the same company – ULA) for its light payloads. Within 13 seconds of launch the Delta II exploded causing severe destruction to the surrounding area.

ULA launches from both Vandenberg as well as Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, located in Florida.
With only NASA as a customer (commercial comsats have largely abandoned this rocket-size class over a decade ago), there are not enough launches per year to make the D-II program worthwhile. As a competing launcher, he has lied openly about Pegasus, and now he seems to be going after Lockheed Martin.
The cause of this mishap was determined to be a crack within one of the GEM-40 solid rocket boosters that are affixed to the base of the Delta II. Remember, a rocket costs you in pad infrastructure, manufacturing tooling, dedicated staff, etc. It is derived from the Ariane V fairing, as that fairing is the right size has been demonstrated to work quite well.
It makes no sense to reinvent the wheel- particularly in space launch, where production rates are low and risk is high.

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