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Attorneys, find tools to help you fight diabetes discrimination and learn how to join our team. An individual possessing a Maryland Commercial Driver's License who is issued a Federal Vision. Applying for a Texas CDL - Texas Commercial Drivers License (CDL) application procedure, CDL These include seizure disorders, diabetes treated with insulin, and a number of other conditions. Is it safe to allow commercially licensed drivers with insulin-treated diabetes to drive on Hawaii's streets?

Speaking as a CDL holder who was diagnosed with diabetes 6 years ago, if you are on insulin you cannot get one. Question 1: Are insulin dependent diabetics qualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle? As a rule, anyone applying for a driver's license must disclose to the motor vehicle licensing authority any disease or These update our 1991 position statement on Diabetes and Commercial Driving.
Recognizing what country your vehicle was manufactured at is an important piece of knowledge.

To determine where the subject vehicle originates from, check the first digit of the seventeen character VIN.

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