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This card was in use during the 90th annaversary of the founding of the club, and shows the Nittany Lion shrine on the front.
Along with other University sponsored clubs around the country, it helped in advancing the art of radio communication. Official army and Norweigan embassy station, as principal contact with LI2B, expedition KON-TIKI, Peru to Polynesia.

Thankfully, the QSL cards tell the story of the club well enough to piece together some of the history. This card shows an image of the original Old Main administrative building, with the amateur and MARS callsigns in use at the time displayed in red. Of note is that this card has a typo on the front, stating that the station is in "Centre Country".

Returning to a simple design, this card is simply a smaller version of the version used during the 1970's, but with the newer callsign and smaller boxes.

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