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Not having too much time to spend with the city the next morning, wandering became key toward understanding Porto. Heading down toward the Ribeira district, the UNESCO listed and approved section of the city by the water, Ponte de Dom Luis I connects Porto and its Gladys Kravitz of a neighbor, Vila Nova de Gaia. After a childhood of keeping road trips interesting around the U.S, stints in Western Europe as an angsty teen and a study abroad year in Italy in college, I decided to make traveling and writing my way of living.
A woman clad in an off the shoulder turquoise top fans herself as her face seems to glisten.
On the facades of churches, light blues and whites add an element to the city I couldn’t quite place.
The city crumbles and decays in areas throughout, as Lisbon tends to steal most of the big city attention in the country. My travels are laced with hints of a redheaded temperament, proof that my hair color is indeed natural.

The woman seated next to her reads a magazine with black-rimmed glasses on the very tip of her nose.
With claims of being Henry the Navigator’s birthplace, Porto’s history is tacked up on every tiled walled. Baroque and designed by Italian architect Nasoni, climbing to the top, some 240 steps and 76 meters up, once again, the tile work of Porto becomes apparent. On a hot summer day, the preteens of Porto find comfort in putting on a show for all of the tourists. However, Porto continues to make subtle leaps and bounds to grab you in, whether it is the characters in a bar dancing beyond years on a Friday night, the loud titles surprising you with the turn of a church corner or those 14 year olds down by the Douro, using the river as their source of good, old fashioned fun. That struggle between old and new is quite evident in the photos and architecture of the city centre. Then, another colorful character enters the picture, a woman dressed in gathered leather pants.

To say Porto was colorful, from its characters to its buildings, would in fact be a Portuguese understatement. The elderly of Porto don’t find this scene so amusing as an old man stands on the bridge shaking his head, personifying Porto’s struggle of the old and the new. Probably well into her sixties, she dances to the “cha cha” truly as if no one is watching her.

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